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"A bit lost"

While on holiday in the States, I spotted this book and fell for it… hook, line and sinker.  I also found a lot of other hugely wantable stuff which isn’t available here (boo hoo!).  But back to this fab book which you can get here (hooray),  ‘A bit lost’ is all about a little baby owl who can’t find his mama.  It’s a story so sweet, dotted with humor and embellished with fantabulous drawings in the most solidly vibrant colours.  Written by Chris Haughton, an Irishman with bags of talent and creativity, ‘A bit lost’ is a new book so hot, it’s definitely on my book list, my gift list and my any other list I can think of.

A Bit Lostcomes in hardcover, costs £7.29 with free delivery and is perfect for 2 years +.

Finn the musical fish

November 26, 2010

"musical fish mobile"If you’re looking for a mobile with a difference, then check out Finn the musical fish by Esthex.  Hang him above your babies cot or change mat, pull his cord and he’ll let out some gentle tunes.  Made of wool felt in bright colours, Finn is quite the quirky little fish.  He comes with a loop at the top making for easy hanging, costs £18 plus £3.95 delivery.  And if you’re already sorted in the mobile department, then gift him to another newbie for a pressie that’s definitely unique.

DwellStudio Bibs to go

November 25, 2010

"DwellStudio bibs to go"

By now you’ve probably sussed that I’m more than a bit keen on Dwell Studio, the American lot who create uber modern style for babies and kids.  So naturally I was just as keen when I chanced upon these bibs to go.  They come as a tear off pad of 20 bibs, fab for when you’re out or on your travels.  Complete with a cool signature Dwell graphic on them, so no need to compromise on style when you’re on the road.  They cost £5.30 plus £2.75 delivery and are suitable from newborn till 3 years.   They’d be super handy if you’re planning on traipsing around the country anytime soon (think no washing).

"Christmas Paper Angels"

When I spotted these paper angels the other day, I fell badly in want.   They’re so sweet and stylish and check this: in a set you get blondes, brunettes, redheads and even black and white angels.  Liking the diversity!  To make them up all you have to do is pop them out and slot the wings together, a job best done by your pre-schooler.   Then adorn your tree with these pretty little things or use them as place names on the big day.  The angels are 10cms tall and cost £9 for a set of 7 from hen & hammock.  For some more crafty paper decorations, check out these rather lovely Christmas creatures.

"Stella McCartney Kids baby bodysuits"If you’re a frequent ebabee likes visitor, you’ll know that Stella McCartney Kids launched recently.  Since then, Stella’s got new stuff popping up all over the shop.  The latest are these baby bodies.  In organic cotton with a simple little owl or hedgehog embroidered on, the baby grows come in sizes from 1 to 24 months.  No fuss, no frills just sweet n’ simple style… the best kind!  These Stella McCartney baby bodies cost £26 for the pair, come in a presentation box and would make a  gift that’s so sweet.

"Robin and Mould Owl Cushions Soft toy"

Just seen: these oh so, so sweet owl cushions that double up as hug-able soft toys.  It’s the giant, sleepy eyes that have me hooked.  They’re by British duo Robin & Mould and made in Wiltshire.  Hand screen printed in mustard or teal with little felt feet and wings.  These owl cushions measure 25 x 20 cms excluding feet and wings, cost £20 each plus £4.45 delivery.  Pop one in your kiddos cot for a super sweet accessory.

Don’t forget to check out our baby auction site.

"Charlie and Lola audio CD"1. Elephant Elements book for £9.99.  Funkily illustrated and all about opposites.   Each page has 2 elephants doing something opposite.  It’s clever and witty and will appeal to mama’s and papa’s too.

2. Charlie and Lola: My Completely Best Story Collection book for £8.44 and audio CD for £5.64.  Fabby stories about Charlie and his little sister Lola.  And the audio CD will come in very handy on long car drives.

"Momoll Kids Wooden Kitchen"

3. Momoll lili wooden play kitchen
icon for €285.  Not the cheapest but definitely the prettiest play kitchen I’ve spotted.  It comes in various colour combos including green and orange.  It’s minimal, it’s cool, it’s contemporary and it’s the kitchen to have!

"Make your own rocket kit"

4. Chamboul Boum knock down game for £8.99.  For 2 to 8 players and loads of fun, just grab the included ball and knock ’em down.  Loving the faces!

5.  Build it Space Explorer for £18 from the Little White Company.  Great little project for 4 year olds especially if they’re budding astronauts too!

"Boys knight costume"

6.  Children’s dressing up costumes – Butterfly Fairy and Knight for £39.99 each.  Fabulously quirky and over the top, but oh so much fun!  An unusual but  imaginative and wonderful gift.

"Plan toys eco town and playmat"7. Plan Toys Eco Town and Playmat for £69.95.  The set consists of a playmat, eco home, eco train station, eco charging station and street accessories including electric cars and a bike.  Imaginative play doesn’t get much better than this. Loving it!

"kidsonroof mobile home"8. Kidsonroof Bu Buro for £49.99.  A cardboard desk and 2 stools which can take up to 40kgs of weight.  And the stools have little holes where all important treasures can be hidden.  Very cool!

9. Also by Kidsonroof is this Mobile Home for £14.99.  A little cardboard home twith 8 rooms, stair openings and spy holes to entertain pirates, dolls and any other toys.

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"Automoblox Cars"

1.  Simply stunning cars!  There are a range of cars and trucks with interchangeable parts.  Made by Automoblox these cars are fun to build and lovely to look at.

