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"baby kimono onesie"

I love the richness of fabrics from the Far East, so when I saw these baby kimonos and onesies made of such fabrics, I was instantly drawn to them.  These are the creations of Canadian born Redfish Kids who started their children’s clothing line after they were inspired by the street fashions of Hong-Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai.  Redfish use fabrics that are bold and expressive to create these adorable kimono style baby grows and the more traditional rompers too.  They also make clothes for older boys and girls but it was these baby outfits and their wonderful prints that first grabbed my attention.  There are prints for boy and girl babies and there are some like the red and gold floral one which would work for either.  To see the complete collection head to Redfish Kids where you’ll also find some pretty sweet play suits and pants for babies too.

"wool soft toys"

"woolleen soft toys pillows"

I’ve had my eye on these cute little plush toys for ages.   When I first spotted them, I was charmed by their sweetness and their sleepy expressions.  I can’t stop admiring the hedgehogs with their tiny hot pink noses but even the dog and the fox are just adorable.  They’re soft toys that double up as decorative throw cushions too as they’re quite large.  They’re made by a UK based designer called Sara Carr who makes each piece to order and they’re all made out of pure lambswool with lots of love and care.  Sara’s collection is small but perfectly (and so cutely) formed.  Visit Sara Carr’s store to see the rest of these ever so sweet creatures.

"vintage nursery decor"

"vintage kids nursery"

"vintage nursery decor ideas"

When I spotted this vintage nursery I was besotted.  There’s so much going on that you don’t know where to look but it all comes together somehow.  To me it looks like some kind of an enchanting, mystical forest with all the deep green and the quirky vintage characters and toys dotted around the room.  What a fun space for any kiddo.  I’m loving the leafy knitted detail around the cot bars and the vintage wallpaper used on the changing table/cabinet.  This room is so unusual, so captivating, so magical.  It’s been put together by the mama and papa in question with a lot of attention to detail and huge amounts of creativity.  I just love it!  To see all the details and find out more about where you can buy some of the pieces, visit Lait Fraise Mag where I discovered this wonderful, wonderful room.

P.S. Have a look at these 3 wonderful vintage kids rooms.

"scandinavian kids room decor"

Today I discovered Mini Empire, a fabulous little store from Sweden.  Mini Empire is all about the world of animals and deep woods depicted through the wonderful illustrations of Jenny Von Döbeln.  These illustrations adorn cushions, posters, wallpaper and more.  The beauty of all the goodies is that they can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of age or gender and their main aim is to bring a little bit of fantasy and fun in to your home.  I’m loving the owl print especially on the wallpaper.

"black & white posters for kids"

There are a lot of stylish goodies to be had from Mini Empire but some of my absolute favourites are the black and white prints, and in particular the ‘Africa’ poster with the elephant, lion and bird.  I absolutely love the style of illustration as well as the intricate detail of each animal.  This poster would look super cool in a kiddy space or an adult space… in fact I’m seriously tempted.  You can visit Mini Empire to see all their chic offerings and you’ll also find a link to their store on their site.

"paper sculptures for kids"

Apart from posters and prints, you don’t often find art for kids.  So when I discovered these animal shaped paper sculptures, I was quite delighted.  They are bold and bright and come mainly in the form of various different animals but there are also words/kids names ones for hanging on a wall.  Polka Dot Sundays is the creation of Jaina, an artist who worked on kids TV where she discovered the magical possibilities of newspaper. 

"paper sculptures"

Jaina hand makes these colourful sculptures from her London studio and all of the sculptures start life as a scrunched up ball of newspaper.  But with Jaina’s creativity and her unique sculpting process, each piece ends up being original and delightful.  I can picture one of the beautiful birdies perched on a kids bookshelf, or even on my bookshelf.  While many of the sculptures are aimed at kids, I think they are great eye candy for any age.  Visit Polka Dot Sundays where you can see the entire collection and you’ll also find a link to Jaina’s shop.[nrelate-related]

"scandinavian kids fashion"

Last year Pale Cloud launched their first ever collection and what a collection it was.  I’ve been eagerly awaiting their Spring/Summer 2012 collection which is here and it easily surpasses my high expectations.  Pale Cloud is the creation of a Norwegian mama called Marion who’s had a penchant for fashion from a very young age.  I love her little story where she explains that as a small girl she figured out if she got up early enough she could pick her own clothes before the adults could pick them for her.  How sweet is that!

