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Happy Halloween…

October 31, 2012

"kids unusual halloween costumes"

1. bubble bath princess… 2. ninja… 3. hippie chic(k)… 4. little red riding hood… 5. aviator… 6. beekeeper & bee

Halloween for me is all about dressing up in something a bit unusual and preferably a DIY job.  I don’t really go for the whole witches, ghosts and ghouls thing but much prefer something a bit different minus any of the spookiness.  So when I received a quirky and alternative outfit from American Apparel {for my daughter of course}, I was delighted.  I went on to American Apparel’s site to see what other costumes they had on offer and found a whole load of DIY imaginative, fun and original costumes for adults and kids.  I realised that American Apparel are known for their Halloween outfits and each year create some absolute winners.  I picked out some of the kids outfits I liked best and I have to say I love the ‘bubble bath princess’.  What a great alternative to a regular princess outfit which I’m not keen on at all.  Of course I had to photograph my daughter in her outfit… can you guess which one she is?  She’s the ‘hippie chic(k)’!  If you’ve still got an outfit to put together then visit American Apparel where you’ll find loads of inspiration or bookmark them for next year.  Happy Halloween!

P.S. What are your kids going as?  Anyone got a really quirky costume idea?

Hello milky…

October 30, 2012

"polka dot kids bed linen"

There’s something about polka dots that grabs me each time.  Large polka dots, small polka dots, I love them all as long as the pattern is kept simple and isn’t overly colourful.  So when I saw the offerings by Hello Milky I was hooked.  Created by a mama from Melbourne, each and every piece in the collection is made entirely by her and her alone.  The designs are mainly teeny-tiny polka dots strewn over duvet covers, cushions and pillows although there are some with teeny-tiny stars too.  I’m loving the natural colour of the linen and the pairing with sometimes bright and sometimes dark polka dots or stars is just delightful.  It’s such a simple design but that’s exactly why Hello Milky’s creations are so appealing.  And seeing all that natural linen… I’ve remembered how much I love this fabric in it’s raw state (without dyes) and need to get some for my home urgently! 

"louis louise winter 2012"

♫ Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear French Blossom! ♫

French Blossom, my lovely sponsors have just turned 1.  To celebrate their 1st birthday they are offering a range of promotions in their store for the next few days.  So if you’ve got Christmas shopping to do for the kids, now might be the time to get some cool French clothes, toys and gifts with up to 30% off.  But even if you like something that’s not on offer my readers can still get 10% off by using the code EBABEES at checkout.

I wanted to check out their birthday promo so I went along to have a look.  I didn’t get much further than the new Louis Louise Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.  Soft and delicate fabrics in solid colours and understated prints have been used to create chic little outfits with lots of French style.  I’m loving the tiny stars dotted around many of their pieces especially the purple London bloomer with gold stars… how cute is that?  The collection expertly combines colours like charcoal greys, mustards and ruby reds which are just perfect for Autumn and Winter… bold enough to stand out without being too loud.  There are many Louis Louise pieces that have been discounted in the French Blossom birthday promo so go and have a look and don’t forget to use the code EBABEES if you fall for something not on sale.

P.S. There’s still time to enter our scary/cute Halloween giveaway!

"nursery and kids room furniture"

Last Friday I wrote about Fanny & Alexander, a wonderful store from Buenos Aires.  In that post I mentioned that I am visiting Argentina in January (so excited!).  I then got a lovely comment from one of my Argentinian readers and we began exchanging emails.  Sadly I won’t be able to meet her as I am not visiting the city she lives in but it’s been fun chatting to her.  That is one of my absolute favourite parts of writing this blog – hearing from you, my readers.  I have had contact with many people from across the globe because of this blog and I hope to meet some of them one day.  It was this Argentinian reader who told me about Krethaus and I was besotted.  Thank you Soledad for sharing this lovely store.

"handmade furniture for kids"

Krethaus are also from Buenos Aires and make furniture, cushions, bedding and rugs for kids and babies.  Their designs are simple with clean lines and muted colours.  I’m totally loving all those cushions… how cute is the red mustache one?  And that kids bed?  I love the simple yet dramatic headboard and the natural wood.  Using lots of natural materials throughout their creations all of Krethaus’ furniture is handmade making it even more special.  They describe their designs as having a ‘quiet elegance’ and I have to agree.  I am really loving discovering all these gorgeous stores from Buenos Aires and I shall be adding Krethaus to my list of places to visit when I am there.  I don’t think Krethaus ship internationally yet but you could always drop them a line and I’m sure they’ll help. 

P.S. Have you entered out Halloween giveaway?

mama & baby…

October 25, 2012

"lion play blanket"

This week’s picks for mama and baby… let mama wear these beautiful graphic capri pants while baby plays with that lion blanket which doubles as peek-a-boo sheet too.

P.S. Have you entered out Halloween giveaway?

"halloween giveaway competition"

Are you a Halloween lover or hater?  I used to love it as a kid and now I love it because of my kid, who this year is old enough to get it, and is so, so excited about buying a pumpkin.  I’m not crazy about the whole spooky and creepy crawly side of it but that doesn’t really matter as there are so many creative ways to celebrate Halloween without a bat in sight!  This year I wanted to do something a little special to celebrate Halloween with you and I found the perfect opportunity with Room Cph who have kindly agreed to give away these Lego Halloween storage heads.  You’ll find all the details of how to enter at the end of this post.