"Maileg Mouse House"2. Maileg Mouse with a house for £35.  The house has a roof that looks like cheese, the house comes with a matchbox bed complete with stuffed mattress, pillow and knitted blanket.  There’s also a cotton reel table with teapot and cup and a little crochet doormat.  Great design for hours of imaginative play.

"wooden garage toy"3. A wooden garage by Pintoy for £56.95.  Loving the super-bright colours and the diddy little cars.  There’s also a Police Station and a Fire Station in this range, just in case your 3 year old is a budding fireman!

"sirch dolls house"4.  Sirch villa Dolls House for €148.  Wow, wow, wow! This isn’t some hot design hotel, it’s an uber-modern, uber-minimal, uber-cool dolls house.  And at ebabee likes, no list would be complete without something super minimal.

"Dwellstudio counting puzzle"

5. DwellStudio Counting puzzles for £9.95 each.  Fab little puzzles that’ll teach counting too.

"Kapla building planks"

6. Finger Tracks finger painting set by Djeco for £17.99.  Let the creativity begin with this finger painting set suitable for 3 years on.  The set includes 8 bottles of safe finger paint, a paint palette and 8 designs to paint.

7. Kapla building planks for £22.68.  Each set contains 40 planks and a design book.  Just add a little 3 year old with a big imagination and let them build the Taj Mahal (or their version of it)!

"mini micro t-bar scooter"

8. Mini Micro T-bar Scooter for £54.95.  It’s been around for a while but it’s still the coolest scooter to see and be seen with.  Choose from the limited edition red, green or yellow or go for the classic blue or pink.  Gift this and you’re gonna be a popular parent.

9. Plan Toys Musical band for £32.49.  Own a budding musician?  This will make a fab gift they’ll thank you for (but your ears won’t be thanking us… sorry!).

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"Sibi max ride on car"

1. First up is this stunning ride-on car by the German Sirch for £84.99.  A minimalist mama’s dream and a ‘funtastic’ pressie for a 2 year old.  I’m drooling just looking at it.

"Mini wooden dolls house"2.  A wooden mini house by Gluckskafer for £35. Bright and colourful and it doubles up as a stacking toy too.  Love it!

"playforever car"

3.  Playforever red Enzo Motorbike for £35.  Shiny, glossy, hugely wantable!  Measuring about 12 inches long with rubber tyres and huge attention to detail, these toys are hot!

"percussion table green toys dishes"4.  A percussion music table by GLTC for £40.  If you’ve got a budding musician, then this orange table is just the ticket.

5.  Green Toys dish set for £19.49.  All 100% of these toys are made from recycled milk bottles!  How cool is that?  Green toys are made in America and newly available in the UK.  Great for a pretend meal or even a real one (real food can be scoffed off these toys).

"kidsonroof cardborad play house"

6. Kids on Roof cardboard play house for £29.95.  Known as Casa Cabana, this play house has a door, 7 windows and many spy holes.  Great for hide n’ seek or just a private space for your bambino.

"rokka play"

7.  The Rokka Play for £234.  It’s a new toy like no other.  It starts off as a rocking boat, flip it over and you have a table and chairs for 2.  Turn it on it’s side and you’ve got a play kitchen or a mini theatre all in one toy.  Confused? Read more about the Rokka Play here.  It’s expensive but it’s many toys in one and is even more perfect if you’ve got 2 under 5.

"wooden scooter for kids"8. Vilac Wooden Scooter for £61.99 loving the lipstick red and the brightly coloured wheels.  It’s a fabby, happy first scooter.

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"christmas gifts for 2 year olds"

10 super lovely Christmas gifts for 1 to 2 year olds.  Starting at the top, from left to right, here goes:

1.  She’s called Liza and she’s by Sophie & Lili for £20.  They do the sweetest, most huggable dolls I’ve seen.

2. iWood Push along cart with blocks for £39.99.  Possibly the best looking push along cart I’ve seen with it’s sleek curved white base and bright blocks.

3. Wooden activity cube by Janod for £29.99.  Lots to keep little hands and fingers occupied in style!

4.  Farm animals first puzzle for £25.  A fab first puzzle and when you’re kiddo’s mastered that, the animals can be played with on their own too.

5.  Pull along caterpillar for £14.99.  There are loads of pull along toys out there but when I saw this one, it had to make my list.  It’s a beaut!

6. Woodours Puzzle Blocks for £34.99.  Cheery, happy, lovely blocks that can be stacked high and there’s plenty of colours and pictures to explore.  And there’s even 2 puzzles to piece together. Fab!

7. Glodos bit walker bike for £84.99.  It’s uber cool with it’s chunky wheels and funky colours.  It comes in orange, lime green, shocking pink and blue and is suitable from 18 months onwards.

8. Hoppop Triplo Bath Toy for £11.19The set of 3 cups fit in each other and can be used to pour away.  What your bambino pours is up to you… water, sand or whatever else you can think of.  It comes in lime green, fuchsia and aqua blue.

9.  Cachatou Maggy the shape sorter for £20.94.  A multi-coloured french cow who’s oh so pretty!  She’s an old favourite but still a hot favourite!

10. Colour Sorting Lorry for £28.95.  A lorry with 4 shaped columns and delicious coloured shapes to slot in.  Its a stunner!  Update Nov 2012: This toy is no longer available but you can try this for something very similar:Janod Colour Sorting Truck

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