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mama & baby…

February 28, 2013

"mini dolls quilt"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with this graphic neon striped cushion while baby keeps her dolls cosy with that neon trimmed dolls quilt.

Handmade pretties…

February 26, 2013

"hand made rag dolls"I’m a bit of a hoarder.  I’m just not very good at throwing out stuff and tend to get (unnecessarily) attached to things.  But this year I decided that I have to change and get better at divesting.  I started by pulling out a whole load of my daughters clothes and toys that I have been saving from when she was born 4 years ago… I think I kept nearly everything she ever owned!  Going through this stuff I kept picturing her playing with each toy or wearing each outfit and ended up with a massive ‘to keep’ pile and a tiny ‘to giveaway’ pile.  So I started again but with one strict rule… I could keep 21 things and the rest had to go. While I adore some of the stuff I’ve bought her over the years, I found that the majority of the stuff I kept was her handmade things.  Cardigans, sweaters, soft toys and even little dolls house furniture, some loving handmade by her grandmother, some by her father and others bought from independent little designers who make their wares by hand.  There is something so special about handmade even if it’s bought.  I’m always on the look out for new designers that make things by hand so when I stumbled across this Spanish store full of handmade goodies I fell for it.

"hand made rag dolls"Minina Loves makes cute rag dolls, adorable little beds and bedding for them and also some mobiles, cloud cushions and jewellery for kids.  I absolutely love the little beds and bedding for the dolls and the way that each dolls room is decorated.  The rooms are so pretty that I wouldn’t mind having a similar life-size one for my daughter!  The cloud cushions with the little gold polka dots are really sweet too and the bird and cat necklaces are so adorable for little girls.  There’s lots of little details in every piece making each one unique.  Minina Loves’ creations are all limited edition and are all made with great care and love which shines through each piece.

Today I wanted to share a few things and spaces I found and fell for:

"kids room flooring ideas"Beautiful vintage inspired kids room and I’m going crazy for that chequered floor.

"mouse soft toy doll"How cute is this mouse ballerina?

"minimalist kids room"Loving the colours and the simplicity of this kids space.

"sheep soft toy"That sheep soft toy is just adorable and I love the black, white and grey nursery too.

Have a wonderful weekend and try to stay warm!

mama & baby…

February 21, 2013

"lemon baby bodysuit"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama wear these stylish cap toe ballet flats while baby wears that adorable lemon bodysuit.

Tutus galore…

February 20, 2013

"grey tutu for girls"I recently came across this new collection of kids clothes from Poland and I fell for their tutu’s.  Little girls and tutu’s are a match made in heaven especially when they’re paired with something casual and unfussy like this cloud jersey top.  And besides, which little girl doesn’t like a tutu?  My daughter is a huge fan and would wear hers everyday if she was allowed.

"tutus for babies and girls"Kids on the Moon make tutu’s in the most beautiful colours from soft pastels to the darkest shades.  Their tutu’s look like they’re soft and have loads of movement giving them such a carefree feel which I’m loving.  They also make other really cute stuff for both boys and girls like stripey mustache tee’s, cat sweatshirts and more. 

"purple tutu for girls"Kids on the Moon haven’t yet opened their online shop but it’s coming soon and I can’t wait!  Even if you’ve only got boys, do check out their collection as you won’t be disappointed with the cool sweats and tees on offer.

"pink and grey kids room ideas"I’m always dreaming of re-decorating every room in the house.  Today I’m loving pink and grey for my daughters room.  Grey isn’t the most obvious choice for a kids room but with a dash of pink I think it works so well.  Personally, I’d even go for just grey with lots of white but today I wanted to add a bit of pink to the mix.  This kind of colour scheme and decor also really appeals to my minimalist side.  When i started putting this board together I knew I would like the end result but I didn’t realise quite how much this colour scheme would appeal to me.  Hope you like it too…

1.  Harlequin wallpaper… 2.  Knitted flag garland… 3.  Circus print… 4. 3D Olephants mobile… 5.  Soft pink lacquered chair… 6. Beauty baby doll… 7.  Sonny angel doll… 8.  Floral print beanbag…  9.  Starry cloud cushion

"french leather baby sandals"

"linen baby clothes"

"leather sandals for kids"I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw this new Spring Summer 2013 collection from Les Zigouis.  How gorgeous are the clothes sets and those soft leather sandals?  Everything here is handmade making it even more special.  Barbara Berrada makes all the clothes while all the shoes have been made by Pieni for Les Zigouis.  Those pale blue-grey sandals at the top are just to die for!  And the mustard and navy blue ensemble is just too cute.  Les Zigouis always offers us something very special and unique and this new collection is just that. 


"black and white wallpaper"If you read my post on Ferm Livings latest collection, you will know that I am obsessing over the whole black and white Scandinavian interiors look.  I so badly want to create my own version of this look in my living room but can’t for practical reasons.  My only hope is moving house but it seems a bit excessive to move just because I want to re-decorate the living room!  So while I wait I’ve been dreaming of how I would decorate, and this black and white wallpaper by Fine Little Day is one of my favourites.  In my next home I know I’ve got to have this somewhere.  The same print also comes as a baby blanket and a cushion cover both of which I love too.  I went looking around the web to see rooms where this blanket, wallpaper or cushion has been used and these were some of my favourite black and white rooms:

"black and white nursery""black and white kids room""black and white scandinavian decor"Isn’t this wallpaper so striking?  It just brings all these rooms to life.  I love the nursery at the top which is nearly all white but has that stunning feature wall.  I also love the last picture where this wallpaper has been used to frame a door.  And the 2 pictures in the middle show the blanket and cushion which are so chic.  Have a happy weekend!

Image credits: 1. My second hand life… 2. Babiekins mag… 3. Miluccia… 4. Design sponge

mama & baby…

February 14, 2013

"wooden toy camera"This week’s pick for mama & baby… let mama stay warm with this 2 tone scarf while baby plays with that wooden toy camera.

Eat, play, love…

February 13, 2013

"heart cushion, heart bread, heart poster"I’m not really in to the whole Valentines day thing.  It’s a bit too commercial for me but I still appreciate the sentiment behind the day.  If you’ve been a couple for a while it’s easy to take each other for granted so for me Valentines is a day to remember and appreciate all the little things I love about my husband.  We have never exchanged gifts or celebrated in a big way but if the mood struck, we would do something impulsive and fun.  Of course impulsive has gone out the window these days as having a child involves a lot of pre-planning.  But tomorrow I am thinking of having a fun day and evening with child and husband.  I haven’t yet decided what I’ll do as I’m such a last minute person but I do know it will involve the 3 things that matter most to us… eat, play and love!  And with that in mind I gathered a few images that say just that to me:

1.  An illustration of a pair of Valentines bears… 2.  A heart decoration for the heart of your home … 3. A Valentines bread loaf to bake… 4.  A fun and playful pillow called Harriet the heart

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