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Wee See

August 31, 2010



Being a fan of graphic art I got a bit over-excited when I came across Wee See.  They make DVD’s crammed with bold, graphic black and white images for babies.  The moving graphics accompanied by original playful music make for mesmerising viewing.  Their site allows you a peek at their DVD’s and it’s a pretty generous peek too.  The DVD’s cost $22 plus $10 for shipping to the UK.  Hearing the music, even the daddy tore himself away from the Grand Prix to come and have a look.  I’m thinking perfect gift for a newbie or even for your own.  Put on the DVD, let your baby get a dose of some pretty cool visuals while you get on with the never ending chores.

My cardboard house

August 30, 2010

"kids on roof mobile house"I’m loving the stuff from KIDSONROOF, the Dutch lot that create imagination inspiring, eco-friendly toys.  When I spotted these mobile homes/dolls houses, cool, cool, cool are the words that jumped to mind.  They’ve got 8 rooms, stair openings, attic storage and spy holes too.  A fab place to ‘entertain’ pirates, dolls, action men and anything else that takes your toddlers fancy.  And a blank canvas to draw on, sticker on, paint on,  you get the idea.  They’re made from 100% recyclable cardboard and are 100% biodegradable.  They cost £14.95 + £4.95 delivery from just-gorgeous, are easy to carry around and come in a blue/red or white/red combo.  KIDSONROOF say their toys are designed to bring out creativity in kids and I can see just what they mean.

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August 27, 2010

toodler room bookcaseOooh… I’m so, so, so loving Nelly.  You already know I have a thing for elephants and now I’m seriously excited as I’ve found THE elephant must have.  In bright sunshine yellow, the Nelly bookcase will be quite the statement in any toddler room.  She’s large (not as large as a real elephant thankfully) measuring 100cms wide by 75cms tall, costs £90 from Habitat and needs to be assembled at home.  I can’t think of a better way to get book tidy!

Memories of Ermintrude

August 27, 2010

When I spotted these stickers, my first thought was of Ermintrude.  This cow though is called Colette and she’s part of a set of wall stickers.  The boy version features Michael the Monkey and I love that these stickers don’t cost silly money.  The bright colours and defined shapes will make for fun eye candy in any baby or toddlers room, without damaging the paint work.  They come on an A3 sheet, cost a tenner plus £2.50 for delivery.

baby toddler wall stickers

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Potty time

August 26, 2010

"Hoppop donut potty"I’m thinking of potty training soon.  So, I’ve landed the so not glamorous task of finding a potty.  Searching yesterday I was losing the will to continue when I came across one that actually got me excited (maybe excited’s pushing it but indulge me). It’s the Hoppop Donut potty chair.   It comes in a white base with a fuschia (so much cooler than pale pink), aqua or lime inner.  There’s also a grey/lime combo which is pretty cool.  As you’ve guessed, it’s shaped like a donut, the pot in the middle is easily removable and it’s wipe clean.

If you’ve got to get a potty, may as well get the funkiest, coolest looking one you can! The hoppop donut potty costs £19.99 with free delivery.

"bbox nappy wallet"

Wondering what it is? I was too.  It’s a nappy box or nappy wallet  (call it what you will) for when you’re out and about.  It comes with a change mat, room to store nappies and disposable bags and has super easy access to wipes.  The wipes can be got to with the box closed or open making it pretty handy when you’re trying to juggle a baby and everything else at once.  It comes in a range of funky colours, costs £14.99 with free delivery and will fit in most handbags.  Free of nasties like BPA, Phthalates and PVC,  it’s no wonder then that Koo-di B.Box has won many awards too.

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The classic push along toy, great for encouraging walking and balance.  When I bought one for ebabee no.1 I had a root around to see what was around and I wasn’t disappointed.

toddler toy push along monkey toddler toy cow push along toddler toy push along dog

There’s a whole range of these super colourful push alongs including an elephant, lion, pig and more.  The bright beads on the wheels make a fun ‘clacking’ noise when pushed.  They cost £8.50 plus £2.95 for delivery from Clementine toys.  Ebabee no.1 is the proud owner of the monkey and even though we’ve had it a while, it still comes out to play everyday.

While on the search I also came across a range of flappy feet bird push alongs.

toddler toy duck push along flappy feet pelican push along toddler toytoddler toy penguin push along

From JLR Toys, the duck and the pelican cost £11.95 with £4.99 delivery.  The lipstick red beak on the duck and the flame orange on the pelican does it for me.  The blue penguin costs £14.99 plus £4.95 delivery from Stork Gifts.  All 3 have large flappy feet which which add to the pushing along fun!

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Style that shines

August 23, 2010

Super trendy, super cool and super shiny style for 2 to 4 year old girls.  That’s mytoddler girl boots shoes take on these Antik Batik patent boots.  They’re suitable for rain or shine and perfect to keep little legs warm. They come in dark red (which I’m loving big time) and black.  They’re available from size 25, cost £28.40 (reduced from £71) plus £9.50 for delivery. Delivery is on the higher side but they’re sent from Spain and the fat discount on the boots makes up.  I’m guessing they won’t be around for too long at this price.

Talking of style, every time I visit Zara Kids/Baby I get hit by the want stick.  Not everyone has a Zara near them but that won’t be a problem in 11 days time.  I’m so excited to report that Zara kids will be selling online from 2nd September – let the countdown begin.

Haciendo el indio

August 21, 2010

While internet traveling this morning I stumbled across Haciendo el indio, a little Spanish shop with big ideas.  Ooh… I’m seriously in love. Checkout their custom printable cards – you can choose from gato (or cat), pollito (bird), tortuga (turtle) or elefante (elephant). Pay your €4.50, email them your text and they’ll send you a PDF which you can print away at home.

toddler party invitations, cards

They’ve also got other invites, personalised A4 prints and birth announcement cards.  All extremely wantable and at around €4 – €10, there’s no reason not to indulge.

"new baby announcement card stationary"

birthday invites stationary

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"maileg matchbox mouse""maileg mouse house"

I steer clear of anything remotely rodent related; mice, rats, the lot… they really creep me out!  But today I came across a mouse that I loved.  It’s the Maileg mouse, made by an imaginative Danish company.  This Maileg mouse comes with a mouse house that has a roof designed to look like cheese, a matchbox bed complete with mattress, pillow and knitted blanket.  For daytime fun the mouse (you can choose boy or girl) has a cotton reel table with tablecloth, chair, teapot and tea cup.  And the doorway even has a little bell and crocheted doormat.  It’s these tiny details that really appealed as they’re great for encouraging imaginative play.

If you don’t want the whole mouse with the house then they also have some lovely Maileg matchbox mice.  The mice come with a matchbox containing mattress, pillow and blanket.  Or you can even buy the little mice by themselves… so cute! Prices start from £7.75 and White Shore has a big selection. 

If these mice have appealed to you, then check out these whimsical mice mobiles for babies… they’re cute and unique!

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