"scandinavian dresses for girls"

With the new collection, Marion has maintained the soft femininity that underlined the previous collection.  What I love about her style is that it’s girly and feminine without any fuss.  There are dresses, tops, shorts and jackets, mostly in soft, pale colours that I think any little girl would look super chic in.  From my own experience, I bought my 3 year old a dress from the Autumn/Winter 2011 range and she never wants to take it off.  If I let her, she would wear it every single day and I can’t really blame her because the compliments do keep flowing.  Pale Cloud is a brand not to be missed so check out their collection and don’t be surprised if you want everything.  You can also visit Scandinavian Minimall who have a selection and even have a few sale pieces from the previous collection.

"origami birds"

How wonderful are these origami swans?  Made entirely of  paper, they are so intricately designed.  The colours are fresh and fun and these swans would make a highly desirable gift or make for a fun, decorative sculpture in a nursery.  These swans are so unusual and so eye-catching that I had to share even though there was only one left at the time of writing this.  They’re from Specks & Keepings, a small US store that sells handmade objects for the home and for kids.  All the goodies are beautifully formed and are the kind of things that bring a smile to your face, just like these swans.

"beautiful kids bedding"

Last year I featured some very cool soft toys by Colette Bream.  Today I’m revisiting her shop as I’ve been wanting to share her kids bed linen which is just lovely.  I’m not easy to please when it comes to kids bedding as I find a lot of it just too cutesy and fussy for my taste but not this stuff.  This bedding is simple, stylish and so beautiful.  There are bed sets in solid colours as well as printed ones and all have a lovely ribbon detail in a contrasting colour. 

"stylish kids bedding"

Aren’t they just lovely?  I can’t even begin to choose a favourite, I think they’re all so elegant and stunning.  The printed ones have the tiniest little prints of flowers or stars which are both pictured here but there is also a sheep one and one adorned with teeny-tiny houses.  All the bed sets are made of the softest cotton and many of them are organic too.  Visit Colette Breams shop to see more of these and you’ll also find some throw pillows and lots of other very desirable goodies.

"french clothing for kids"

Today I’ve got my eye on Louis Louise, a wonderful kids clothing line from the trés chic city of Paris.  Started by Julie Meiler, a designer and a mama who was inspired by her daughter who is also her muse and the cover girl for Louis Louise.  I discovered this stylish collection over at French Blossom, a store full of only the lovliest Frenchie brands.

"french baby clothes"

"French fashion for kids"

Louis Louise create clothes for boys, girls and the cutest little ensembles for babies too.  Their collections are made out of simple fabrics and delicate prints in subtle tones complimented with rich colours like deep plums and royal blues.  The clothes are timeless yet modern, they have a certain simplicity to them but with lots of charm and of course bags of French style and elegance.  To check out their Spring/Summer 2012 collection visit my sponsors French Blossom who have a large selection on offer.  And French Blossom are also offering free worldwide shipping on all orders over €70 until 16th of April 2012.

If you visit me regularly, you’ll know that I love all things Japanese.  Be it Japanese toys, or books or homewares, the Japanese are able to create such simple yet stunning objects of extreme desire.  In my quest for finding more Japanese goodies, I stumbled across D-Bros that make little objects and stationery for the home and for kids.  Some of their offerings are so beautiful in a minimalist kind of way, which is exactly the kind of style that the Japanese excel in.

"japanese notebooks for kids"

I love these notebooks with their red ribbon detail and the sweetest illustrations.  I think any little girl will be pleased to own one of these but I’m also thinking big girls will want one too.  I know I do!

"unusual birhtday cards for kids"

These little match-box style cards are so unusual and so pretty.  On offer are birthday cards, new baby cards, wedding cards and more.  Just lovely!

"fairytale drinking glasses for kids"

These fairytale drinking glasses are just so cool.  I’m loving the illustrations and the way they’re reflected around the entire glass.  It almost looks like the wolf and the wicked witch are floating through the glass.

To see more of D-Bros‘ lovely products visit them.  You’ll find goodies not just for the kids but for the home too.  Unfortunately you can’t buy unless you’re in Japan but you can check out Rakuten, Japan’s global market that ship’s internationally and has a selection of D-Bros stuff.

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