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"christmas gifts for mama and baby"

This week’s picks for mama and baby… as Christmas is coming I thought it would be fun to give you a range of gift picks for mama and baby.  So I’ve rounded up some some pink things that I love for both and hopefully it will give you a bit of inspiration.  Some of this stuff is on my own wish list especially that polka dot clutch which I showed to my husband last night (hint, hint!).

1.  Weekend bag for mama by Lale.

2.  Handmade wood and ceramic necklace for mama from Need Supply Co.

3.  Pequeno Tocon drawstring knit pullover for baby from Smallable.com

4.  Wooden toy camera for baby by Twig Creative*.

5.  Ketiketa winter flower necklace for baby from Orfeo Design.

6.  RosenbergCPH wool dot throw for mama from Leif.

7.  Falconwright polka dot leather clutch for mama from Coverture.

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*via pinterest

Mondays milk…

November 27, 2012

"pretty floral quilts for kids"

I often hear people say that each one of us has a story to tell and I think that’s true.  How we tell our own unique story is entirely up to us and I guess I’m starting to tell my story through this blog by revealing little bits and pieces of my life and also through my picks which tells a lot about me.  Writing is one way of sharing but there are many other ways like sharing through your own creations.  One person who has chosen to do this is Rozalinde Innemee who is the Dutch artist behind Monday’s Milk.  She says her designs are her stories and the production is the telling of the stories.  There is something so instantly believable and beautiful about her creations and I guess that’s the reason why.  There is a part of her in everything she makes and that is what makes her offerings so special.

"pretty bow hair clips"

You can expect to find kids quilts, hair clips, soft toys, fabrics and things for the home.  All have a gentle, pure and simple feel to them with a definite feminine touch.  I adore the quilts which come in the prettiest of fabrics and I love the animal soft toys too.  You won’t find the usual suspects here but instead we’ve got cute rhino’s and an anteater.  And today I spotted the adorable bow hair clips which is what reminded me how of much I loved this store and that I hadn’t yet shared it with you.  But now you know so visit Monday’s Milk and I hope you love the expression of Rozalinde’s story as much as I do.

"Christmas gifts for girls"

To start of this week, I’ve put together my next Christmas gift guide and this time it’s for girls.  I have to admit I really enjoyed doing this one as there are just so many lovely things for girls.  I hope you like it:

1.  Kids Kuru-Maru felt necklace by Homako from Minikin.

2.  Handmade bird / fairy wings by Big Birds Boutique.

3.  Indian tepee by Nathalie Lete for Vilac from French Blossom.

4.  Handmade watch bracelets by Specks & Keepings.

5.  Peach coloured linen cloud cushion by Love Maki.

6.  Ice blue tutu with a bejewelled belt by Atsuyo et Akiko from Coverture.

7.  Ferm Living’s decorate your own wooden dolls house from Smallable.com

8.  Little alligator personalised stationery set from Minted.

9.  Liberty print fox masks by the Fox Shop.

10.  Blafre vintage birds lunchbox from Little Yellow Birds.

11.  gg-kids wooden sushi set from Little Fashion Gallery.

12.  Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth by Emily Patel Haynes from Amazon

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The circus collection…

November 23, 2012

"circus themed kids clothes"

There’s something so magical about the circus.  I remember going as a kid and the anticipation of going was just as exciting as being there.  I can’t wait to take my daughter but if I’m honest, it’s not just her I want to take, I’m dying to go myself.  The kid in me is so excited about visiting a circus after all these years.  And that’s why I fell for this new Circus Collection by Monikako.  I love the way that they’ve brought the fun, the magic and the charm of a circus in to these clothes.  The collection is very quirky without being over the top and and while the colours aren’t the most circus like, they work so well with detailed black illustrations.  My favourite piece has to be the pale green skirt but I’m also loving the clown trousers and the ruffle neck top.  I’m sure every kid out there would delight in dressing up in these clothes.  I loved Monikako’s first collection which had a safari theme and this one I think is just as fantastic.  I can’t wait to see what they do next but they’ve found an ardent fan in me.

*Harlequin wallpaper by Ferm Living.

mama & baby…

November 22, 2012

"raindrop print skirt for girls"This week’s picks for mama and baby… this Christmas give mama this beautiful raindrop scarf while you give baby that pretty aubergine coloured raindrop print skirt.

