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Happy crochet toys

February 29, 2012

"crochet animal toys"

I had a post all planned for today but when I came across these adorable crochet toys and soft toys, I ditched the planned post in favour of these lovelies.  I’m a bit crochet mad anyway and these happy, bright and colourful toys just brought a big smile to my face as soon as I spotted them.  They’re by a Danish company called Small Stuff and besides the crochet ones, I’m also loving the other soft toys… the spotted baby dinosaurs are just too cute and there are also some super sweet dinosaurs on skates which you’ll find on their site.  These toys would make great gifts for a newborn and I’m sure the mama in question would be pleased too.  You can visit Small Stuff to see more of these toys; their site is currently only in Danish but they’re working on an English version.

Bobo Choses: Always cool

February 28, 2012

"bobo choses spring summer 2012"

I love the Spanish kids clothing brand that is Bobo Choses.  I’ve shared their collections before and this latest Spring/Summer 2012 collection is another winner.  Their clothes are playful and fun and above all are very easy to wear.  This season the bicycle print makes a comeback but you’ve also got the ever so sweet new whale and pineapple prints.  One of my favourite pieces is the wave skirt that comes in sunny yellow, mint green and a few more colours.  I was wondering how best to describe this skirt and the word ‘happy’ kept popping in to my head.  So that’s what I’ll call it… a happy skirt that will make you smile when you see your bambino wearing it.  There’s lots of cool stuff for boys and babies too including funky tees, vests and sweatshirts and the cutest all in ones for the littlest ones.  Bobo Choses have also started a small home line including some lovey tapestry rugs for kids which I featured a short while ago as they’re distinctive, much like the rest of what they do.  To view the entire Spring Summer 2012 collection head to Bobo Choses where you can buy or you can get a lot of the collection over at Little Fashion Gallery

"kids room art by Stefania Manzi"

There is so much wonderful kids room art out there and my latest find is by the Italian illustrator Stefania Manzi.  I love her style.  Her drawings are childlike without being cutesy, the colours are soft and I even love the paper that the art is printed on.  It all comes together to make for super sweet art which would work for a baby nursery or for a toddler room or even a play space for older kids.  I think this stuff is just adorable.  You can find out more about Stefania Manzi on her site where you’ll also find a link to her shop. 

*Via Pikaland

"vintage toys and chairs for kids"

I love a good vintage shop for kids and when I discovered the French Numero 74 I was smitten.  They have some fabulous vintage toys like typewriters, cars and weighing scales, they also have some cool vintage chairs and desks for kids.  Add to this their handmade bedding and cushions and the store is definitely one to check out.  Their selection isn’t huge but I like that because they’re not trying to sell anything and everything vintage, just carefully chosen pieces all of which are desirable.  I’m loving the red retro rocking chair and the gold typewriter and I also love their crochet blankets and kids bed sets.  All the pieces are sourced from across Europe and USA and are from around the 1900’s to 1970’s and most are kept in their original condition to maintain their authenticity.  To see the entire collection visit Numero 74 and enjoy their lovely finds.

Here’a another of my favourite French vintage boutiques for kids

"memory games for children"

When I was a kiddo, I used to love memory games.  I remember playing for hours on end with whoever I could rope in to play with me.  It was often my brother who was very competitive but I was too good for him!  I now want to play with my daughter and have been on the hunt for something that’s fun but also a bit unusual and of course it has to rank high in the looks department too.  After searching for a while I’ve narrowed it down to these 6 memory games that I love:

1.  This isn’t your typical memory game.  It’s an auditory memory game where one person shakes one of the wooden pieces and the other person who has her eyes closed has to guess which one was shaken.  They guess by shaking all the pieces and trying to remember the sound they heard.  I love the natural wood and the matryoshka doll like shapes brought to life with colourful ribbons.  To find out more, visit Jack be Nimble Toys.

2.  Dwell Studio are a firm favourite of mine.  They create beautifully packaged, colourful and fun toys for kids.  This woodland memory game is no exception.  It’s made of solid wood and it’s chunky enough for even a 2 year old to handle.  I love the bold colours and the cute animal graphics.  You’ll find this over at Darling Clementine which is a fab new US based store.

3.  I love these gorgeous bold and bright popsicles and the best part is that this is a DIY memory game so you can happily make it and get your little ones to help.  Head to Eat Drink Chic where you’ll find all the instructions, templates and rules and all for free!  Don’t they look good enough to eat?!

4.  This memory game is super stylish and consists of natural wooden blocks dressed in cloth bags and of course they come in pairs as with all memory games.  This one is by Kedublock and once you’re done with the memory bit, the blocks can be undressed and played with or even decorated.

5.  This is another DIY memory game, this time it consists of nut shells with coloured paper stuck on one side.  It’s a simple but very sweet little idea and your kiddo can enjoy making it too.  You can also take this idea and make a memory game out of so many little objects like flat pebbles, shells or anything else you can think of.  I found this nutshell memory game on Kedublocks blog.

