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mama & baby…

March 21, 2013

"tan leather sandals for grils"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama carry this vintage inspired leather backpack while baby wears those tan leather sandals.

"green french accessories for girls""red french accessories for girls"Emerald green or ruby red… what would you choose?  These are the gorgeous new accessories from the Spring Summer 2013 collection by April Showers.  French and fabulous, April Showers always, always delights with each new season.  Their accessories are feminine and pretty and would delight any little girl.  Those sparkly socks would excite my daughter no end and the beaded necklaces with the tassel detail are just so chic, I want them for myself.  There’s lots more to the collection including some black and white pieces for babies and some cool shoes and knee high socks for little girls.  When I saw this collection at My Little Square, it was the rich, deep colours that first grabbed my attention but I just can’t say whether I like the ruby red or the emerald green more… I adore them both so much!  Have you chosen your favourite?

"gold nursery decor ideas"I think I have a bit of an obsession with the colour gold.  I love wearing gold jewellery and having gold accents in my home.  It’s a colour that’s rich and warm and works best when used sparingly.  I particularly love that there are so many different tones and shades to gold so you can chose to bling it up or tone it down.  It’s not a colour you would immediately associate with a nursery or toddler’s room but I love the idea of adding gold accessories and accents in a kids space especially when paired with lots of white.  I went looking for some gold nursery decorations and here’s what I loved:

1. Black and gold cloud mobile…  2. Mexican inspired Concha chair…  3. Mr Mustache print…  4. Straw storage baskets with gold sequins…  5. Toadstool night light from smallable.com…  6. Set of raindrop cushions…  7.  Organic stars duvet set.

"animal coats for kids"Today I want to introduce you to my newest sponsor Little Goodall.  Little Goodall was started by a stay at home mama who found her 2 year old son refusing to wear the hood on his coat.  I totally get this problem because it’s one I still face with my daughter Anya.  It takes inventive trickery, bribery and a lot of persuasion to get her to put on her hood and even then the hood only stays on for minutes.  I get frustrated and give up but Molly didn’t.  Being a designer and an artist Molly decided to get creative and made a lion coat for her son.  Not only did he love wearing his hood (which kid wouldn’t) but she also got a lot of interest from others and Little Goodall was born.

"kids animal winter coats"Molly has since expanded her range to include a variety of animal coats including a fox coat, a dinosaur coat and a koala coat.  It’s the details in each coat that really make them super sweet and most of all great fun for kids to wear.  I love the bushy tail on the fox coat, the prickles on the dinosaur coat and the little claw detail on many of them but of all the coats my absolute favourite is the bunny one.  The design is probably the simplest but it’s the colours and those long floppy ears that make this coat adorable.  Animal clothing isn’t normally my thing but these are not your average animal clothes as they are sweet, fun and not cutesy in any way.  And besides I can’t imagine any kid turning down a chance to wear one of these.  If my daughter had one, I know she would never want to take hers off!  Visit Little Goodall to see more.

mama & baby…

March 14, 2013

"crochet elephant toy"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama wear this pretty lemon yellow necklace with wooden beads while baby plays with that yellow nosed crochet elephant rattle.

Ballerina bunnies…

March 13, 2013

"maileg bunny soft toy"Whenever we go on holiday my daughter Anya is allowed to take one soft toy along with her.  She almost always chooses her Maileg matchbox mouse and takes great pleasure in carefully packing him in to her suitcase.  Even when we’re at home, she lovingly tucks this mouse in to his matchbox bed each night and after we give her a goodnight kiss, we are expected to do the same for the mouse!  It’s really quite sweet seeing how fond she is of this little creature that i couldn’t resist buying for her a couple of years ago. 

