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Happy Christmas!

December 23, 2013

"Happy Christmas 2013 from ebabee"I seriously can’t believe Christmas is so nearly here… where did the year ago?  As the year comes to an end, I wanted to thank you all for visiting my blog and supporting me in 2013.  It means a lot.  I have lots of fun stuff planned for 2014 including a new look for the blog which will be revealed early next year.  I will be taking a break over the holidays to spend time with my family and of course to enjoy all the delicious food and treats that Christmas brings with it.  I wish you and your loved ones a magical Christmas and a very happy new year.  See you back here on January 6th 2014 and I leave you with a few images of our Christmas so far  ~ nomita xx

"Easy Christmas DIY crafts"Here are 4 fun and most importantly easy Christmas DIY projects that I found around the web.  Those giant baubles are just the best!

1. Giant baubles: made from balloons, this is such a fun DIY and I can’t wait to try it.  2.   Character cookies: a tasty looking treat and the kids can help decorate too.  3.  Snowman ornament:  a quirky take on a traditional snowman, perfect for kids to make and hang on your tree.  4.  Elf ornaments: cute little tree hangers that can be stitched but for the easy option just print out the paper versions.

"7 things I love about Christmas"

There’s so much to love (and possibly hate too) about Christmas.  I like to focus on the  good things and so here are the 7 things I love the most about Christmas:

1.  Sitting round a big table and eating an even bigger meal stretched out over hours with your closest friends and family. 

2.  Sparkly, twinkly lights everywhere you turn.  Makes everything feel magical and if I had my way, I would have lights throughout the dark Winter months.

3.  Decorating a tree or just decorating your home is fun but watching your kids do it is even better.

4.  Cookies, cakes, sweet treats in abundance… what’s not to love?!

5.  Snow… this of course isn’t ever guaranteed but I always dream of a white Christmas.

6. Hot chocolate especially the Italian kind.

7.  The endless craft possibilities that Christmas brings – from the little decorations that Anya brings home from school to the fun of getting creative with your gift wrapping.

What do you love about Christmas?  I would love to hear about your favourite things. 

Image credits: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

"cutest kids clothes"

Even though I’m normally more of a minimalist, sometimes I come across colourful cuteness that I find hard to resist.  When I saw the offerings from Juju Bunny shop it was instant love.  The clothes are from Korea and are quirky, unusual and seriously cute.  There are lots of bold patterns, bright colours, fluffly ears and so much more.  It’s all a bit over the top but it works.  

"Korean kids clothes"

Right from their accessories to their pyjama sets, there is bags of character and sweetness in every piece.  Take that floral print sleep suit – while the print is delightful, it’s that unexpected big, fluffy pompom that makes it for me.   Then there are the cutest bunny hats and accessories like that snowman backpack.  Juju Bunny Shop has some seriously cute and different stuff which will look totally adorable on any kid.

"free printable Christmas gift tags"Every year I like to search the web and share some of my favourite free printable Christmas gift tags with you.  These were my top 6 this year.  I especially love number 1 for little girl gifts and also that dog wearing a Christmas sweater is just so quirky and cute!  Here’s where you’ll find them:

1.  rudolph girl,  2.  sweater wearing dog,  3.  modern black & white tags,  4.  animal tags,  5. girl giving gift,  6.  ho ho ho tags.

"5th birthday party dress"Last weekend we celebrated Anya’s 5th birthday with a small party at home.  It was a very girly do with lots of paper pompoms, pink tissue and 5 giggling girls.  Last year we had a big party where I hired a venue and invited loads more kids but this year we wanted a more intimate do at home.  "lady bug cupcakes"Anya loves lady bugs so that’s what we chose for the cake: lady bug cupcakes in pale pastels.  I wanted to keep it simple with a home-made feel so we chose cupcakes instead of a big cake.  I wish I could take credit for making them but they were made by my talented friend and cake maker Mirna.  For the food we chose Anya’s favourites and very kid friendly things like pizza, chicken goujons and crisps all home made.  I thought the food would look pretty served in little cardboard boxes lined with pink and white striped tissue. "girls 5th birthday party ideas"Having the party at home meant space was limited and there was no room for an extra table for the girls to eat on.  So I lay a white sheet down on the floor at one end of the living room and scattered the sheet with little gold stars and some honeycomb balls and this is where the girls ate.  The kids loved the honeycomb balls and started playing catch with them!"5th birthday party ideas"With a December birthday you have to have the party indoors as it’s way too cold.  So that usually means a venue but I so loved having the party at home and keeping it really small and simple.  I think Anya enjoyed it more too.  All in all the sun shone, the food went down well, the decorations were destroyed and the girls giggled and screamed while my husband and I watched and celebrated our baby turning 5! 

{Anya wears technical dress,  cupcakes by Mirna Cakes,  decorations bought from deco pompoms and petra boase.}

"stocking fillers for babies and kids"Since my daughter Anya’s birthday is so close to Christmas, we have started a tradition of only giving her a nice stocking for Christmas and no other gifts.  I’m not a fan of overloading kids with gifts so this works out well.  I started buying stocking fillers a while ago but need a few more so have been looking around.  While searching, I came across some fun things for boys, girls and babies and thought I would share my finds with you:

1.  elephant pillow,  2.  set of 5 monster bookmarks,  3.  magic trick box,  4.  cut out and make lion puppet,  5.  Christmas sonny angels,  6.  stacking tiger game,  7.  starry hair clips,  8.  dinosaur finger printing set,  9.  bunny wall sticker,  10.  colourful animal notebooks,  11. yellow wooden skipping rope,  12.  teddy bear hats.

"black and white blankets for kids"With Winter well and truly here in London, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce you to these cosy and stylish kids blankets.  I’ve long been a fan of Rafa kids and these blankets are one of their latest offerings.  They all come in black, white and grey tones with either a sheep, leopard or dot design.  The blankets are big so you and your kiddies can all snuggle under them together.  I love this idea of spending long Winter afternoons snuggling under a big blanket while watching a film.  Even though I’m not a cold weather person there are some things I love about Winter and big cosy blankets and quilts are definitely one of those things.

{Zara} mini memories…

December 9, 2013

"zara mini baby clothes"With a nearly 5 year old, Zara mini has long been out of my life.  Last week I popped in there for old times sake and and I realised how much I miss it.  I remember finding some of the cutest baby outfits there and for me they’ve still got the sweetest little baby clothes that I’ve seen on the high street.  Even though I can’t shop at Zara Mini anymore, I can’t resist checking them out once in a while.

Pretty vintage spaces…

December 6, 2013

"vintage girls bedrooms"

Here are some beautiful vintage kids rooms to inspire you today.  The floral wallpapers, the vintage beds, the little pompoms and garlands all come together to create spaces that are so charming.  While I love them all, my favourite is the second one with that gorgeous wallpaper and the almost faded Autumnal colour scheme.  Vintage rooms don’t get much prettier than these, don’t you think?

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!

Image credits: 1. Style room,  2 & 3. Mokkasin,  4. Socialite family.

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