Room Cph are a Danish design house who work with cool brands like Lego and Pantone Universe by taking their existing products and putting a new, highly creative spin on them.  It was Room Cph that designed the Lego storage and lunch boxes (in close collaboration with Lego) that have become quite the Lego design icon.  Now they’ve introduced their latest creations which are these two Halloween themed Lego storage heads – a pumpkin head and a skeleton head that I’m giving away.  They also sent my daughter one of the brick storage boxes in fuchsia and she’s already filled it to the brim with all her little treasures (read junk).  But I’d much rather it in the box than strewn all over the house getting under my feet!

Lego is one of those brands that I think everybody has a soft spot for.  It was around long before I was born and I know it will be around when I have grand kids.  That’s some going!  So if you fancy a bit of Halloween Lego for your kids room, enter my giveaway and you could be the lucky winner.  Happy Halloween!


One lucky reader picked at random will win both the Lego skeleton storage head and the pumpkin storage head.

For your chance to win these storage heads, just leave a comment below… easy!  Say hi or whatever you like but keep it nice!  One comment per person.  Entry is open to UK residents only for this giveaway.  The competition closes at 8am (UK time) on Halloween day (Wednesday 31st October 2012).  Any entries after this time will not be counted.  The winner will be announced on Friday November 2nd on our facebook page and on this post.  Good luck!

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*Wallpaper image via wall-library

UPDATE 02.11.12 :  This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who entered.  The winner is Fiona Morris. Congratulations Fiona!

{Kids} wallpaper lust…

October 23, 2012

"kids circus wallpaper"

I love wallpaper.  Nearly every room in my home has some wallpaper either on the walls or I even use it to cover tables, chairs  and various other bits and pieces.  I often have this recurring dream where I move to a massive house and I have all these new blank walls to play with… such a sweet dream!  When it comes to kids wallpaper, I’m not always as keen because a lot of it can be too cutesy and colours can be bit too blah (think teddy bears prancing around in washed out shades).  But when I discovered Loboloup, ‘cutesy’ was a word that couldn’t have been further from my mind.  This circus themed wallpaper was the first one I saw and I loved the simple line style illustrations as well as the subtle colours brought to life with pops of bright orange.

"alphabet themed wallpaper"

Loboloup is a New York based boutique started by an aunt and niece team earlier this year.  So far, they only make a handful of modern kids wallpapers and a few matching cushions but what they do create is pretty cool like this ‘what’s your type’ wallpaper.  I love the deep blue colour and even though the design is busy it works because they’ve used different shades of just one colour.  And while modern in style, it still looks great with that vintage horse.  I found these papers at Wall-Library who have the entire range and also have some other fabulous designs (check out the Aimee Wilder collection).

"wovenplay autumn winter 2013"

One of my absolute favourite brands from the States has to be Wovenplay.  Dreamy and theatrical clothes, filled with wonder and imagination is what you get from each collection and this latest Autumn/Winter 2012 one is no exception.  I’m loving the cape and the neon pink dotted through the collection.  Actually, who am I kidding… I’m loving it all.  That tutu dress with the electric blue top is so striking and I know if my daughter owned it she would never take it off!  Little girls love dressing up and with these clothes you can do just that everyday, not just at dressing up play times.  This new collection is available now from the wonderful Line + Liv boutique.

"wooden toys"

My country obsession of the moment is Argentina.  I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember and I’m finally going to Buenos Aires in January (yaay!).  To say I’m excited would be a huge understatement.  Of course I’m madly researching places to see, things to do and most importantly where to shop and eat.  It’s through this research I’ve discovered that not only does the food promise to be an absolute treat but the shopping too sounds amazing as there is some fabulous design coming out of Argentina for both big and little people.  One of my favourite Argentinian discoveries for kids has been these adorable crochet toys.  But now I’ve got another favourite… the wonderful Fanny & Alexander.

"wooden camera toy"

Fanny & Alexander is born out of the notion of good old fashioned play.  They believe that today there are too many battery operated toys, video games and other toys that don’t encourage the child to think for themselves.  So Fanny & Alexander wanted to go back to basics, to toys that encourage a child to be creative, to imagine, to make things up.  And that’s exactly what they’ve done by creating beautiful wooden toys, cute art and stationery, knitted clothes and leather shoes.  Their design is simple, minimal even but with plenty of warmth and lots of beauty.  They’ve chosen a very simple colour palette of natural wood, rusts and greys which just adds to the aesthetic appeal and the warmth.   Just look at those leather ballet shoes… how gorgeous are they?!  And those Llama’s eating their pyjamas… wonderful!  Luckily, they ship internationally so you don’t have to go to Argentina to get these goodies but since I am going,  I will definitely be knocking on Fanny & Alexander‘s door.

*Via Petit Poulou

mama & baby…

October 18, 2012

"fox soft toy"This week’s picks for mama and baby… let mama keep her make-up in this foxy wash bag while baby plays with that musical fox soft toy.

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