"maileg bunny soft toy"Yesterday I saw the new collection of bunnies by Maileg and it was love once again.  I have been wanting to buy Anya a doll that she can dress and change clothes on and I think one of these bunnies may be just the thing.  Not only are they adorable with their elongated bodies and long floppy ears but they also come with the sweetest little outfits.  There are a range of outfits to choose from but I’m loving the bunnies with their little tutu’s and leg warmers… just too cute for words!  The Maileg bunnies come in a range of sizes from micro to mega and you can even get furniture for them.  If you’re in the UK then you’ll find lots of these bunnies and their clothes at Sisters Guild.

"black and white nursery art"My brother and sister-in-law are total art lovers and wherever they travel they pick up a painting by a local artist as a souvenir.  I think this is such a lovely way of remembering your travels and combining your love of art.  They always try and buy an original because given a choice I think anyone would opt for this over a print and very often you can get your hands on originals for not a lot of money.  While there is a lot of great original art out there, it’s not often that I come across cool original paintings for kids and so when I saw these by Adriane Duckworth I had to share.  The art is delightfully simple yet striking and I love the uncomplicated nature of the drawings.  My favourites are the black and white animal paintings and I love the black clouds too but there are some bright coloured ones available as well.  While Adriane’s style is minimalist and modern, it has plenty of warmth and cuteness too!  You can see more and checkout her selection at Society 6.

Felt sweeties…

March 11, 2013

"felt necklaces for girls"Being Indian, I visit India often as I have loads of family there including my parents.  For me, shopping and eating are always at the top of the agenda in India because I love doing both.  As far as the shopping is concerned, I never really indulge in expensive stuff but instead it’s always about picking up unusual little trinkets and treasures for the home or to wear.  The one thing I never leave India without is a load of bangles, bindi’s and necklaces for my daughter Anya.  She absolutely loves her accessories and will often load up her arms with 20-30 bangles at a time!  Last time we were there we picked up a gorgeous fabric necklace for her which has now become an absolute favourite of mine and Anya’s.  India is a great place to buy colourful and unusual jewellery for kids but since I don’t live there I’m always looking for other avenues too.  And my latest finds are these super sweet handmade necklaces, hair clips and hair ties by Homako.

"pastel hair clips girls"Based in LA, Yoko hand makes all these gorgeous accessories with a definite Japanese vibe to them which isn’t surprising as Yoko is originally from Japan.  I love the soft pastel colours which are perfectly complimented with dark stripes and little unexpected details like the pearls and baubles.  The necklaces are strung on ribbons finished with little coloured felt dots that are such a pretty addition.  Yoko makes jewellery for adults as well but a lot of the kids’ range is designed for mum and daughter to share.  You can get these sweet necklaces and hair accessories at Homako but Yoko has also created an exclusive and beautiful range for the lovely online boutique Minikin which is also very worth checking out.

Emile et Ida…

March 5, 2013

"French clothes for kids"One of my favourite things to do at this time of year is to discover and drool over all the new Spring/Summer collections that start trickling in to the shops.  Not only are they a joy to look at but it also helps me believe that Summer can’t be that far away.  Some of the coolest and prettiest lines I discover each year come from France.  So I went to have a look at what new stuff my sponsors French Blossom have as they hand pick collections from some of the best French designers.  One of the first new collections I found and completely fell for was Emile et Ida.

"french summer clothes for kids"This new Spring Summer 2013 collection is one that you can’t help but fall in love with.  When I first found out about Emile et Ida I assumed their brand name came from their children’s names as with so many kids brands these days.  But not in this case… instead, it is the first names of the creator’s parents.   This sentiment of loving the past and what it represents is reflected throughout their designs.  The girls clothes are inspired by a love of all things vintage while the boys collections are influenced by the spirit of rock n’ roll of days gone by.  For the girls you’ll find pretty skirts and tops in rich colours complimented with dusty shades and often dotted with flecks of gold.  For the boys there are graphic tees and bright jeans on offer which are all very cool but that mustache tee has got to be my favourite.  The appeal of Emile et Ida lies in it’s effortless, wearable designs that are so chic.  Visit French Blossom to see more of the collection and I know they’re getting a few more pieces this week. 

Photo’s courtesy of Emile et Ida.

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