6.  Featuring Czech artist JouJou’s quirky signature-style animal and character illustrations, this is another fabulous memory game.  I ‘m loving the fun and unusual illustrations that come in a box consisting of 15 pairs.  I found these over at Kickan & Conkers store where there are a lot of other goodies for kids too.

"moon shaped crib"

I’m loving this fabulous and French moon shaped crib by Creme Anglaise.  I love that it’s made of natural wood and the star shaped cutouts are a fantastic little touch.  There’s almost a magical quality to this crib and it’s certainly very unusual too.  Any baby who gets to sleep in one of these will be one lucky babe!  To find out more and see more pictures visit Creme Anglaise where you can contact them for more information too.

If you like a cot with a difference have a look at this lovely French vintage cot too.

Via Small Magazine

"red riding hood stationary girls"

When I first saw ‘Nina and other little things’ I was hooked.  I have a bit of a stationery obsession anyway and when it’s as cute and pretty as this, there is no way I can resist.  The whole collection is based around a little biscuit sized character called Nina and she’s described by her creators as “Nina is a “pupetta”. She was born from pieces of cloth: her body is made of natural hemp fabric, cloak of red wool & her face sown in black cotton.  She’s like a little red hiding hood… almost invisible to many, she’s sometimes filled with sweet melancholy without knowing why, other times she’s exuberant, or plays lazily with her precious little pearls, or dances the “twist” with reels of cotton.  Nina exists only if you see her, and not everyone can.”

Nina is from Italy and comes in the form of notebooks, colour pencils, paper games, rag books, handmade artwork for kids and more.  Lots of sweet little things that will bring a big smile to your face.  I love the stationary she adorns but I also love the charming and whimsical little character that she is.  The the whole little red riding hood vibe makes it all even more adorable.  To check out all the lovely goodies head to Nina and Other Little Things where you’ll find a list of stockists too.

If you’re a Red Riding Hood fan, have a look at these plates and bowls from Argentina.  They’ve got quite a story behind them!

"french clothes for babies and girls"

I’m so excited to introduce French Blossom, my newest sponsor.  French Blossom are an online store bringing together some of the most fabulous independent French kiddy designers.  You’ll find clothes, nursery decor and accessories from lovely brands like Eponime, Mimi’Lou, Bakker Made with Love, Poisson Bulle and more.  Some of the brands I’ve already shared with you but there are many more to discover.  As you know I’m a huge fan of French design for kids and French Blossom are too… that’s why I’m delighted to have them on board.

While checking out French Blossom’s store, there was one brand that immediately caught my eye.  It’s one I haven’t yet shared with you but I think it perfectly shows the philosophy and uniqueness of French design which is what we all love around here.  Loulou Eskimo is the one and they create original clothes that are playful and whimsical.  In Loulou Eskimo’s world styles can be mixed, rules can be broken; it’s all about celebrating individuality which is exactly what children are about.  The colours dominating their spring/summer 2012 collection are beautiful corals and sandy beige’s complimented by splashes of brighter hues.  The clothes are for 2 – 8 year old girls and you’ll find a selection over at French Blossom where you’ll also find other delectable French goodies for kids.

"kids cat suit and rabbit suit"

"white tulle skirt for girls"

"gold ruffle shorts for girls"

Some time ago I discovered the German Lieschen Mueller and I fell for her quirky dress wearing, bear-like dolls.  They were so unusual that I had to share them with you.  I’ve now discovered an equally quirky kiddy clothes collection by Lieschen Mueller and that’s what I’m going crazy for today.  I love the gorgeous cat and rabbit dresses with matching hats and then there are the tulle skirts in black and white and the sparkly gold ruffle shorts too.  All the pieces are hand made and have bags of whimsy and lots of dramatic style.  It’s part outfit, part dressing up and lots of fun for any little girl.  To check out the collection, head to the fabulous Line + Liv where you’ll find these clothes plus lots more stylish goodies for the kids.

"birds wallpaper for a nursery"

If you’re a regular here you’ll know how much I love my wallpaper.  I’ve got the stuff pasted on many walls in my home including the bambino’s room where I chose the Pip Early Bird wallpaper.  I recently discovered Julia Rothman and her daydream wallpaper.  Birds floating amongst clouds in the most beautiful colourways is what I saw and it was love.  It would make a fabulous style statement in a nursery or kids space but would also be equally at home in an adult space… just the kind of thing that floats my boat.  I’m very keen on the design but I also love the range of colours that this bird wallpaper comes in; there are muted and soft colours as well as impactful and bright colours.  Julia Rothman is a Brookyn based designer who creates bold and whimsical designs not just to adorn wallpapers but also books, wall prints, totes and more. Check out Julia’s work at her site of head to Hygge & West for this wonderful and floaty birdy wallpaper.

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