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"Petits Parisiens cubes nursery garland""stars garland for baby nursery"Recently, I’ve been finding so many beautiful baby garlands to adorn your nursery with.  So I thought I would start sharing with these 2.  They are garlands that can be hung on the cot, or can be a pram toy or can be tied to the car seat to entertain your baby wherever she goes.  I love the simple cloud, moon and star shapes in the soft purple and white.  And the cubes one is no less beautiful.  It’s little touches like these that add bags of style and charm to a baby space.  These gorgeous baby garlands are made by Petits Parisiens and come with their own little storage pouch.  But with garlands this pretty, I can’t imagine storing them away. 

"teeny tiny hand made knits and crochet clothes"

"hand made clothes for children"

"hand made crochet clothes for kids"

These are the super colourful and quirky creations by Teenytini.  Started by designer JK Lange, all the pieces are handmade with love, as she explains.  On offer are crochet and knitted clothes, soft toys and rugs.  Each piece is truly unique and very funky.  I’m especially loving the pinafore dress and the sunny yellow crochets shorts with polka dots.  How cute are the shorts?  The soft toys and dolls on offer are very unusual too and you can even buy mini handmade clothes for them.  Teenytini is fun, it’s stylish and definitely has the stand out from the crowd factor.  With the autumn chill in the air, I’m lusting after one of those multi-coloured cardi’s for myself.

"Zolima suitcases and bags"

"zolima storage suitcases"

"Zolima storage suitcases for kids"

The colours, the prints, the designs of the Orient have always inspired me for their richness and their almost magical qualities.  If you’re a regular here, you’ll know how much I also love the style of the Frenchies.  So when I discovered Zolima I was more than a bit excited.  Zolima combines the beauty of French style with the magic of the Orient to create sumptuous goodies for kids but ones that will so appeal to mama’s too.  They make storage cases, suitcases, little bags and purses as well as clothes, mostly for the girlies but there are some for the boys too. 

I like all of Zolima’s goodies but it’s the bright coloured suitcases that I’m seriously lusting after.  They are so pretty, so girly.  They come in different sizes and can be used for travel.  But when you’re back home, you’re not going to want to hide these beauties away.  Use them as creative storage for dolls, toys, books or anything else.  Check out Pivoine et Tapioca who have the whole range.

"Etsy pretty little things"

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring the most pleasure and delight.  These are 4 little things I found on etsy that made me smile:

1.  Cute little decals for your plates and mugs.  Brighten up any of your kiddos boring white plates or cups with one of these. They’re from an Argentinian shop called Yaelfran on etsy.

2.  I love these little wooden magnets, especially the raindrop ones.  Whether you adorn a nursery wall or your own wall with these, they’ll make you smile whenever you see them.  They’re from a shop called Snug Studio.

3.  A hand made mobile made of mobile homes… a tepee, igloo, adobe, airstream and a yurt.  So simple, so charming.  Head to Jikits etsy store to find it.

4. Last is this adorable little hedgehog soft toy with a bright red nose.  He’s the perfect little companion for a little person in their pram, cot or just to hug.  This cutie hedgehog comes from Saracarr‘s shop

"fifi mandirac paris apartment"


"Fifi Mandirac paris apartment"

"Fifi mandirac paris"

I’m always on the hunt for inspiring interiors, both kiddy and adult ones.  When I came across these pictures of Fifi Mandirac’s Parisian apartment, I was so inspired.  Fifi Mandirac is a French graphic artist who creates bold, bright and beautiful paper goodies for kids.  Happy, sunny and vivacious is what her style is all about; in her apartment and in her creations.  I’m just loving the super bold colours which would work so well in a modern nursery or kids room.  All the attention to detail is second to none.  It’s the little objects, the unexpected hangings, the quirky dolls and the mixing of styles that make this space so special. Not to mention that wall by the stairs… wow!

I’ve picked out the pictures that I found inspiring for a colorful nursery or kids room, but the rest of Fifi’s apartment is no less stunning.  If you want to see more head to Decor8.   And if you’d like to get some of this style for your nursery, have a look at Fifi Mandirac’s online boutique full of stationery and other paper goodies.

"hand made fox doll"

"hand made doll for children"

"hand made elephant doll"

I never used to be a fan of dolls.  That is until I started writing this blog and discovered some of the most beautiful and unusual handmade fabric dolls and soft toys.  Not only am I a big fan now but I often get tempted to start my very own collection.  Not ebabee no.1’s, mine.  Maybe one day… but until then I’ll continue to admire and share with you my finds.  And today I bring you hand made dolls by one of my favourite Spanish stores: Haciendo el Indio.  Created by Cristina Serrano, her style is so poetic and magical and that’s what you get from her dolls.

