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"ballerina mouse soft toy"

"mini play house set"

"mouse house sets"I recently discovered these mouse house sets and I couldn’t resist sharing.  How sweet are they?  The minute I laid eyes on them it brought a big smile to my face.  What an absolutely adorable idea.  I love the little details like the tiny vogue magazine, the storage basket, the knitting needles and that teeny cloud pillow.   I thought it would be fun to imagine what kind of mouse would live in each house so I paired them up with cute little mice from Maileg’s delightful range.  The mouse house sets are entirely handmade by Alessandra Taccia who has a lovely shop called Knots.  Alessandra doesn’t make many things but what she does make is so creative and imaginative.  I hope these mouse house sets bring a big smile to your face, just like they did to mine. Happy, smiley weekend to you all!

mama & baby…

May 30, 2013

"pram toy pram garland"This week’ picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with these pastel coloured steel armchairs while baby plays with that sweet pram garland.

"girls polka dot dress"The other week my daughter and I were out shopping when she spotted a multi-coloured polka dot dress that she absolutely fell for.  It wasn’t something I would’ve chosen but since she was so keen on it, I felt bad to deny her.  If I’m completely honest, I am not very good at letting my daughter choose her own clothes because I am very fussy!  I live in fear of the time when she wants to wear purple and pink from head to toe and those days will come very soon.  With this dress I think it was the many different coloured polka dots that drew her in and while I do love polka dots, I much prefer simplicity, subtlety and just 1 or 2 colour tones.  But thanks to her love for the dress, I remembered this black and white polka dot dress by Pola & Frank that I had seen and loved.

"baby pink tunic dress girls"

"girls wrap hoodie"Pola & Frank are a fairly new brand of simple and stylish clothes for kids, tweens and women.  When I saw this Spring/Summer 2013 collection I fell for it.  Very wearable and practical for kids, yet so stylish with the ribbon details and the muted tones.  Also, their collection for mama’s looks easy to wear without compromising on style and they do have a cool selection for boys too.  Pola & Frank are from Poland, a country which is creating some amazing designs at the moment and I am so happy to have discovered them.  I love all the pieces in this collection but if I had to choose a favourite, it would have to be that black & white polka dot dress which may just mysteriously replace the multi-coloured one we have!

P.S. I’ve been interviewed on the cool honest mum blog today… read it here.

"liberty print kids bedlinen"

Liberty prints are so pretty and I love them even more when they’re paired with solid and stripes.  So when I saw this collection of kids bed linen and accessories I was excited to share them with you.  From France, Lab. makes lots or pretty things for babies and kids which include duvet sets, sleeping bags, cushions and more.  There are plenty of liberty prints on offer and then there are the solid and stripes which complement them perfectly.   I’m especially loving those sweet teddy bear pillows and these single striped linen quilts.

"liberty print baby bedlinen"

Lab. don’t just make things for kids; they’ve got a lovely adult size collection too.  Most of their designs are suitable for any age so you’ve got gorgeous cushions, duvets and quilts in similar prints and colours for grown-ups as well.  My favourite liberty print is the pastel one pictured at the top… so delicate and so pretty for any little baby.  And I love the turquoise and brown combination for any age.

*via the style files

"felt animal craft diy project"Half term is nearly upon us again!  Is it just me or is this year zipping by?  With half term coming, I thought it would be fun to share a DIY project and the lovely people at Kata Golda created one especially for my readers.  You may have come across Kata Golda but in case you haven’t, they are seriously creative crafters.  They have a shop full of handmade things which you can buy or if you’re a crafter yourself, they have some DIY books and colourful wool felt packs too.

Kata has a penchant for playing and creating with wool felt so we thought these adorable little turtles would be a cute project to share.  Once made, these little creatures can of course be played with or displayed on a shelf but there is so much more you can do with them.  They’d make a cute addition to a party bag, they can be used as place settings at a kids birthday or just to decorate the table.  You could make a mobile with the 3 of them or a brooch with the littlest one… the possibilities are endless.  Here are the instructions:

"kids wool felt diy"Print the template and cut out the template pieces with paper scissors. If you wish to make all three turtles, print one template at 100%, one at 75% and one at 125%.  Then place the pieces on the felt and cut out the felt shapes with fabric scissors.  Note that you will cut out 2 of the body pieces and 1 shell piece for each turtle you make. Stitch the eyes on one body piece using 3-ply black embroidery floss. Use a satin stitch and place the 2 eyes wide apart.

