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"album di famiglia"

Album di Famiglia.  An Italian label led by Monica Rusconi but very much a family affair.  The clothes are understated, unique and hugely stylish.  The colours are muted with charcoals, sands, whites and navy’s dominating.  This just adds to the distinctive style that Album di Famiglia are so big on.  I have long been an ardent admirer;  even now, each time I see a piece from their collection my heart beats a little faster.  Album di Famiglia represent understated, minimal style for babies at it’s absolute best.  To have a look at their collection head to Little Fashion Gallery or Elias & Grace.  Both boutiques have a good collection and prices range from roughly around £30 to around £80.  Album di Famiglia are soon launching their own e-boutique.  I wait for that with bated breath, not just to see the new collections but also to see their beautiful and captivating black & white photography.

"Fine little day Pirum Parum poster"

A pear with a personality… quirky, a bit crazy even but so cool, so creative, so wantable.  That’s what I love about this poster by the Swedish Fine Little Day.  Called Pirum Parum, it has tons of personality, it’s funky, it’s perfect to liven up any kiddy space.  You can get your hands on this Pirum Parum poster over at Bodie and Fou where it costs £23 plus £3.50 delivery.  While you’re there, check out the Apple Papple poster too… you may just end up getting both.

P.S. If you’re as taken with Pirum Parum as I am, then checkout these Studio Violet prints too.  They’re equally quirky, equally unique and super cool too.

"3 year old party ideas"

"cowboy theme childrens party"

"colour themed birthday party"

Birthday parties, they’re oh so important for the little ones and why not?  A day filled with lots of presents, lots of cake and lots of fun… what’s not to like?  I still love the magic of my birthday and always celebrate.  None of that I’m too old to celebrate rubbish for me!  Back to the bambinos though, a kiddy birthday-do needs decorations, needs colour, needs fun things and maybe even a theme.  Oh and lets not forget the party favours (known as ‘back presents’ where I come from… you get presents on your birthday so you give back too, get it?).

Kids party decorations aren’t hard to come by, but if you’re looking for something that little bit different, check out the delightful ‘my little day’.   It’s a French kids party store with lots of bits and pieces for all your kids party needs.  They’ve got party theme packs including a dinosaur theme, a carnival theme and a pretty as a picture liberty print theme too.  Also gracing their online shelves are favours or ‘back presents’, themed invites, beautiful bunting, plates and napkins, even fancy dress; in fact they have everything you could possibly need.  And all their stuff has been infused with a style so sweet coupled with a happy childishness… perfect to delight both mama’s and kiddies too.

Head on over to ‘my little day’ to check out their goodies.   Only problem is that the site’s in French, so if you don’t speak it, grab someone who does, or learn… it’ll be worth it!  Their prices range from €1.50 for party favours to around €35 for a themed party pack.  And they deliver to Europe.  Have a browse, smile and think back to your childhood birthday parties, what lovely memories.  Now, if only ebabee no.1 would hurry up and have her next birthday!

P.S. Checkout ebabee, out baby auction site with loads of bargains.

"stella Mccartney kids"Recently Stella McCartney kids added some new pieces to their spring/summer line.  As if there wasn’t enough to drool over already, they’ve now gone and added some more uber wantables.  My wallet is weeping with the pressure it’s feeling… but luckily for my wallet this trendy number called ‘Poppet’ is for the under 2’s only (so ebabee no. 1’s a bit too old: temptation averted… phew!).  I’m just loving the white birdy print against the almost rusty red background but it’s the shape and the ruffles on the side that give this piece it’s mighty dazzle!  This little ‘Poppet’ baby dungaree costs £57 and you can get it at the Stella McCartney Kids online store.  For those of you who have an under 2 yr old, go treat yourself to a ‘poppet’.  Lucky you!

Click to see more lovelies from Stella McCartney Kids spring/summer 2011 collection.

"marimekko kids""marrimeko kids""marimekko kids"

Ooh… hello Marimekko!  I’m a fan, a big fan of this Finnish design house.  When I last visited their central London store, they were shut but I spied staff in there.  I practically glued my face to the glass front, knocked and begged and pleaded to be allowed in… desperate or what?!  But I got in (I think they felt sorry for me).  Hey, whatever it takes and it was so worth it as I found these delectable kids suitcases.  I’m already crazy about their ‘Karkuteilla’ print which is what these diddy suitcases are adorned with.  One look and it had to be mine ebabee no.1’s.  After all it would’ve been rude to make them open shop and not buy anything… that’s what I told daddee no.1 anyway!

