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"biodegradeable g nappies"

It’s GIVEAWAY time… read on to find out more.

g Nappies are getting me all excited.   They’re so darn cute!  I don’t often find vast amounts of joy when confronted with a nappy (quite the opposite) but today I’ve discovered these beauties. And I’ve got a pair of medium nappy pants (13-28lbs) in orange with a pack of 32 biodegradable refills to give away to one lucky reader, thanks to the lovely mamas at Husha-byebaby. All you have to do is leave a comment below (say hi or whatever you like but keep it clean!) before midnight on Sunday 6th Feb and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday 7th Feb.

More about these nappies: Scoring (sky) high in the style stakes, g Nappies don’t stop there.  No, they’re big achievers in the ‘love your planet’ stakes too.  New to Blighty, g Nappies offer the best of both worlds, disposable and cloth nappy worlds, that is.  They’re a cool nappy pant which can be used with 100% biodegradable and flushable gRefills or you can opt for gCloths.  Better yet, use a combo of the two, giving you disposable when you’re out and about and washable when you can erm… wash!  To add to their long list of creds, they come in the most uber delicious colours with just the letter ‘g’ on them.  No fuss, no frills, just simple, bold, cool style.

The clever g Nappies cost from £14.95 for a nappy pant and £22.95 for 6 gCloth inserts or £9.95 for 40 gRefills and go from 6lbs to 36lbs (but one of you is gonna get it for free!).  There are a range of combo-packs which are cheaper.  Whichever way you look at it, they’re gonna come in cheaper than disposables, look SO much cooler and they’re ever so planet friendly.  It’s too late for me as ebabee no.1 is nearly at the end of the nappy road, but if ever there is an ebabee no.2… To read more about g Nappies, just click here.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning one of these lovelies.

P.S. There’s a rumour going round that a certain eco-loving mama called Ms Julia Roberts is a fan.

ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED.  The winner has been announced on our facebook page.  Thanks to all who entered.

"Skip hop bubble bath hooks"

Ooh… the joy in spotting everyday products injected with lashings of style.  And today it’s all about bathroom hooks.  Boring? Yes, but not these ones.  Bright and colourful, translucent suction hooks to hang toys, wash cloths, sponges and more.  These Bubble bathroom hooks are made by Skip Hop who manage to add fun, style and brightness to so much everyday stuff.  And I salute them for that.  After all, I belong to the ‘practical should be stylish too’ school of thought.  The Bubble bathroom hooks come as a set of 4, cost a tenner and delivery’s free.

"caravan crib"

Lust.  That’s where I’m at today.  These stunning coloured cots by Kalon Studios are the object of my lust.  I’m staring wantingly at all the sumptuous colours on offer.  I’m loving the bold straight lines contrasted with the dainty curved feet and the classic shape given a contemporary twist with the coloured rails.  What beauties!  Called Caravan Cribs, they’re made by a US-German team who pride themselves on sustainability and eco-friendliness.  They come in sunny yellow, classic black, peachy pink, aqua blue and lime green. The Caravan Cribs converts to junior beds, cost $895 each and shipping to the UK costs $110. At that price, these beauties will have to remain objects of desire!

"Oeuf NYC tooth fairy pillow"

Oeuf NYC.  I’m a huge fan and have been for a while.  Until recently a little trip across the pond was needed in order to get your hands on their goodies.  But no more.  And today I’m sharing a small little something of theirs that’s been on my want list for ages. But we’re not at the teeth loosing stage yet or not even close.  When the time comes I want this tooth.  A sweet tooth.  Made from eco-friendly luxurious alpaca wool by some lovely ladies in Bolivia (Oeuf is big on fairtrade), this tooth makes for a cuddly little friend.  And when that first tooth is gone, the tooth fairy (or even you) can leave a little stash in the back pocket.  The Oeuf NYC tooth fairy pillow costs £14.50 plus delivery at €9.  Oeuf NYC’s goodies don’t end here so I’ll be bringing you more… watch this space.

"colour in wallpaper"

Pre-schoolers armed with crayons and paints can lead to all sorts of ermm… creativity including using walls as drawing canvases.  Probably something that’s not encouraged in your abode or mine.  But now they can (woo hoo)!  This colour me wallpaper by Mini Moderns is just the ticket to encourage ‘wall’ creativity.  It’s available in 4 different designs, that are all meant to be coloured in.  What a fab idea.  Use it to adorn a feature wall in your pre-schoolers room and let them get colouring.  The designs on offer include Do you live in a town wallpaper,  Tick-Tock wallpaper and a Sitting comfortably one.  There’s also a c-60 cassette wallpaper but your kidlets gonna wonder what a cassette is! The colour me wallpapers by Mini Moderns each cost £40 per roll plus £4 delivery.

