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Dressing up fun…

November 29, 2013

"kids dressing up ideas"We love a bit of dressing up fun in this house.  It doesn’t have to be Halloween, Christmas or any special occasion but instead it’s something my daughter Anya does daily.  The minute she’s back from school the uniform is off and she heads straight for her dressing up box.  Each day she emerges wearing something totally quirky and mismatched but she loves it and I love watching her delight in this.   So today I wanted to share some dressing up ideas and things that I’m currently loving.  My favourite… that little baby in those angel wings and a diaper.  Isn’t he the cutest?

Have a fun weekend!  And a very happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.

Images: 1. feather & tutu girl,  2. bunny ear headband,  3. baby angel,  4.  mouse girl,  5. pink bunny ears

"christmas gift ideas for girls" Today I’ve got some Christmas gift ideas for girls.  I love shopping for girls, maybe because I have a daughter but also it feels like there is so much more choice out there for girls.   Here are my picks for this year which I hope you find inspiring:

1.  colour block dress…  2.  dreamy play tent…  3.  bunny soft toy…  4.  silver gauze tutu…  5.  elephant place mat and coaster set…  6.  wooden toy camera…  7.  leather dress-up crown…  8.  tulle necklace…  9.  colourful wall stickers.

"vintage nursery lamps"How cute are these vintage inspired bunny night lights?  I’ve been a fan for a while but I’m especially loving these soft pastel shades.  And don’t miss the ‘cheeky’ backs on these lights… too cute!  Great for adding a little quirk to any retro or vintage kids room.

"DIY stars advent calendar"This year I really wanted to make an advent calendar for my daughter Anya.  Being Indian, while growing up we didn’t really celebrate Christmas although we did occasionally get gifts.  But we never had anything as fun and exciting as an advent calendar.  So this year I decided to make Anya these little gold star topped boxes with a hint of neon pink. "DIY gold start advent calendar"This DIY advent calendar was easy and fun to make.  I used: mini white favour boxes, glittery gold card, cocktail sticks broken in half, washi tape, real leaves, gold spray, gold glitter and tape. "DIY advent calendar" I cut out 24 stars from gold card and stuck each star with tape on to half a cocktail stick that I had covered in neon pink washi tape.  I also added an extra little detail of a gold leaf on each box.  I took 24 tiny leaves from a bunch of flowers I had at home and sprayed them gold.  At the moment I’ve numbered the stars graphically but I have little white number stickers and I’m going to let Anya do the stickering which will delight her no end!  Alternatively, you could also put the numbers on the gold leaf.  Finally, I sprinkled some glitter over all of the boxes to add a bit of extra sparkle.

Have you made an advent calendar this year?  What did you make?

"Christmas gifts for newborns and babies" Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  I haven’t!  I keep telling myself it’s only November so there’s plenty of time.  But in reality I know these next few weeks are going to whiz by and then serious panic will set in.  While I continue to procrastinate on my shopping,  I have started getting some fun gift ideas ready for you and the first one (probably my favourite) is a list of lovely Christmas gifts for babies.

1.  Oeuf NYC baby all in one,  2.  pompom beanie,  3.  bow-tie bib,  4.  musical pram toy,  5.  bunny soft toy,  6.  bunny baby bodysuit,  7.  elephant pillow,  8.  knitted cotton blanket,  9.  sand coloured baby booties.

mama & baby…

November 21, 2013

"leather animal bookedns for kids"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with this handmade ceramic drink set while baby decorates with that pair of  faux leather penguin bookends.

"mini boden girls party dresses"It’s definitely time to start thinking about Christmas and the festive season.  But not long before that we have another important event in this house – my daughter Anya’s birthday.  So come mid-November I’m thinking gifts, party planning, outfit selecting and everything else to do with celebrations.   One of my favourite things to buy Anya is clothes and right now she’s going through a phase where anything sparkly meets her approval.   Perfect timing I think, because who doesn’t need a bit of sparkle in Winter, especially for the festive season?

So with sparkly clothes on my mind I joined forces with Mini Boden to share some of my favourite pieces from their 2013 party collection.  There’s lots to choose from but for me the brocade dresses and skirts really stood out.  I love the gold polka dots against the dusty rose but there’s also another equally striking colour combo of a rich blue with bronze dots (not pictured here).  And then there are the floaty tutu’s with a subtle hint of gold that pair up nicely with the sequined ballerina pumps.  Which little girl could resist this kind of sparkle… I know mine definitely couldn’t!

Here’s to wishing you a sparkly festive season!

*This post is brought to you in partnership with Mini Boden.  All ideas, content, picture layouts and words are my own.  Thank you for supporting my work with carefully selected partners that allow me to bring you new content like this.

"pretty hair clips for girls"My daughter is such a girly girl that I have trouble getting her to wear anything but skirts and dresses.  Sometimes jeans or trousers are just more practical but getting these on her means a guaranteed battle that often ends in tears and tantrums.  Recently I had a thought –  why not try putting some ribbon in her hair on the days she has to wear jeans or has to wear anything less girly.  This has worked a treat.  So I’ve gone with this idea and taken it a step further by getting lots of pretty hair clips as well as ribbons in a range of colours.  While looking for hair clips, these were some of my favourite finds and so I thought I would share because any of these would make great stocking fillers for all your girly girls. 

The 3 hair clips on the left are by The Summer House while the 3 on the right are by Cos.

"animal print wallpaper for kids"Today my wallpaper obsession is being fueled by these adorable modern designs by interior designers Sissy & Marley for Jill Malek.  These chic patterns come mostly in metallic silver or gold and the prints are small and subtle enough so even though they work really well in a nursery, they’d also work in an older child’s room.  Which is a relief as there is no DIY job worse than stripping wallpaper!  My favourite is the giraffes one but I can’t decide if I like the silver or gold better.  What’s your favourite?

Have a delightful weekend and see you on Monday.

mama & baby…

November 14, 2013

"mouse soft toy doll"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama carry this stylish leather bag while baby plays with that adorable handmade mouse soft toy.

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