These little Marimekko kids suitcases are made of chunky cardboard and come in 3 sizes.  The colours are super vibrant and they make for a super cute accessory for a toddler.  Mine uses hers to carry her ‘treasures’ in when she’s out for the day and she does insist on carrying it herself.  The large one costs £18, the medium £16 and the small £14.  Best place to get it is the Marimekko store in London (020 74866454).  But you can get it online at the Finnish Design Shop although delivery is steep at €15.

P.S. Here’s a sneak peak of ebabee no.1 with her’s…

"childrens coat hook""contemporary kids coat hook""nursery coat hooks"Kids coat hooks or coat pegs, not something I normally give much thought to.  They’re useful, they’re practical and damn handy, especially in kiddy rooms.  Problem is, they can be a bit dull… OK, a lot dull.  Or at least that’s what I thought until I spotted these 3 hooks; they’re quirky, they’re cool, they’re fun and they’re anything but dull.  You’ve got the funky mustachioed ‘Monsieur Hook’, the 3 weird and wonderful characters called ‘Hang on to yourself hook’, and the birdy ones named ‘Birds and heart hook’.  I’m loving them all in equal measures, assuming it’s possible to feel love for childrens coat hooks!  Each one comes as a set of 3 and each set costs £44.10 plus £4.90 shipping from Made In Design.  Ooh, which one will you choose, it’s a tough choice!

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"alexander girard abc blocks"

"wooden ABC Blocks"

"alexander girard ABC wooden blocks"

Wow!  How stunning are these wooden ABC blocks?  My pulse is racing, my heart is beating fast… I don’t think I’ve ever seen alphabet blocks this beautiful.  The colours are so bold and bright, the carvings so elegant.  Designed by Alexander Girard, these ABC blocks are made in the USA using only non-toxic, lead-free, child-safe inks.  Imagine these strewn around your living space… for once, you’re not gonna want to tidy up!  You can buy these alphabet blocks from House Industries where they cost $120 for a set of 28 plus $20 shipping to the UK.  And they’re not just ABC blocks, they also have a puzzle on one side and various shapes carved on another. I don’t know about the kiddies, but I’m in want!

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"bird cage light conran shop"

Flitting about the Conran shop one day, I spotted this bird cage light so cool.  It’s such a  stand out from the crowd kind’a piece, I couldn’t take my eyes off it.  Made by the stylish Frenchies, this light cage is adorned with life-like birdies of different sizes.  And all the birdies have real feathers in the brightest of colours.  I’m loving this light for a kiddy place space, it’s quirky style will really make it quite the show-off piece and you never know, you may just have Elle Decor knocking on your door!  You can get this light at the Conran Shop where it costs £369.  Not the cheapest maybe, but sometimes unique design comes at a price. If you do get one, please can you invite me round to view it, pretty please?!

P.S. We’re running a lovely giveaway where there’s vouchers to be won.  Check out our Facebook page for all the details.

"turner and pocock ostrich wallpaper"

I have long been eyeing this wallpaper and it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn’t shared.  So here it is.  By Turner and Pocock, this Ostrich wallpaper is just so understated and timeless.  The cranberry red Ostriches sit elegantly against the creamy white background, creating a look so sophisticated.  There’s no room for cutesy here, just oodles of style which will take your nursery from sweet to super stylish.  Also on offer by Turner & Pocock are a Polar Bear wallpaper in turquoise and cream and a galloping Zebra one in a bluey-grey .  As lovely as they are, for me the Ostrich one is the true winner.  The second I laid eyes on it I fell truly, madly, deeply in love.  To get this Turner and Pocock Ostrich wallpaper, head to Wallpaper King where it costs £72 a roll plus £5.95 shipping although for orders over £150, delivery is free.

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"Fifi Mandirac disposable placemats"

These paper place mats are just too cute!  I’m loving the round, chubby shapes of the animals and the vibrant colours too.  They’re made by Fifi Mandirac, a Paris based graphic designer who creates some lovely paper goodies.  These super sweet placemats are perfect to take out and about.  Since they’re made of paper your bambino’s can have a good ol’ scribble.  They come as a set of 12 and are currently reduced to just £4 over at Peanut & Pip.  And for any newbies around here, be warned: Peanut & Pip are brimming with uber wantable goodies for the kidlets so enter at your own risk!

P.S. We’re running a giveaway. There’s vouchers to be won. Check out and like our Facebook page for all the details.

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