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"goodbye google reader"Just a quick bit of housekeeping on this sunny Sunday morning.  As many of you know, Google reader is closing down from tomorrow – 1st July 2013.  Those of you who already subscribe to my blog via email will be automatically transferred to the new email service so you don’t need to do anything.  You may not receive emails for a day or 2 but the service will resume very soon. 

For new email subscribers, there will be a new email subscription service which will be available within a few days.  Email is probably the best way to subscribe to this blog as each post will be delivered to your in box daily.  But if you prefer an RSS service similar to Google reader, you can find my blog on feedly or bloglovin’.  Enjoy your Sunday!

mama & baby…

June 27, 2013

"cat soft toy doll"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama write on these pretty pastel postcards while baby plays with that polka dotted cat soft toy.

"cloud raindrops hearts wall stickers"Lately I’ve become a bit obsessed with geometric shaped wall stickers that can be stuck on randomly in a room and these ones from Sirlig are my latest find.  Sirlig is Danish for ‘delights’ and that’s exactly what this store is full of… little delights.  From the adorable wall stickers to that sweet doll and those animal pencil cases, all their goodies are the kinds of things that will make you smile.  And it’s not just for kids.  There’s plenty on offer that will work just as well in an adult, child or family space like that colourful cloud print hung above the dining table.  Of all the geometric wall stickers at Sirlig, I think those pale turquoise polka dot ones are probably my favourite but there’s plenty to choose from including the turquoise hearts, some triangles, diamonds and more.

"world map wallpaper kids rooms"One of my biggest personal ambitions is to see as much of the world as I can and to share this experience with my husband and daughter.  I love discovering new cultures, cuisines and places that can seem so different yet familiar at the same time.  It fascinates me that the world is getting smaller and nearly everywhere is so accessible these days.  My husband and I have a list of places we ‘need’ to visit and are working our way through these whenever we can.  Top of our list for a long while had been Argentina and Uruguay and we eventually got there this January.  It was a thrill!  New list topper is China and we hope to make it there sometime in the next year or two.  We do spend far too much time dreaming about all the places we could see right away if we won the lottery… but then again, everyone’s got to have dreams! "map art in kids rooms"We would love our 4 year old daughter to grow up with a curiosity about our small world, about different yet similar cultures, about food and new experiences.  To encourage her we bought her a globe for her room and play silly, made-up travel games centered around where she lives, where her extended family live and where she’s going on holiday.  Now I’m considering re-doing her room and I’m thinking of complementing the globe with a map of the world on the wall.  She can then pin pictures, souvenirs, postcards or whatever she likes and really make it her personal map.  But I also think maps make lovely wall art and are as great as any other art for any room in the home.  "maps in kids rooms"So I  went on the hunt for some kids rooms with maps and the above are what I found.  The choices are many ranging from vintage to modern and single countries to the entire world.  They can be as colourful and artistic or as traditional and accurate as you like.  I’m also loving the idea of having a globe light.  Maps are great for encouraging a child to want to know more about our world or their country but they are fabulous wall candy too.

Image credits: 1. Mr Perswall…  2. Babble…  3. Room to bloom…  4. Decopeques…  5. Apartment therapy

"french baby bedlinen nursery decor"Les Pommettes du Chat (Cheekbones of the cat) is a lovely French boutique that makes the sweetest little decorations for babies and kids.    They have adorable things like those soft mini triangle rattles and tiny little clouds for hanging on the wall.   They also make some very pretty bed linen and other textiles like bibs, pouches and paper garlands.  The fabrics are all so pretty and delicate and the creations feel like they’ve been made with lots of love and a touch of poetry.  I love boutiques like Les Pommettes du Chat because their offerings are so unusual and it almost feels like the products have been created especially for you. 