Cristina offers a range of dolls including a guardian, a chick, a fox and more.  Each one is hand made and infused with Cristina’s unique style.  The only problem I can think of is how do you choose just one!  To check out these adorable dolls head to Haciendo el Indio.  The dolls cost €29 each and shipping is worldwide. UK shipping is €8.  While you’re there, have a look at Cristina’s other goodies too.

"French hand made dolls"

"handmade balloon mobile for babies"

"handmade nursery tree decoration"

The Frenchies have done it again.  This time it’s a shop called Cocon filled with the most beautiful objects.  Little things like mobiles, cloud coasters and even a handmade linen and wool beanstalk adorn the shelves of Cocon.  Beautiful, delightful and charming are the best words to describe this shop.  Cocon is owned by Masami Akatsuka who hand makes all the objects of desire herself.  She’s a designer, a stylist and an artist who clearly has an eye for exquisite things.

I love all her products; there’s an innate beauty that radiates from all.  But I especially love the little jade plants, the cloud coasters and the balloon mobile.  Perfect little decorative objects that would add a touch of beautiful style to any nursery or to any part of your home.  Visit Cocon to see more and do have a look at Rosemary and Emma, 2 decorative dolls with the dreamiest of outfits.  Prices range from around €10 to €140 and shipping is worldwide. UK shipping costs around €8.  Cocon is truly a rare diamond.

"coordonne-Kids wallpaper"

Yesterday I discovered Coordonne Kids and my heart skipped a beat.  It’s a Spanish store that makes and sells children’s wallpapers and wall murals.  I do have a thing for wallpapers I know, but this store is seriously special.  While their current collection is very lovely, it was their new collection that had my heart fluttering.  The wall coverings on offer range from dancing flamenco ladies wearing the brightest dresses to comical looking cute birdies in a variety of colours .  These wallpapers for kids are just so cool especially the flamenco one.  Actually I love the comical birds one too.  They’re lots of fun and would make fabby feature walls.

To check out the collection head to Coordonne Kids.  If you’re tempted by their wares you’ll have to contact them as there aren’t any prices on their site.  While you’re there check out the adult collection too.  Although I’m keener on the kids lot and I could just see the flamenco ladies adorning the walls of a very quirky but cool dining room.  Spanish design just gets hotter by the day! 

P.S. Did you see the Spanish designed outdoor ride-on toys? Don’t miss it.

"Jane Reiseger hippo nursery wall sticker"

I recently came across the wonderful world of Jane Reiseger.  An Aussie artist who creates nursery murals so sweet, so stunning.  Large scale childlike drawings of birds, trees and animals that add bags of unique style to any wall.  I think what grabs me the most about her creations is their simplicity.  All the drawings are in outline so they don’t take over but yet create quite an impact.  And of course the drawings completely appeal to my love for all things minimal, especially this kind of minimalism with heart.

Jane Reiseger does private commissions too but as she’s based in Melbourne, you’ll need to fly her over (unless of course you happen to be a Melbournian).   For the rest of us, you can get her work over at The Wall Sticker Company who sell stickers of her drawings.  Jane’s own shop is closed while she’s busy making new goodies to tempt us with… I can’t wait.  The Wall Sticker Company has some lovely animal stickers including my favourite the hippo carrying the little birdie.  And you even get to customise by choosing your own colour combos.  The stickers cost from AUD 110 and shipping is offered worldwide from around AUD 22.

"Emilie Vast French books for Children"

"Emilie Vast French books for children"

Yesterday I had a massive dig around the world wide web.  The mission was of course to find more gorgeous goodies to share with you.  I’m happy to say: mission accomplished.  One of my most favourite finds was Emilie Vast.  A french artist/designer who mainly creates children’s books as well as jewellery and also transforms her illustrations in to beautiful stationery and wall art.  Her work immediately grabbed my imagination and I don’t think it’s difficult to see why.  It is truly beautiful and has a delicacy and sophistication which makes it childish but with bags of appeal for adults too.

Emile Vast’s books and illustrations use a lot of black, white and grey with splashes of bold colour.  It all comes together to create visuals so eye-catching.  Even though all her children’s books are in French I’m still seriously tempted.  You don’t need words to appreciate art this stunning.  At the moment I’ve found a small selection of her work for sale over at the very lovely Poisson Bulle (you’ll be hearing more about them another day).  They’ve got specially commissioned wall declas and books by Emilie on offer.  Prices range from €10 for a book and between €15 – €69 for the decals and shipping is €18 to the UK.  Worldwide shipping is also on offer.  If I find more stuff, I promise you’ll be the first to know.

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