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Fishy wall decor

April 27, 2011

"fish wall decor"

"fish nursery decor"

I’m liking these wall fish thingy’s, a lot!  You get a set of 5 fish wall applications in different sizes, from large to small.  They come in white so you can paint them whatever colour your heart desires and then peel off the backing and stick.  Perfect for a play space, a nursery or even a kidlet bathroom.  Or else get a basic white wardrobe, add these fish and hey presto… your wardrobe goes from dull to dashing!  If you’re a creative type, you could even make these in to a mobile.  The possibilities are endless.  Made in the USA, these Wallter fish wall applications couldn’t be sweeter!  Also on offer are circle wall applications so you can make bubbles too.  These fishies are available from Pure Modern and cost £79.25 for a set of 5 with shipping at £7.95.  They sell the bubbles too.  I don’t think fish wall decor has ever been cuter!

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"teresa green bird place mats"

Teresa Green is a name I came across today.  I quickly ditched the post I had planned in favour of these lovelies.  And lordy, these place mats by Teresa Green are truly lovely.  They’re not just for kids though, I can see them quite at home in the most stylish of homes, especially if your style is of the understated kind.  The stick like drawings of the long legged birdies are sweet enough to appeal to childish tastes, yet stylish enough to grace an adult dinner table.  Made of 100% linen, these place mats are washable so spill away.  Place mats they are but I’m actually fancying them as wall art.  They’re quite large measuring 63 x 38cms, so I’d be tempted to stick them in a frame and use them as rather unusual nursery wall art.  And when you fancy a change, use them as place mats again.  These Teresa Green Leggy Birds place mats cost £33 for a pair from Little Fashion Gallery.  Delivery is normally €9 but if you ‘like’ Little Fashion Gallery’s facebook page, you can get free delivery in Europe.

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"elephant kids light"

"kids light bird"

"designer kids lighting"

"kids light shade"

Kids lights:  you haven’t seen much of it featured here.  Call me fussy (you won’t be the first), but truth be told much of the kids lighting I’ve seen has been blah.  Y’know, the pinky, bluey over-cutesy kind’a stuff that makes me run for cover.  But now, I’ve discovered Seven Dandelions.  When I saw their kids light shades, I nearly sobbed!  Finally.  The kiddy lighting gods have answered my prayers.  Seven Dandelions create light shades so stylish, perfect for any kiddy space without a hint of twee-ness in sight.  Their designs are simple, modern and oh so impactful.  Based down under on the Sunshine Coast, it is the brain child of Kelly Edington and Jenny Coleman.  Respect, ladies. Seven Dandelions lights come in different sizes and cost from AUD 85.  They ship internationally,  just email first to get a quote.

P.S. Isn’t the teeny tiny green elephants one just dandy?

"not Neutral melamine snack set"

"not Neutral colourful kids rugs"

"not neutral tree wall stickers"not Neutral is what they’re called and not neutral is what you can expect, big time.  If you love your whites, creams and ivories then this ones probably not for you.  But if hot, fiery colours float your boat, stick around and don your sunnies!  Based in LA, this design company create fabby kiddy stuff and homey stuff.  On offer are melamine plates, area rugs, quilts, wall art, the most delicious garden stakes I’ve ever laid eyes on and more.  And everything comes in shocking pinks, canary yellows, lime greens, sea blues… you get the idea.  To give you a measure of prices, the melamine snack set costs $26, while the rugs are from $260, and they deliver to the UK from $8.  Check out not Neutral and feast your eyes on their bold n’ beautiful goodies.

"colourful hair grips for girls lale"

Yesterday was all about a brooch, today it’s about some stunning hair clips.  I seem to be on a bit of a roll with girly stuff, but sometimes that’s just the way it is.  And when they’re as wow as these, well they just have to be shared.  While I like girly stuff, I’m not a bows, frills and fuss type of mama as you know if you’re a regular here.  And these hairclips manage to be super girly yet so unfussy.  Just my kind’a thing.  As soon as ebabee no.1’s tresses are thicker, guess what?  Yup, she’s definitely getting some of these.  If you like them too, head on over to smallable.com where they cost £5.24 each.

