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"darling clementine notebooks"I’m a bit of a sucker for delectable stationary.  It’s kind of like a more-ish snack… the more you have the more you want.  I buy it and end up hoarding cos it’s almost too good to use.  Sound familiar? If it does then I’ve found you some uber-cute notebooks to add to your stationary stash.  Darling  Clementine is a small Norwegian design agency that’s big (huge even)  on talent.  They create some amazingly cool and colourful graphics which then adorn their stationary and homewares.  Amongst their lovelies are these notebooks.  Droolworthy, don’t you think?  I’m seriously tempted… one for me to add to my stash (!) and one for the bambino to scribble on when her patience is waning (given the frequency she might need 2).  You can get them for £4.50 a piece plus delivery from Nineteen Seventy Three, a stationary shop with lots of goodies.

"flower paper lantern"


This morning I wasn’t feeling inspired.  Everything I came across just didn’t cut the (hot design) mustard that I constantly hanker after.  And then it happened… i found these and felt the magic, the excitement, the joy of a hot find.  These paper lanterns are just so pretty.  Made by Bakker Made with Love (yes that’s what they’re called) they make some fabulous accessories for kids including super shiny (pre) school bags that I’ve already drooled over.  These Bakker paper lanterns are available in colours that work so well with their floral print.  Pick the colour that works for you and hang them over your little girls play space, sleep space or any space to add a bit of wow. These pretty paper lanterns by Bakker cost €33.75 plus delivery from Little Zebra.

"hana blomst kids mug"

Hana Blomst.  A brand that brings together two cultures to create fabby kids plates, mugs and bowls.  The delicateness and poetry of Japanese culture is married with hot Danish design and colour to create super wantable stuff to eat and drink from.  I’ve just spotted the latest collection and I had to share.  The bright coloured mugs with the simple animal graphics are oh so sweet.  Then you’ve got the matching plates in white with just a splash of colour to bring them to life.  And on the practical side, the mugs have lids to prevent little hands from spilling their drinks.  The Hanna Blomst mugs and plates cost €14 each and you can get them at Smallable’s online store.  The bad news: they’re not available till May (boo hoo!).

P.S. Check out our little baby auction site with bargains galore.

"esthex flower dummy holder"

Esthex is a shop that oozes style from every pixel it occupies.  Seriously hot style.  I have talked about Esthex goodies before but I often find myself coming back for more.  And today I bring you this simply stunning dummy holder.  Childish without being cutesy, designed without being over-designed, simple yet stylish, that’s what this dummy holder is all about.  Esthex is the brainchild of Esther, a mama of 3 from the Netherlands who creates soft toys, rattles, cloth books, pram toys and more.  All of which have one thing in common:  style so hot I could cry! This Esthex dummy holder costs €8.95 with shipping at €3.95 and you can check it out (along with all the other goodies on offer) at the Esthex online store.


"Roommate Kidcars"

Well, colour me happy!  Super bright, super colourful, super playful are these KidCars by the Danish Roommate.  On offer are a car (not just any car, it’s a convertible!), a plane, a truck and a school bus all in the boldest of pinks, reds, blues, purples and greens.  Use them to sit on, play on or let your kids imagination fly them to places far off.  Spot on for adding a splash of vibrant colour to a play space, these Roommate KidsCars are made of foam and covered in thick cotton covers which can be washed (hooray!).  Their contemporary shapes and simple design mean that they’ll be cool eye-candy wherever you place them.  Available from Little Zebra, they cost €170 plus delivery.

"K Studio pillows, wall art for kids"

Yesterday I stumbled across K Studio and it was love.  Michigan based mother and daughter create the most stylish pillows, bags and wall art.  Simplicity and minimalism are mixed with bags of charm to create quirky and cool designs.  In terms of colours, off whites and sandy beige’s dominate with fine black childlike drawings and the odd hint of orange, red and pale blue.  And their stuff isn’t just for the kids.  I can see their creations feeling perfectly at home in a kiddy space or an adult space.  Have a look and don’t miss the chap who wears his heart on his sleeve or the pretty bird pillow.  There’s also that cat pouch which would make a sweet pencil case.  I could go on but I’ll let you discover more at K Studio.  They deliver internationally and prices start from around $30 plus shipping from $10.  This mother and daughter are a class act, if you ask me.

"jurianne matter paper boats"

"make your own paper boats"Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring big dollops of joy.  And these little paper boats are just one of those things.  When I saw them, I couldn’t help but smile from cheek to cheek!  By Jurianne Matter of the Netherlands, she designs the sweetest little paper creations that you then make up yourself.  These paper boats can be filled with little treats for a birthday party, hung as decorations, personalised and given out as party favours to the little guests or anything else you can think of.  In a pack you get a set of 8 boats to make up from Not on the high street.  They cost £9.95 for the set plus £1.45 delivery.  There are other lovely paper creations by Jurianne too, one of which are her paper angels which also very sweet.

"lale suitcase""lale suitcase"

How super cute are these retro suitcases?  They’re gorgeous and I’m thinking no little girl (or big girl even) should be without.  Use it as storage indoors or better yet take it out filled with whatever stuff you can’t leave home without.  Made by the French Lale, there’s a range of deliciously chic retro prints on offer.  I can’t even begin to choose a favourite, so I’m not going to try.  They come in 2 sizes, small for the smalls in your life and big for the mama’s.  The mini ones measure 21x16cms and the maxi ones measure 39x29cms.  What a stylish hospital bag the big one would make for an expectant mama or even a very covetable retro diaper bag.  My hospital bag time has long passed but I’m seriously tempted for ebabee no.1.  You can get a selection from elias & grace for £40 for the small one and £60 for the big or try smallable.com who deliver internationally.

"serena and lily peacock baby sling"Flicking through Baby London Magazine while waiting at the doctor’s, (that’s where I head when I crave peace… just kidding!) I came across a store called Punkin Patch.  Back at my laptop, I checked it out.  Lo and behold… I found baby slings by Serena & Lily.  Serena and Lily are a US brand that create deliciously sweet baby stuff.  Their creations are utterly softly stylish and beyond beautiful.  Apart from baby slings, they make nappy bags (that are so un-nappy bag like), moses baskets, nursery bedding and more.  For now, I’ve only been able to track down their baby slings in the UK.  On offer are a few different designs of which the Peacock and Prague market slings are the stunners for me. Head over to Punkin Patch where the Serena and Lily market slings cost £120 plus delivery at £8.49.  But for my US readers… well, you lucky lot, you can have anything you like from the Serena & Lily collection.  And here’s a little look at it:

"serena and lily marlo bedset"

"serena and lily dylan collection"
"serena and lily natasha"

"The black apple prints"

"the black apple etsy store"

"the black apple print"

I discovered The Black Apple yesterday and boy, did I like.  It’s an Etsy store peddling prints and notebooks mainly.  While there’s nothing unusual in that, the unusual-ness comes from the visuals which are quirky, curious and utterly mesmerising.  There are so many to choose from that it’s really hard to pick a favourite, especially when all are so captivating.  But the ‘Beekeeper’ does have a certain special appeal for me as does the ‘Tattooed Lady’.  Besides the prints, there are some cute n’ quirky notebooks too.  I’m liking the ‘Sweet as Pie’ set of 3 notebooks and also feeling the love for ‘Wolf Boy’ in a weird and wonderful way.  The Black Apple small prints cost $16 while the notebooks cost $12 for a set of 3 and they ship everywhere from $5.  The super talented Emily Martin, owner and creator, has seriously got quite an imagination which has definitely grabbed my attention!

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