"new adventures"This is a slight departure from my regular posts but I had to share.  Sometime ago I read a quote saying ‘Do more of what makes you happy’.  Obvious advice it maybe, but most of us (me included) don’t do it.  Family and friends aside, blogging, making new discoveries for this blog, promoting mum designers and learning so much along the way makes me happy.  So when my friend and fellow blogger Babes About Town asked me to join hands with her (and 6 other bloggers) to create Mothers & Shakers, there was no way I could say no.  What is Mothers & Shakers:  simply put, it’s doing the things that make me happy but instead of doing it just for me, we do it for others.  We help others build their blogs or small businesses, we help others find their online space and voice, we help others get themselves out there and we help others avoid the mistakes we made along the way.

Mothers & Shakers is made up of 8 women, mums, bloggers, social media experts, writers… call us what you will.  We’re each very different individuals who come from continents apart (Chile to New Zealand via India and everywhere in between) who found each other amidst thousands of bloggers because we share a common ground:  we love what we do, we believe in what we do and we do it well, everyday.  If you’re a small business, a blogger, or someone just thinking about carving out your corner on the world wide web we can help you do it.  And we’re especially passionate about helping mums.

From a more personal perspective I love a new adventure and this is sure to be one.  It’s an adventure that is an extension of what I love doing already but on a bigger scale and with 7 others who feel the same way.  I considered using the word ‘venture’ instead of ‘adventure’ but it lacked the buzz and excitement we’re all feeling in abundance about our new project.  So adventure it is.  If you want to know more about our adventure and how we can help you just drop us a line.

*photo via Quiksilver Women.

Yesterday I visited Bubble London – a trade exhibition which brings together many non-mainstream kids clothing brands.  On view were forthcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collections.  Entering the exhibition space was like walking in to a sea of colour with loads of neons on offer.  Neons are of course very much in at the moment and it looks like the trend will continue in to next year.  I’m a big fan of this bold trend and so I thought I would share some of my favourite neon finds with you.

"neon clothes shoes accessories for kids"I fell for the new Beau Loves collection which was dominated by that cool cat print.  The cats adorned tees, rompers, bloomers, and best of all was the cat bedding which will be available in Autumn.  I love how the black and white print beautifully compliments the neon dotted sheet.  Delightful!

Rachel Riley had the brightest oranges and pinks on offer which looked good enough to eat!  In her collection were some delectable swimwear and shoes… now all we need is the sun!  Speaking of shoes, Maa shoes were another favourites of mine.  Little mary janes and sandals in the softest leather and the prettiest colours. 

Next was Corby Tindersticks who mixed neon orange with muted greys and blacks.  Their quirky toys were super soft to the touch and that caterpillar onesie was just the cutest!  Lastly to accessorise with all this neon were Chi Chi with their cool fluoro satchels.

You’ll find all the details of all these brands and more on Bubble London’s website.

"jon klassen extra yarn"Sometimes I think I’m more drawn to kids art than to art aimed at adults.  It’s rare that I come across an affordable artist where I feel I’d love to own his work but with kids art it happens pretty often.  I wonder if that says something about me?!  Maybe I’m just a big kid at heart and maybe that’s why I am so drawn to Jon Klassen’s illustrations. "jon klassen rabbit"You may remember a book called I want my hat back that I wrote about a while ago.  Jon Klassen was the author and illustrator and while he’s written a couple of great kids books, it’s his illustrations that really capture my imagination.  He does all kinds of projects but also illustrates for other kids authors and his pictures are so good that many are sold as prints or even originals. "jon klassen beach walk"Jon illustrates a lot of animals and many landscapes or outdoor scenes.  While I love the landscapes and would love one for my walls one day, it’s the animal illustrations that are truly mesmerizing.  His style is so distinctive and original and each animal has so much character.  I think Jon Klassen could be my favourite kids illustrator and if you like his work too you can find a selection at Gallery Nucleus.

"kids tablemat and coaster set""cute tablemats for kids"How cute are these elephant tablemat and coaster sets?  They brought a big smile to my face when I saw them and I hope they do the same for you.  These adorable elephants would also look sweet displayed on a wall.  You’ll find them at the beautiful Cocon boutique.  Have a lovely weekend!

mama & baby…

June 13, 2013

"floral toy storage case"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with this gorgeous ceremonial kite created in honour of Flora (the goddess of flowers) while baby decorates with that pretty floral toy storage case.

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