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Oooh, I do love my ABC’s.  What’s not to love, they look cool, they offer endless design possibilities and the kiddies can learn too.  That’s why they adorn all manner of kiddy paraphernalia from baby bedding to building blocks.  But the one thing they adorn the most is posters.  Alphabet posters are everywhere.  Every print designer seems to have at least one ABC poster design in their repertoire.  With so many to chose from it can become a tad confusing.  So I’ve picked out 7 of the absolute best… no samey boring ones here, just super-duper style for different tastes.

"alphabet poster"

1. Chic: This wooden cut out alphabet wall art is perfect for all you chic mama’s out there.  You can hang it or even lean it against a wall – away from little hands of course.  This chic number is by Bookhou and costs $50 plus $30 shipping outside the USA.

2. Modern: Fancy a bit of modern alphabet art for your nursery?  This colourful print is the one for you then.  From LA based Modern Pop on Etsy, it costs $35 with shipping at $12.

"vintage alphabet poster"

3. Vintage: If the vintage-retro vibe is your thing, then this vintage alphabet poster is the coolest I’ve come across.  Designed by Agrentinian Sol Linero, the print costs €29 plus €12.80 delivery from L’Affiche Moderne.  Tempting!

4. Quirky: Quirky, whacky, call it what you will but this one has bags of fun.  Called Burlesque, this ABC poster is a limited edition one and true to American style, it’s a biggie.  Designed by Mike Davis it’s available at Richard Goodall Gallery for £50.  There’s even a black & white colour your own version for £30.

"abc poster"

5. Minimal: Minimalist mama’s rejoice!  You can’t get more minimal than this stunning alphabet poster.  If you fancy a hint of colour, go for a brightly coloured frame…. your wall may end up looking like it belongs in an art gallery. Wow!  This one’s from a shop called Circle Press and costs £54.

6. Scandi style: Leave it to the Scandi’s come up with something so stylish and perfect for kids but without a hint of cutesy.  This one’s not a poster though, it’s alphabet wallpaper that’s made to measure.  You can go for a feature wall or you can immerse an entire play space in this stylish number.  Head to Isak where this costs £38 per square metre.  Delivery depends on how much you order.

"alphabet poster"

7. Colourtastic: Neutral tones too dull for you?  Is ‘the brighter the better’ your mantra? Then don’t miss this super vibrant ABC poster by Graziela.  So bright, you may need to don a pair of sunnies.  Drop by Bodie and Fou where this one’s on sale for £22.50 plus £4.95 shipping.

Now I know my A-B-C’s, next time won’t you sing with me… as goes the nursery rhyme.  Sorry, can’t get these ABC’s out of my head now.

"wovenplay darger dress and feather headband"

I am deeply in lust with Wovenplay’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection.  Oh my god, what a dramatic, whimsical collection of clothes.  Hand made or hand finished in Manhattan, these clothes are way too cool for school.  Take the feathered headband or the moth outfit or the tiger cape even… the creativity is just incredible.  I love the theatre in the clothing and so will any kiddy that likes dressing up.  While inspired by the creativity of the past, Wovenplay are very modern and very today.  To get yourself some magic that is Wovenplay head to Orfeo Design who have a good selection and prices range from about £25 – £100.

"Nani Marquina Roses rug"

I have been lusting after Nani Marquina rugs ever since I first laid eyes on one.  They are stun-ners of the highest order.  Infinite layers of super soft wool felt in colours and shapes inspired by nature, these rugs are fit for the feet of kings.  Not to mention the squidy, spongy-soft feet of babies. Imagine your bambino learning to walk on a Little Field of Flowers or a bed of Roses?  You guessed it, they’re my favourite 2 rugs. There’s also the Bichos Flores collection of little round rugs with child-like drawings on them which too are pretty nifty.  All the designs are offered in scrumptious colours so you can easily find one to fit in with your nursery or play room.   But they’re so hot, you might just be tempted to keep them for yourself… I would.

I love that these Nani Marquina rugs aren’t just for kids or adults though, they’re beautiful pieces that will add some va va voom to any room!  To get these rugs head to Nest where there’s a big range available in different sizes and colours.  Prices for the layered felt ones start from around £850 and go in to the thousands whereas the round kiddy ones are around £600.  No, they’re not el cheapo but design this good rarely is.  And if you happen to be richie-rich reading this, fancy buying me one?!

"bonton summer skirts"Oooh… the colours are so pretty and summery, the skirts so flirty and flowy.  By the Frenchies (again!) these little numbers are just the ticket for summer.  All you need is a simple vest top or tee, ideally in a contrasting colour and some sandals or flip flops.  You’ll end up with picture perfect summer style!  These skirts are from Bonton Boutique for 3-4 yr olds and over and are currently on sale for €39.20 reduced from €56.  Be warned though, they’re running out fast.

