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Giddy Giddy

September 30, 2010

"hair clips for babies"When I spotted these baby and toddler hair clips, I found myself dancing around, feeling giddy with desire!   Each clip is hand-crafted out of super soft felt, making it perfect to grip even the finest, tiniest baby hair.  They’re made across the pond by Giddy Giddy but are available here and there’s plenty of choice too.  I’m hearting the bold floral designs without any tweeness. They cost £4.50 each and come in 2 sizes – little girl size and big girl size.  Since choking’s a serious hazzard with teeny-tiny ones, I would adorn older toddlers with these (less chance of being bald too!).

Checkout our auction site where you can buy and sell baby items galore!

Newbee eye-candy

September 27, 2010

"baby flash cards"Been on the hunt for a newbee gift as a friend’s about to deliver.   So off I went surfing and clicking and voila!  I stumbled across Wee Gallery and fell in love.  Their black & white animal cards are quite the eye-candy for newbees.  They’re printed from hand-painted originals, come as a set of 6 cards and you can choose from sea, jungle, farm, garden animals and more.  Each set costs a tenner plus £4.50 delivery.  There’s also an original collection which is a combo of  different animals.  They come in a nice presentation box and the cards have rounded corners so they’re perfect for baby.

A Chunky Sheep

September 24, 2010

"plan toys lacing sheep"

My minimalist side is jumping for joy at the sight of this simple, wooden, chunky sheep.  So desirable in all it’s chunky splendour, it also comes apart to be laced back together.  Each disk is colour coded, a cool way to learn colour and sequence.  The chubby sheep’s by Plan Toys, makers of some fine and dandy eco-friendly wooden toys.   The lacing sheep costs £13.99 and delivery is free.

"plan toys lacing sheep"

My mustachioed viking

September 23, 2010

"Viking plates for children"

Vikings.  Not something I think about but today I’m going a bit viking ga-ga.  I’ve spotted these stylish melamine dinner plates that are the creation of Sandra Monat, a German lady big on contemporary style with a historical twist.  I’m loving the illustrations of the vikings, they’re so cool, so contemporary, so cheerful.  I’m especially keen on the black mustachioed one sheltering himself from the rain… how amazing is he?

The square plate is smaller costing £11.50 while the larger round ones (including my mustachioed friend!) cost £13.50 with delivery from £3.50.  Will a dash of viking adventure mean more greens are chomped?  No but I’m still vanting!

Just pants!

September 22, 2010

Yes its true, I’m actually excited about pants, nappy pants.  These are so funky and funny… I’m laughing out loud!  Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Twisted Twee.  Everything in this world is twisted, hilarious and oh so much fun.  I’m loving it!

"nappy pants twisted tee""cool nappy pants""nappy pants"

"cool nappy pants""brown nappy pants""cotton nappy pants"

Royal pants, political pants, retro pants, take your pick.  They cost between £10 and £15 with £3 for delivery.  There’s other twisted stuff on there too… go have a look, at Twisted Twee, you’re guaranteed to be hysterical with laughter.  I can’t stop smiling…

The lovely Stella

September 21, 2010

"Stella McCartney Kids Collection"

Hot, hot, hot news… Stella McCartney is launching her own range of kiddies clothing.  Last year she collaborated with Gap and it seems the collections were super successful.  So now she’s going it alone.  Uber stylish is what Stella stands for and I for one can’t wait.  It’s coming on 3rd November and promises to be affordable.  For now, you can watch a video and register for a preview, while you wait for the Stella McCartney Kids Collection.  Oooh… the anticipation!

Rice is nice

September 20, 2010

I’m seeing red, blue, green, orange, purple… it’s a colour-tastic range of melamine cups by Rice.  The Danish Rice have created a range of funky, bright and bold cups perfect for the move from sipper to cup.  Choose a print or solid colour but with such a great, almost dizzying choice, there’s definitely one for everyone.

"rice melamine cup""kids melamine cup""rice melamine cup for kids""kids cups by rice""toddler cup rice"

"rice melamine cups for kids""kids cup melamine"

Some of these cups come from the online store Nettlegreen while others come from Berryred.  They’ve each got loads so click around till you find the perfect one.  They cost from £2.20 with delivery from £1.95 and they come in big and small sizes.

"djeco daisy cooker"

Ooh la la is what I say to this super-sunny play kitchen from Djeco.  The French Djeco make the most delicious wooden toys like this daisy cooker.  It’s bright, it’s happy, it’s fab for imaginative play.  The sink, hob, oven combo are just the ticket for budding chefs and the included frying pan, cook pot, spatulas, salt & pepper and dish cloth can only add to the cooking fun.  The happy yellow and green daisy cooker costs £69.95 with delivery at £4.75 from tickety boo and measures 41 x 50 x 29 cms.

Sweetest birdy cushions

September 16, 2010

"ferm living bird cushion" "cushions for toddlers bird""ferm living cushion bird"

Small birdie, medium birdie and large birdie cushions by the wonderful Ferm Living.  These super cute cushions are nothing less than super desirable too.  Buy one, buy all three, or buy two, whatever you do these cushions will be an enviable possession.  They’d be perfect as decorative eye-candy but I love the small one as a cuddly cot friend.  They’re made of organic cotton, measure 32×32 cms, 45×42 cms and 60x54cms and cost £18.90, £23.90 and £38.90 plus £4.95 for delivery.

A halloween idea

September 15, 2010

"halloween gift tags"I maybe a tiny bit early talking about Halloween but I spotted these on Etsy and wanted to share as they have to be ordered from the U.S. so may take a while.  These  little 3D discs will jazz up plain white or brown paper bags.  Just paste them on and you’ve got some cool ‘trick or treat’ bags.  They’d also make fun and festive cupcake toppers.  They come as a set of 6 for $5 plus $3 postage, measure 6.35cms and can be ordered from Old Lady Bern’s Etsy shop.

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