A house in the clouds…

November 21, 2012

"dolls house shelves"When it comes to kids decor, all manner of animals have adorned so many different objects.  The fox, owl and elephant have been some of the most popular but I have even come across some unexpected animals like anteaters and bulls.  But now, these {lovely} beasts have got competition in the form of the humble cloud.  I mean how many wonderful versions of cloud pillows have there been?  While I love the whole animal thing, I think I may just love the cloud a teeny bit more.  There’s something quite cuddly and comforting about the shape with it’s soft curves and ageless appeal.  So when I saw this cloud shelf and felt cloud mobile, I had to find out more.

I discovered Coccoli home, a new Spanish shop that makes not only these cloudy creations but also those fun house shelves that double up as dolls houses.  There are also some adorable raindrop wall hooks and lots of colourful wall stickers on offer.  I love the idea of lining up some of these dolls houses with the cloud mobiles hanging above them.  It would {almost} be like having a house in the clouds!  And when your childs grown out of playing with dolls houses, the shelves can be moved to any room in the house as cute storage shelves.  The Coccoli home collection is sold through their own site and also exclusively through the lovely My Little Square.

"christmas gift ideas for toddlers"

It feels like the weeks are flying by and Christmas is coming sooner than planned!  So I thought it was time to share my next gift guide where I’ve picked out some cool and unusual soft toys and dolls:

1.  Handmade baby alpaca wool doll called Balthazar by Lucky Boy Sunday from Lapin & Me.

2.  Felt elephant bag with baby elephants by En Gry & Sif from Sisters Guild.

3.  Lambswool Gerald the Giraffe by Sara Carr.

4.  A well dressed dachshund by Jipi Jipi.

5.  Knitted lambswool mono cat by Donna Wilson.

6.  A cloth lion wearing a fluro orange tee by Cloth & Thread.

7.  A pillow soft toy with one little pig by Pink Nounou.

8.  Retro mickey mouse cushion and toy by Atsuyo et Akiko from Serendipity.

9.  Pretty little hand made jade plants by Cocon.

10.  Tutu adorned dancing dolls by Evangelione from Les Petits Boheme.

11.  Mouk hand crochet doll by Anne-Claire Petit from The Kid Who.

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Playful designs…

November 19, 2012

"colourful nursery art"

I have always wanted to visit the London Design Festival but each year passes and I miss it for one reason or another.  I’ve now added it to my huge ‘to-do’ list.  Unfortunately nothing ever seems to get crossed off this list and instead it just grows bigger and bigger.  But while I’m waiting for the 2013 festival I went and had a browse of their site and found Supafrank.  Nothing excites me more than discovering a new design studio that creates unusual things and that’s exactly what Supafrank is all about.

"colourful stools for kids rooms"

Supafrank work with various brands to create packaging, stationery and more.  But they’ve also created their own line called Creature Collective which I’m loving.  The furniture is still in prototype phase but the cute artworks are available now.  I love the bright colours and the element of fun they’ve injected in to all their designs.  There’s a bit of quirk mixed with lots of playful style to create products that would be fun for any age.  The artworks are more for kids and would add some humour and brightness to any room.  In addition to this project, Supafrank have also worked on some really fabulous collaboration projects like the Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh ones which you can also see on their site.

mama & baby…

November 15, 2012

"linen party hat kids"

This week’s picks for mama and baby… this Christmas, let mama wrap her gifts in this gorgeous pompom wrapping paper while baby celebrates in that adorable linen party hat.

"wooden skipping ropes"

Once in a while a toy comes along that makes my heart skip a beat.  This is one of those times.  I mean how gorgeous are these skipping ropes?  They seriously look good enough to eat… think raspberry ice-cream or lemon sorbet!  As a kid, skipping was one of my favourite activities and I remember devising all kinds of random skipping games and competitions.  Seeing these ropes, I’m tempted to get back in to it but since my energy levels won’t be quite what they were, it might have to be my daughter instead.

There is a wonderful store in Barcelona called Nobodinoz and they have just started making their own line of wooden toys which include a beautiful bowling set and these ropes.  Both are made of 100% birch wood and use non-toxic paints and varnishes.  There are more toys to come in this range but these 2 will be available at the end of November.  I can’t wait to see what else Nobodinoz will create and in the meantime I’m adding this rope (pink or teal… can’t decide!) to my daughter’s Christmas gift list.

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