For some more ways to jazz up your nursery walls, have a look at:

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"elephant musical toy"

Ooh… the Frenchies have done it again.  This time in the guise of a shop called Clemence G.  Bursting with goodies in colours so bright, you might need to don a pair of sunnys!  It’s a space filled with bambino bedding, nursery decor, soft toys,  t-shirts, wrapping paper and more.  All in hot, bold colours teamed with quirky graphics and funky prints.  I’m lovin’ it.  And in even hotter news, there’s more than a bit of a sale on with stuff up to 60% off and free delivery on sale stuff even to the UK!  So if you’re a colour mad mama, now would be a good time to strike.  And while you’re there do check out the chicken carpet… quirkylicious and cool at it’s best!  The site’s in French but very easy to navigate around (despite my non-existent knowledge of French) or else just click the translate button on google and job done (google’s quite clever like that). Check out Clemence G… it’s seriously funky!  (So much that I’ve just ordered a tee).

"kids letter writing set"

Japanese design is hot and I’m a humongous fan.  Sometimes quirky, sometimes minimal, sometimes sweet and sometime just uber cool… but always hot.  I recently spotted these kiddy letter writing sets by Japanese designer Shinzi Katoh and had to share.  They’re just so sweet.  On offer are a set called Red Hood Girl and Red Hood Forest Girl.  Get a set and your pre-schooler may just scribble a colourful note to the grandparents or even to you.  Or use them as hand written invites for your  kiddy’s next birthday bash.  Each set contains 10 sheets of paper, 5 envelopes and 5 stickers.  The Shinzi Katoh letter writing sets cost £5.50 plus delivery at £1.75.

For some more cool Japanese design, check out these bookend animal Silhouettes.

"bakker pre school bags"

I’ve been on a mission to find a little nursery bag for ebabee no. 1.  Result: mission accomplished and how!  I have just discovered the label Bakker: Made with love.  For me it was most definitely love at first sight.  The heart thumping, knee wobbling, pulse racing kind’a love.  The kiddy school bags by Bakker are delectable little things offered in the most shiny, glossy, vibrant colours ever.  The school bags come in 3 sizes from mini to large so there’s one for every size of pre-schooler.  Satchel shaped with sturdy shoulder straps and made of vinyl, they’re just so cool.  Also on offer are canvas versions of the same with prints so lovely and blingtastic limited edition ones in gold and silver.  The Bakker school bags cost from €32.50 with shipping at €13.50 from Little Zebra, a fabby little shop oozing with heaps of lovelies. The sunny, shiny  yellow vinyl one is my pick for ebabee no.1.

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"brio grow highchair"

I’m forever tracking down cool design to bring you.  I search far, wide and deep… from the USA to Japan and back.  But today my inspiration was in front of me: the brio grow highchair.  It’s cool, contemporary looks and sleek modern design got me badly hooked when I was highchair hunting some 2 years ago.  I had to have it. Even a whole 2 years later, I haven’t yet experienced highchair envy (yay!).  And it’s not just a pretty face.  The brio highchair is comfortable, safe, easy to assemble and easy to clean.  Add this to it’s high style and you’ve got another nursery great* from the fantabulous Brio.  It comes in black, white and red and goes from 6 months to 7 years.  When the bambino comes of age, all you do is remove the safety rail and voila!  The brio grow highchair isn’t the cheapest but it is lovely!

*The other Brio nursery great I speak of is none other than the Brio Sleep cotbed. Click to check it out.

If stylish highchairs are your thing too then have a look at the Alfons highchair by Sirch. It’s another beauty!

"hiroshi sasagawa animal bookends"

Ooh… my eyeballs nearly popped out when I spotted these animal book dividers.  Their uber coolness was just too much! Made by Japanese designer Hiroshi Sasagawa, these animal silhouettes are meant to be book indexes or dividers.  But I’m just staring at them in lust thinking of them as super hot design to jazz up your bookshelves with.  They’d look pretty darn nifty in a nursery or I’m liking them for wherever you have bookshelves.  On offer are a reindeer, a giraffe and a pig costing $23 each and they’re available from a US site called Green Grass Design that delivers here but shipping is very steep at $27.  Animal silhouettes have never been hotter!

Check out ebabee, our baby auction site.

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