"wool felt diy animals"Using a blanket stitch and 2-ply black thread, stitch the 2 body pieces together.  Next, use a double running stitch to sew eight “U” shapes on the shell layer with 2-ply gold embroidery floss.  Now you need to attach the shell to the body.  To do this, whip stitch the shell piece to only the top layer of the body three quarters of the way around.  Leave an opening and stuff.  Continue your stitch and close the hole.  Repeat these steps for each additional turtle and you’re done.

"felt animals DIY project"

Here are more details and all the templates you’ll need:

You can also find more DIY projects and crafting ideas on Kata’s blog.  Hope you all have a fun long weekend and see you next week.


mama & baby…

May 23, 2013

"handmade rag doll blue"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama wear this cornflower blue printed pencil skirt while baby plays with that cornflower blue striped rag doll.

"vintage furniture for kids"My parents never kept any of my baby toys or clothes.  This never mattered to me until I had a child and now I really wish they had.  My father was in a job where he moved countries every 3 to 4 years so when the time came for us all to up and go, big clear outs were inevitable.  And besides I think my mother is a bit of a divester.  She’s never been one to hoard her possessions and loves getting rid of clutter.  But she did keep one adorable little vintage chair that was used by her and her sister when they were babies, then by my brother and me and now it’s Anya’s.  Anya loves being told stories about her mama using the chair.  That’s the wonderful thing about good vintage furniture and toys… they can be passed down from generation to generation and they gather so many wonderful memories along the way.

I love the thought of passing down furniture and toys but if you don’t have your own, the next best thing is finding a good vintage shop.  And today I wanted to share my latest find – Roger Bontemps.  It’s a new French vintage shop that looks super promising.  Their online doors aren’t even open yet but should be opening in the next week.  They will be selling vintage kids furniture, toys and more but they have also created their own small line of vintage inspired clothes, bed linen and accessories.  I couldn’t find too many pictures but I liked what I did see especially that rattan crib and the bed linen in it.  Can’t wait to see more…

"italian kids fashion"‘Chic for kids’ is how this Italian brand describe themselves and boy is it true!  Simple linen clothes and accessories embellished with adorable little details is what you’ll find at Minimu.  That fish bib and those dusty pink bloomers – how incredibly sweet are they?  I only wish I had a little baby to put them on…

"chic italian style for kids"While the Minimu Spring Summer 2013 baby range is to die for, the girls range is no less impressive.  The dresses and tops on offer are so pretty and so stylish without being fussy or cutesy.  They have just the right amount of subtle detail to make them stand out from the crowd.  I’ve got my eye on that yellow polka dot dress which just shouts summer to me.  Minimu is very much becoming a firm favourite here… how can anybody resist such sweet chic-ness (is that even a word?!).

Feeling green…

May 17, 2013

"green kids room decorations"Yesterday my daughter had a play date with another little girl and they got hooked on the colour green.  The two girls kept saying ‘green’ louder and louder and then bursting in to fits of laughter.  They then started adding an extra word and coming up with things like ‘green toast’, ‘green dog’… the idea being to pair it with something that most definitely isn’t green.  This produced more laughter and eventually the inevitable bathroom humour ensued followed by the loudest giggles ever!  I don’t know how 4 year old minds work but I do know this little game tickled them pink!  While I didn’t take part in the game, it did get me thinking of the colour green and I realised I’d never done a green post.  I always think that green isn’t a colour I’m naturally drawn to but then again there are so many shades of it that there really is a green for everyone (my personal favourite is mint green) and so I thought it would be fun to look for a few things in different shades of green and here’s what I found:

1.  green linen sunsuit by wolfechild…  2.  minty green toddler duvet set by garbo & friends…  3.  forest green firs pillowcase by fine little day…  4.   shades of green bird poster by silke bonde…  5.  ice-cream green playhouse by lucky boy sunday…  6. dark green book called Grandpa Green by Lane Smith.

Happy weekend all and see you next week!

mama & baby…

May 16, 2013

"girls drawstring jersey dress"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama carry her shopping in this simple but stylish canvas tote while baby wears that minimal drawstring jersey dress.

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