Not a nappy bag

June 23, 2011

"bantie bag paradis yellow"Yes mama’s, you read that right.  This is so not a nappy bag but it’s perfect for nipping out in style with a few much needed baby supplies.  I don’t believe you have to buy something labeled as a nappy bag or nappy wallet, any bag that’s got style will do.  This also means you can buy many more bags ‘cos you can always use them after the nappy days are over (and you’ll be happily feeding that handbag addiction too).

This bag with it’s sunny yellow background and the black and white birds is perfect for nipping out for a few hours.  I’d say it’s in between a full on bag and a nappy wallet.  Do we need an in between, I hear you ask.  The short answer is no, but do we want an in between? Hell, yes!  Which woman would say no to owning more bags?!  If she exists, I haven’t met her yet.  This bag’s by Bantie, a Swedish design company with a penchant for creating unusual and cool textiles.  Head to their shop where the Paradis Yellow bag costs €56.

"Alice Melvin cut out menagerie"I’m a big fan of Alice Melvin and her paper goods.  A while ago, I brought you her fantastic Cut Out and Make Bird Mobile.  Today I chanced upon the Cut Out and Make Menagerie and just had to share.  You’ve got the whole lot in this menagerie from the birds and bees to the big beasts.  There’s a total of 12 animals all made out of heavy paper, to cut out and make but the one that stole my heart was the elephant… it’s so pretty in all it’s Indian glory!  And once made, there’ll be hours of fun playing zoo.  To get Alice Melvin’s Cut Out and Make Menagerie visit the Tate Gallery Shop where it costs £7.50 plus £3.60 delivery.

"anthropologie giraffe stack pots"

How adorable are these giraffe stack pots?  Though they’re meant for the garden, I’m loving them as nursery decor.  Adorn a shelf or 2 with these long necked creatures and add a touch of sweet elegance to your room.  These stack pot giraffes are by Anthropologie, a shop brimming with beautiful objects.  Each time I visit my heart beats a little faster in anticipation.  The set of 3 giraffe stack pots come in taupe or rainbow and cost £98 plus £5 for delivery.  The smallest one measures 31cms high while the largest is 48cms tall.  Enjoy Anthropologie and all that it offers, it’s impossible not to!

"blanca gomez nursery wall art"

I so love finding stuff that transcends age borders, stuff to enjoy whether you’re 4 or 44.  And that’s exactly what these delicious posters offer… eye candy for little and large, young and old.  Created by Blanca Gomez, a Spanish artist, these vintage inspired prints are so cool.  I’m loving the city ones especially the ‘London’ poster but there’s loads of other ones that are equally lust-worthy like the ‘Vespa’ one or even the ‘Typographer’.  It’s the characters that Blanca Gomez creates, you can’t help but grin when you see them as there’s something of an underlying humour in each one.  Just fantastic.  I’m seriously mega tempted especially as ebabee no.1 won’t outgrow them, but how the heck do I choose just one?!  If you want some of Blanca Gomez’s magic for your walls, head to her Etsy shop called Blancucha where they cost $30 a print plus $8 for delivery to most of Europe.

P.S. Checkout ebabee, a little auction site with big bargains.

Colour me happy!

June 15, 2011

"hey sign felt frog rug"

Don your sunny’s people, today is a colourful day!  Bolder than bold, brighter than bright shades of fuchsia, aqua, yellow, purple and lime are what’s on offer.  The German Hey-Sign bring us cool housey stuff in modern graphic shapes, all crafted from felt.  On offer are butterfly shaped placemats, fruit shaped coasters, animal shaped rugs like the frog one above, round cushions and lots more.  While the frog shaped rug may be aimed at the kiddies, there really are no hard and fast rules here… everything can and should be enjoyed by big and small peeps alike.  To get these uber modern Hey-Sign objects, head to Ambient Direct.  The frog rugs cost from €259 with shipping at €6.  Oh, don’t miss Hey-Sign’s own site especially if you want a huge happy colour hit!


"black contour kids dinnerware"Ooh… another Scandi designer that’s got me gripped.  This time it’s a lady called Pernille Vea from Denmark and she’s created this ‘Black Contour Kids’ tableware.  So simple yet so stylish.  Who’d think a black line with a small silhouette of a cat, snail and croc could be so impactful?   This kids dinner set is modern and playful and it’s pretty cool too.  The set includes a bowl, plate and cup and the plate can also be used as a lid for the bowl.  To get the Black Contour Kids dinner set head to Panik-Design where it costs £25 with shipping at £6.95. 


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