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Thats pretty near what I felt when I spotted this Boon Baby grass drying rack for £13.99 earlier today.  It’s so stylish and perfect for baby bottles, dummies and glasses.  It’s a 2 piece rack with the water collecting tray and the flexible blades of grass for air drying.  And it’s free from all the nasties like BpA, Phthalate and PVC.

I continued to search wondering if I would find something more to be thankful for. And sure enough Boon didn’t disappoint.  I stumbled across Scrubble and Splat. Scrubble is an interchangeable bath toy set costing £8.99 and Splat is a floating bath ring toss game for £6.99.  Both are suitable from 9 months, free of nasties and are extremely wantable.

"boon scrubble bath toy""boon splat bath toy"

If you do give in to the temptation that is Boon, leave a comment and let us know what you think.  And rest assured, I’ll be bringing you more from Boon in the near future.

"mini labo"

I talk of mini labo.  The little french laboratory with a giant imagination.  The bad news is they’re not available here but for those of you heading to France this summer, they’ve got loads of shops around the country.

I know, I know, I still haven’t said what they sell. Cushions, soft toys, bedding, bags, pouches and more, all of which look like they’re made with love. I don’t think words can do justice here so i won’t even try and describe them but here’s lots of pictures for you to see.

Bored of plain white, pink or blue nursery bedding?  We were so we went on a mission to find something more exciting and colourful and here’s what we found:

"Mairo elephant fleece blanket"You may have noticed that we’re quite keen on elephants so naturally we were excited when we found these elephant fleece blankets.  They come from Sweden (the blankets, not the elephants) and the range also includes kids bed sheets and cushions.  The blankets are 100% cotton, measure 70x90cms and cost £18 at www.scandiliving.com.

Quick brown fox of Dulwich – a quirky name for a shop with quirky, fun, bright bedding.   There’s nothing boring and plain here, thats for sure.  They’ve got cot sheets, sheets for popular cots like boori and stokke and even sheets for the bugaboo chameleon.  The sheets start from around £13 and you’ll find them at quickbrownfoxof dulwich.co.uk

I really struggled to find a cot bumper I liked for ebabee no. 1.  I was about to give up when I happened to make a trip to Ikea.   In the mayhem that Ikea is  I somehow spotted these ‘Lusy’ crochet decorative flowers and grabbed them like a woman possessed.  It was suddenly obvious… buy a plain white cot bumper which Ikea do for a tenner, sew these flowers on and voila! I have a cot bumper thats unique, bright and best of all didn’t cost very much at all.  Of course I sewed the flowers on the outside so ebabee no .1 couldn’t tear, chew, pull, bite them off!  For the grand price tag of £2.99 you get 5 flowers and  they even throw in the matching thread. Good ol’ Ikea!

"Dwell Studio Nursery Bedding"Modern, graphic and fresh are the words that best describe the textiles that come out of Dwell Studio.  American born but now widely available here in blighty their baby bed linen will add a dash of modern to any baby’s room.  Pictured here are the ‘Owls’ and ‘Paper Dolls’ ranges which are now available at Mothercare. The flat cot sheets cost £19.99 and measure 120x155cms.  There are also many other pieces including quilts, cot bumpers and more.

If you’re a minimalist at heart and fear losing your white world to a haze of bright colours when your ebabee arrives, fear not.  Keep your cot white with white sheets but team with one of these blankets and cushions from ella & otto.  They’re perfect for adding a splash of colour without taking over.  The blankets cost £25 and the cushions are £9 for the small and £15 for the big, all at ellaandotto.com. (And before you ask, yes we love the elephant!).

"automoblox cars"No, not the latest Ferarris,  I’m talking Automoblox – the super cool build your own cars that encourage creativity and imagination in little kids (and big kids too).  They make classic cars, sports cars, convertibles, trucks and more.  The pieces are interchangeable so your child can build the car of their dreams.  They’re made of beech wood, will last for years and years and can become quite a show-off collection.  They’re beautifully made and really do look quite stunning so it’s no wonder that they’ve won several awards.

I’d been eyeing this toy for months but Anya was a bit young for the beauty that is this French cow.  As soon as she came of age, I went online found the bright wooden shape sorter at tickety-boo, paid £21 and then waited with great anticipation.  Four days later,  I opened up the box and there she was in all her multi-coloured glory.  She was small but perfect.  Cachatou maggy has 6 holes with 6 different shapes to slot in to them but Anya is more interested in loading all her lego in to cachatou maggy.  Still, she does love her as do I and so this wonderful cow sits proudly on display on a shelf made especially for her.

Gifts for newborns,

July 10, 2010

Babies, babies and bumps everywhere I look.  Is it just me or are we having a baby boom?  My friends certainly are baby booming so I’m constantly looking for unusual ‘newbee’ gifts that aren’t going to break the bank but still have the wow factor.

 These are a few of my favourites for under £20:

"Christa Davis baby booties"I recently gifted these to a new mum and it was love at first sight.  These little cashmere booties come in a range of oh so lovely colours making it hard to choose just one.  But at just £9.50 a pair you don’t have to.  Go to custard-online.co.uk and get yourself a pair or two!

Anne-Clare Petit, the super duper dutch designer creates bright and beautiful crochet toys.  There are loads to choose from but I love these old fashioned looking rattles. They’re available in a few different colours and sell online for around £10 at amazon.

I bumped into a friend with a newbie and bent down to admire the little bundle when I spotted this pram chain. No prizes for guessing what I ended up admiring! Available in many different shapes and colours, they’re great ‘on board entertainment’.  They cost between £14 – £17 and amazon sells them.

Sweet, innocent, pure.  Just like a newborn baby, these are the words I think of when I look at these dummy holders.  My personal favourite is the bird but there are 3 others including this star, to choose from.  They’re available from the online spanish store tipitipi.com for 15 euros and come with free delivery.

Mobiles are meant for babies or so I thought until I wanted one. I felt better when I realised that Flensted mobiles were for all ages and I can see why.  It’s a great gift for a ‘newbee’ and something that can then become part of the room decor for the toddler.  This ones called ‘elephant party’ but there are many more.  They’re available at amazon or you can try driftliving.co.uk who sell a few different ones.  They cost between £10 and £20.

As you get to know us better, you might accuse us of being partial to elephants.  You’d be absolutely right!  Love them.  But that’s not the only reason this elephant’s featured here… it’s a soft toy and a rattle in one, it look so happy and it’s perfect for ‘newbee’ boy or girl.  It comes from the online store ellaandotto.com for a tenner.

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