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Crowning around…

June 29, 2012

"kids dress up crowns"

Which kid doesn’t like dressing up?  I have yet to come across one and in the meantime I think no dressing up box can be complete without a crown.  My daughter is no exception and has reached the age where dressing up is all she wants to do.  She wakes up each morning and before she’s even had her milk, she’s all dressed up!  So I have been adding to her dress up items and I’m currently on the hunt for a cool crown.  I’ve found 5 that I love so now it’s all about choosing… luckily I have an excuse to get 2 as you always need a spare crown, don’t you?!  Here are my picks:

1.  A very cool sparkly headband crown… 2.  A pretty and elegant crochet crown*… 3.  An easy to make but regal looking make your own cardboard crown… 4.  A sweet wool felt crown that comes in many bright colours… 5.  A knitted crown that’s simple but so stylish and it’s also available in many subtle colours.

*via threetwentyeight

mama & baby…

June 28, 2012

"hooded poncho wool bracelets"

Today’s picks for mama & baby… let mama adorn her wrists with one of these unique Peruvian bracelets while baby sports that adorable hooded poncho.

"handmade baby crib"

I was browsing Room to Bloom (a cool interiors site for kids rooms) when a crib caught my eye.  I dug further and and when I saw all these gorgeous cots, I was smitten.  Every cot is handcrafted in Spain by a family who conceive, design and then make each one.  They haven’t even opened their shop doors yet but by the looks of things to come, I am already a big fan.  These cots are so simple yet so striking and unusual.  I love the idea of the spider netting which was inspired by the thought of facing your fears.  Called the PEPE crib, I’m also loving the teal and orange colour combo.

"handmade spanish crib"

This one is called the THEO crib and it has bags of rustic charm.  I can picture this crib feeling at home in any setting from modern to vintage.

"circus themed baby crib"

This is the CIRKUS crib which is still a work in progress.  They plan to paint it red and white and I can’t wait to see the finished article.  In addition to cribs, this Spanish family will also be offering other kids furniture like a pretty butterfly adorned screen but that’s all they’ve revealed so far.  Their collection is called xo-in my room and I just can’t wait till they launch their store to see everything on offer.

Wooden toy joy…

June 26, 2012

"beautiful wooden toys"

If you drop by often, you’ll know that I have a thing for wooden toys.  They’re great for passing down from one sibling to another but also from generation to generation.  And of course they look so much better than their plastic counterparts.  Today I’ve found 4 wooden toys that are beautiful and look like they would be great fun to play with too:

1.  Mama duck and her ducklings…  while these aren’t strictly toys, I’m sure they would delight slightly older kids and for babies they’d make elegant nursery decorations.

2.  Balloon powered cars… these simple but stylish cars are handmade from timber found in the German Alps and they look like they’d be great fun to play with.

3.  Wooden iPhone… I love this cool little toy that’s an iPhone but also a set of mini blocks for little hands to play with.

4.  Wooden play camera… which kid doesn’t like to take pretend pictures?  This toy is from Japan and it’s sleek, minimal design is what makes it stand out from the crowd.

Teddy bears picnic!

June 25, 2012

"hand made teddy bear"

How adorable are these teddy bears?  They’re made right here in London by Mia who is a mama of 2 with a huge imagination.  Each hand made teddy comes with a little set of it’s very own and very cute belongings.  Most come with sweet little dresses and coats, a picnic set including little crochet food, quilts and pillows, moses baskets or beds and even a family photo album.  Could these sets get any sweeter?!

"teddy bear clothes"

Each teddy bear is beautifully dressed complete with a coat and sometimes a complimentary scarf and handbag too.  These little sets would be great for hours of imaginative play.  All the bears have bags of personality so I’m sure you can make-up lots of creative stories about each one’s life.

"handmade teddy bears"

Sometimes I am just wowed by the creativity of mama’s that I stumble across and this is definitely one of those times.  The bears and their accessories look like they’ve been made with lots of love, imagination and they’re super stylish too.  To see more or to place an order you’ll find all the information you need over at Manomine.

*Via bloesem kids

mama & baby…

June 21, 2012

"lace bag lace shoes girls"

Today’s picks for mama & baby… let mama look super elegant carrying this lace clutch bag while baby can wear these beautiful lace shoes

"neon toed leather shoes kids"

While browsing svpply, i spotted these shoes and fell in love.  How cool are they?  These neon toed shoes are from Namibia where each shoe is hand made by a group of 8 gentlemen that turn out just 20 pairs each day.  The shoes are made of kudu leather which is leather from a very large antelope like animal native to Namibia.  Schier shoes also make similar ones for grown-ups… I’m loving the neon toed ones for the adults too.  If you’re in a matching sort of mood you could get one each for every member of you family!  Head to Schier Shoes to see the entire collection and don’t miss the cute furry little shoes for kids.  

I’m always on the lookout for unusual kids rooms; spaces that have been put together with bags of style and imagination.  Today I wanted to share 3 rooms that are seriously colourful but always very tasteful.  A lot of bold and bright colours have been thrown together to create amazing spaces, full of fun and creativity.  There are no rules here, there are no limits to colours and there is definitely no matching but the rooms are a treat for the eyes and also a treat for their super lucky inhabitants:

"colourful kids rooms"

While browsing Apartment Therapy, I was suddenly hit with this burst of colour which made me stop and take a look.  This room screams colour; every possible shade you can think of is part of this room.  Bold patterns and prints and even more colour in the form of toys and art come together to create a retro inspired space so inviting and so perfect for a little kid.

"colourful kids room ideas"

This room is full of  vintage wallpapers in a range of shades from blue to pink to purple and more.  Then you’ve got red, orange and yellow thrown in to the mix in the form of toys and accessories.  It does look pretty amazing, don’t you think?  I found this at the cool vintage store that is Retrovilla.

"colourful girls rooms"

Even though this girls room uses white as a backdrop, there is plenty of vibrant colour in the space.  I love the clashing pink and red tutu’s as well as the colourful crochet bed covers that all add to the charm of this space.  I spotted this room over at The boo and the boy.

 "hand made soft toys"

I’m a sucker for soft toys, especially the ones that look like they have a story to tell and a personality to match their little story.  In this house they don’t often get played with but they’re always welcome here as they look fabulous piled up on a shelf or just dotted around a room.  These characterful soft toys are my latest discovery and aren’t they the cutest?  They’re all entirely hand made from cotton and linen and their faces are hand embroidered on.  These adorable creatures are made by Furze Chan, a Hong-Kong based designer.

"hand made rabbit soft toy"

In addition to these delightful soft toys, Furze Chan also makes some paper goodies including stickers, paper puppets and cards all of which are wonderfully illustrated.  Back to the soft toys though, I love their simplicity and I love the red bottoms some of them have.  Since each toy is hand made by Furze herself, they are sold in very limited quantities and some of them are already sold out.  But there are a few left at Furz Chan’s etsy store so you can take a look. Before I go, I’ll leave you with one more picture of this cutest little pig.

"pink pig soft toy"

Via Petit Poulou

mama & baby…

June 14, 2012

"crochet lion toy, crochet stool"

Todays picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with these gorgeous crochet stools while baby plays with that adorable crochet lion toy.

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