Lale is fast becoming a hot favourite in the world of ebabee likes.  If you’re feeling the love too, then you’re absolutely gonna love these retro chic suitcases, also by Lale of course!

"pink brooch for girls"

I’m loving these silk brooches by Simple Kids of Belgium.  Available in pure white, hot pink and sunshine yellow with a layered petal effect, they’re rather natty!  Pin them on a cardi, a dress or a jacket to add a dash of individual style.  These brooches by Simple Kids cost £13 each and you can get your hands on them at the lovely Elias & Grace.

"mini acapulco chair for children"

The great Danes have done it again!  This time in the guise of a children’s chair with looks so cool.  The Danish seem to have an innate sense of design.  Everything they touch turns in to an object of beauty.  And that’s exactly what Oficina Creativa have done with this Mini Acapulco chair for kids.  They describe themselves as ‘young, dynamic and experimental’ and I think they’re spot on.  They’ve got strong ties with Mexico which is how this chair gets it name and I suspect, some of it’s design influences too.  But whatever the influence, it’s working… this chair is hot!   Just chuck a contrasting coloured cushion on and it will add a dash of style to any kids space. The Acapulco mini chair comes is turquoise, yellow and black and is available from Nest for £147 with shipping at £1 to the UK.  They ship internationally too.

"Childrens room 3D poster"

"posters for kids rooms"

Today I discovered a shop called Zoe de Las Cases.  French, fun and quirky-licious stuff is what you can expect here.  Of all on offer, it was these 3D posters that caught my eye in a big way.  You can get a shop, a kitchen or a laundry room to make up yourself.  Then, put them up and let the imaginative play begin or just admire them as fabby wall art.  What a cool idea. And in the looks department, the colours, the backgrounds, the details are all fantastic.  The laundry one even has a little wall cupboard to store all your detergents!  Unusual, quirky and oh so much fun!  These posters each measure 42x30cms and cost £19.92 each.  You can get yours at Zoe de Las Cases where delivery to the UK costs £7.06.  They also deliver to the US, so fear not if you reside across the pond, you too can indulge!

Posters first spotted at nobodinoz (that will be a whole other post!)

"Brian Yates Pip wallpaper"

I’ve been on the hunt for wallpaper for ebabee no.1’s room.  So many styles on offer equals dizzying levels of confusion.  And because I’ve made it my life’s work to hunt down the coolest kids stuff on the planet for you, well I end up in the know about wallpaper designs that most people wouldn’t have heard of (more choice, more confusion!).  Even in this state of dizzy confusion, when I saw this Pip Early Bird wallpaper in yellow, I knew it was the chosen one.  Yellow just excites me but add some turquoise to the mix and a stunning oriental-esque print, now that’s what I call a stunner!

By Brian Yates, this Pip Early Bird wallpaper has the added advantage of growing with your child.  It would be perfectly at home in any space, from baby to mama spaces, from playing to eating spaces, from sleeping to living spaces.  So if it’s in your nursery and you don’t want to change it for years to come, you don’t have to.  The less DIY the better, me thinks!  I’m planning to use in on a feature wall and I’m drooling as I picture it.  This wallpaper is a style statement, big and bold.  But there are times when something less just won’t cut it.  Head on over to Tangletree interiors where a roll costs £57.39 with £4.95 for delivery.

"Red patent leather shoes for kids"

I just can’t contain my joy, these shoes are too darn good.  Super shiny patent leather combined with the most scrumptious ruby red creates a shoe so stylish, it hurts!  They’re another fabulous Frenchie creation, this time by Anniel Enfant.  I’m picturing ebabee no.1 in these and the temptation to hit ‘buy’ is so overwhelming,  I feel like I’m possessed.  That’s my excuse anyway when daddee no.1 starts asking the dreaded how much questions!  Made from soft and supple leather with leather soles, these shoes will make heads turn or spin even.  If you are feeling the love for these shoes, then head on over to the kiddy fashion mecca that is Little Fashion Gallery where you can get them for £52 plus shipping at €9.  I know what I’ll be dreaming of tonight.

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