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"crochet stools crochet cradle"

There is something so exquisite and gorgeous about crochet.  It’s a skill I’ve always wanted to learn and often dream of crocheting some lovely things… maybe one day.  I’ve featured crochet toys and other small crochet pieces but today I wanted to share some wonderful crochet furniture I’ve found:

1.  A beautiful crocheted hanging cradle that has been hand braided in Bangladesh.  It looks like such a snug sleeping spot and so great for gently rocking a baby to sleep.

2.  Very unusual crocheted lights in lovely soft colours .  I love the green, grey and yellow shades that project a gentle and subtle light, perfect for a nursery.

3.  A restored wooden stool given a new look with a crochet cover.  So pretty.  There are many seriously attractive stools to choose from in lots of different colours so go have a look at wood & wool stool.

4.  No crochet selection could ever be complete without something from Miga de Pan… an Argentinian mama who makes some of the best crochet goodies I have ever seen.  These sweet raindrop adorned stools are perfect for any kiddy space.

"black & white kids art"

One of the most fun parts of decorating a kids room is choosing something for the walls.  As there is so much wonderful art out there, picking isn’t always easy.  I’m still trying to choose something for my daughters room and I’ve already been looking for a year now!  But my problem isn’t not finding the right prints, it’s finding too many that I love.  And this is my latest discovery… how adorable is that circus elephant?  I’m also drawn to the simple palette of mainly black and white with touches of colour.  Just lovely! 

"black & white kids art"

These kids posters are created by Kerry Layton, an illustrator from North London.  She is a mama of 2 who recently re-discovered her love for drawing which resulted in her setting up a little boutique to sell her prints.  Called Seventy Tree, the shop sells mainly prints and postcards but there are some super cute pocket mirrors too, all adorned with Kerry’s drawings.  My favourite is the elephant but I’m also drawn to the close up of the bear whose shifty eyes are making me wonder what naughtiness has transpired.  Favourites aside, they’re all quite wonderful.

mama & baby…

July 26, 2012

"toddler bedding stars"

This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with these pretty floral stools while baby gets cosy in that starry duvet set.

"chic kids clothes uk"

Olympic fever has hit and the world is watching London.  Living here it’s impossible not to get excited about these magnificent games and I can’t wait for them to start.  Since its going to be all about London for the next few weeks, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share one of my favourite London based kids clothing brands – Miller London.  Born in 2010, Miller is all about everyday luxury for kids.  The pieces are very wearable and practical yet super chic.  The classic silhouettes are teamed with bold colours and pretty prints to create clothes that are contemporary and stylish.  Nearly all the pieces can easily be mixed and matched with anything in your kids wardrobe.  Think wardrobe essentials that you can pair with practically anything and your child will end up looking super stylish.  I love it! 

"kids clothes uk"

Visit Miller to see the whole collection but also check out elias & grace who are having a sale on these chic and elegant clothes.

Pretty pastels…

July 24, 2012

"pastel coloured furniture"

I’m sure my heart stopped for a second when I fell upon the exquisite store and goodies of Mimmi Staaf, a designer and upholsterer from Stockholm.  The first thing I saw was a sea of pastels which were at once soft yet striking… lots of furniture in pale blues, purples and pinks that are oh so pleasing to the eye and would be fit for mama or baby.

"elephant stool, origami mobile"

On digging further I found that Mimmi re-styles and restores old furniture which she sells along with other delectable pieces for the home and for kids.  Take this little elephant stool or that origami mobile; both are beautiful pieces with lots of charm and style.   That’s what you can expect to find across Mimmi’s store and I also love that practically all her offerings will appeal to any age.

"crochet baby blankets"

Mimmi also makes some stunning crochet pieces including baby blankets, bedspreads and stool covers.  The way in which she is able to combine colours and bring pieces to life is nothing short of exquisite.  Mimmi’s store is dripping with style and the only bit of bad news is that she doesn’t yet sell online but from what I could decipher (through google translate) I think she might start soon.  In the meantime visit her site Mimmi Staaf or head to Stockholm and visit the store… I know I want to.

