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A simple zoo…

August 31, 2012

"wooden animal toy"

"wooden toy animals"

"elephant wooden toy"

Do you often find your kids go for the simplest toys, toys that allow them to use their own imaginations?  I do and I encourage that because after all, given a chance, kids can make a game out of anything at all.  That’s why I’m so loving this new toy that is really simple and basic but has bags of play potential.  It’s beautifully designed but there is nothing fancy or over the top about it.  It’s just a few painted sheets of wood held together by a rubber band, thats really it!  Created by a London design duo and called Flat Zoo, these wood sheets can be paired up 2 at a time to create different animals and the rest is up to your kids imagination.  I don’t think the toy is for sale yet but head to Yang: Ripol the creators, to find out more. 

Via FastCoDesign

mama & baby…

August 30, 2012

"bamboo kids party spoons"

This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama adorn her dining table with these neon chairs* while baby eats ice-cream with those neon party spoons.

*via the lovely this little street blog

Play, sleep, dream…

August 29, 2012

"wooden toddler bed"

What happens when 2 talented architects marry and have kids?  They design their own kids furniture of course!  That is exactly what Dutch couple Agata and Arek did.  Beds are the biggest piece of furniture in most rooms and while they need to be functional, the couple felt they should also encourage play and imagination and have good looks.  So they designed beds for their 2 boys but got so much interest in them that they started making them to sell.  The result is 2 modern kids beds that are fun, stylish, safe and very cool!  The 2 beds work together or can be used separately too.

"wooden kids bunk bed"

The bunk bed is so much more than just a bed.  I see the space under it as a play house, a hiding place or a place to display your child’s favourtie toys.  Or you can park the toddler bed underneath in many different angles.  I’m loving their contemporary looks, their fun factor and their sleek design.  Agata and Arek describe the beds as ‘design to play’ and that’s just what these beds are.  The collection called Rafa Kids launched just this year and I look forward to seeing what else this talented couple come up with.

Sunny yellow things…

August 28, 2012

"yellow booties, yellow knit doll"

A few weeks ago I wrote about some pretty pink things because my daughter informed me that pink was the best colour in the world.  She then told me purple was a close second and so I felt inspired to share some lovely lilac things with you.  Now she has informed me that yellow is the third best colour so today I have my sunny yellow finds for you.  I hadn’t planned for this to become a little series but you’ve told me you enjoy it and I love putting it together so why not:

1.  Love the bold yellow and white combo of this stylish origami light shade.

2.  How cute are these handmade little newborn booties for boy or girl.

3.  A sweet little knitted doll perfect as a clutch toy or pram companion for a baby.

4.  Peach and mango popsicles with a burst of bright pink raspberry… delicious and healthy!

mama & baby…

August 23, 2012

"kids bamboo desk"

This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate her table with these colour dipped wooden salad bowls while baby gets creative at this colour trimmed bamboo desk

"scandinavian clothes for kids"

It’s that exciting time of year when all the new Autumn Winter collections are arriving and the one that has seriously caught my eye is Soft Gallery’s new collection.  I’m loving the dusty pinks and aubergines complemented with charcoal grey and hints of mustard yellow.  But it’s not just the bold autumnal colours that have me salivating, it’s the infinitely wearable yet stylish clothes coupled with the eye-catching art.  I’m a big fan of kids clothes that that have the right mix of cute, quirky and style and this collection has it in abundance… don’t you think?

"danish kids fashion"

All the artworks you see on the clothes are created by a variety of International artists commissioned by Soft Gallery.  Each season, new artists are commissioned and their work is incorporated in to the clothing designs.  A very unusual way to create fashion and the result is something quite unique.  There’s not a piece here that I don’t like; everything is rather stunning and I want it all.  There are also some very cool outfits for the boys but I just couldn’t take my eyes off the girls collection.  From Denmark, Soft Gallery is yet another example of exquisite Scandinavian fashion for kids. 

"French school bags"

I’ve got schools on my mind.  My daughter isn’t starting school this year but I have the all important task of choosing her first school soon.  Come mid-august, I think most of us start thinking schools either because our little ones are starting ‘big’ school for the first time or it’s back to school time or like me, you have to choose a school.  While choosing a school may feel like a big task, choosing ‘back to school’ goodies isn’t.  It’s the fun bit and I can’t wait till it’s my turn next year to kit out my daughter with some delectable bags, pencil cases and more.  For those of you who have the joy of doing this now, I’ve picked out some lovely school bags from the delightfully French and fabulous store French Blossom.

French Blossom offer a small but carefully selected range of stylish school bags all by French designers.  You’ve got retro styles by Mimi’lou or more modern looks by Bakker or even some very cute and colourful bags by Coq en Pate editions.  It’s hard to choose just one but if I had to pick a favourite I would go for Bakker.  I love the simplicity of their bags which either come in bold bright shiny colours or in subtle prints.  Head to my sponsors, French Blossom where you’ll find all these bags and more so your kiddo can go back to school in style.  And there’s a cool 10% off all non-sale items for my readers; just use the code EBABEES at checkout.

Lovely lilac things…

August 17, 2012

"lilac dress for girls"

A short while ago I wrote about some pretty pink things as my daughter is obsessed with the colour pink.  Many of you really enjoyed the post (thanks for letting me know) so I went to my daughter to inquire about her second favourite colour.  According to her the second best colour in the whole wide world is purple or lilac as I prefer to call it.  So here are some lilac goodies for you:

1.  Love this chic Italian polka dotted dress with the stylish tie detail.

2.  A cute and hug-able star shaped cushion to decorate a baby’s cot or a kid’s bed.

3.  A cool feather headband for dress up play or to add a bit of drama to any outfit.

4.  Delicious looking lollipops with violets and pansies… how pretty are these?!

mama & baby…

August 16, 2012

"lion baby all in one"

This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama indulge her paper addiction with this animal adorned stationery set while baby wears that cool lion shortsuit.

"vintage kids room inspiration"

I have a huge soft spot for vintage goodies especially when they’re as unique as these offerings.  As you may know, I’m a big fan of the poetic French kids vintage store called Les Petit Bohemes which I’ve featured before and now I’ve discovered a second similar store called Desaccord.  The two stores are definitely connected but have different offerings and today I want to share the wonderful world of Desaccord… a world filled with whimsy and quirk, one that is unique and original and full of vintage treasures for kids.  Pictured above is a kids space using furniture and toys from Desaccord and what a wonderful room it is. 

"French vintage furniture kids"

Those industrial sofa benches, that crochet light, those quirky circus animals, that vintage dolls pram… what’s not to love?!  There is not a piece in this magical shop that I don’t wish to own.  I really don’t know where they find this stuff but what I do know is that each and every piece is a one off and so unusual.  Desaccord is very much on my list of the most covetable vintage shops ever.

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