Vintage wonders…

July 23, 2012

"vintage bench for kids"

I really love that the vintage trend is here to stay and we’re now spoiled with all the choices on offer.  Vintage furniture has bags of charm and character and for me it’s always a winner.  These pieces are from a lovely French boutique who have a very small but beautiful selection of vintage furniture for kids.  The low wooden bench with the bright yellow or pink mattress is a versatile piece that was crafted in Latvia around 30 to 50 years ago.  It would look super stylish in any kiddy space but is light enough to be used in the garden in summer too.

"vintage rattan cot crib"

This vintage rattan cot is another winner.  The shape is open and welcoming, almost resembling a flower in bloom… so beautiful, so poetic.  And then there are some sweet little chairs on offer that would make charming additions to any kids room.  All the pieces are carefully selected but many are one-offs so when they’re sold, they’re sold.  Head to Les enfants du design to see their entire collection.

mama & baby…

July 19, 2012

"ballerina doll acapuclo chair pink"

This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with this pink acapulco chair while baby plays with that pink tutu-ed ballerina doll.

"wooden construction toys"

The thought of Argentina conjures up such a romantic, beautiful, colourful image in my mind and I just know it won’t disappoint.  That’s why I’m dying to visit… maybe one day.  In the meantime, while my fascination with the country continues to grow, I have discovered that there are some very cool kids toys and designs coming out of there.  It all began with some wonderful crochet toys I found and since then I’ve discovered more with my latest find being these delightful wooden construction toys.

"kids construction toys wood"

Mamell toys are all made by Argentinian craftsmen using only wood found in Argentina.  The toys come in natural wood with bursts of colour.  Many of the toys have a strong vintage vibe which just adds to their charm and appeal.  A lot of construction toys these days are a bit too modern looking (for my taste anyway) with sharp lines and linear shapes but not these.  They are a pleasure to look at with their soft shapes and curves and I’m sure to touch and feel too.

"wooden construction toys"

I seriously am very taken by these beautiful toys and I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the Mamell store if I ever make it to Argentina!  In the meantime, I shall admire from afar.  The Mamell site is currently under construction but you can visit them at their blog and contact them if you wish to buy. 

A sea of blue…

July 17, 2012

"blue kids room decor"

"blue girls room"

"blue room inspiration"

I’m a big fan of Milk Magazine and when I saw the cover of their latest Japanese issue, I was hit by a sea of blue.  There was something very inviting about the blue tones which instantly captured my imagination.  The article I found was about kids chairs but it was the blue decor that made my heart beat a little faster.  The pictures are so inspiring with lots of creative touches and decor ideas for any kids room.  And of course there’s the abundant use of blue in different shades which comes together to create a space that’s oozing style and charm.  The rustic feel of the unfinished walls and bare or tiled floors adds even more character.  As you’ve probably guessed, I’m in love with these inspirational images and wanted to share.  I’m now seriously tempted to try a one colour room for my daughter… but sadly I’ll have to wait till we next move house which may be a while!

"italian clothes babies"

A few weeks ago I shared the brand new Tree House collection for babies by Anja Schwerbrock and what a collection it was… minimal, European style at it’s absolute best.  Today I have another amazing baby and kids collection to share.  It’s European, it’s minimal and ever so chic.  From Italy, Minimu had me swooning from the second I laid eyes on their offerings which include beautiful dresses, tops, trousers, baby rompers and more.

"italian clothes for kids"

The styles are simple often embellished with a subtle ruffle or a contrasting tie detail or even a sweet bow.  Then there are the adorable polka dot prints in deep maroon, soft lilac and pale grey.  The clothes look comfortable and easy to wear yet really pack a style punch.  That’s exactly what kids clothes should be about.  There’s no fuss here, just exquisite style that’s clean and effortless and very pleasing to the eye.  Minimu don’t sell online but I’m sure you can contact them for stockists.

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