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Happy Halloween!  After trying a whole load of outfits, in the end Anya decided on being a cat or a cat girl.  The outfit was really easy to put together so if you’re still looking for a last minute costume idea, this is the one to go for. 

"halloween cat DIY outfit"

To put this cat outfit together, all you need is charcoal or black tights and top (Anya wears a super soft charcoal polo neck sweater) or you can even go for any other dark colour like chocolate brown or navy.  Next cut some ears from card paper, paint them black and I have attached with simple bobby pins.  Then you need a mask which I have painted on with face paint or you make one from card paper.  Last, take a piece of black fabric or whatever colour your outfit is and roll it up to look like a tail.  You could use anything you have at home like a scarf or any piece of fabric.  And finally attach on to tights with a safety pin. Done! So what are your kids going as? I’d love to hear in the comments.

Have a very Happy Halloween!

We are hoping to move house soon (fingers crossed it all goes through).  So I’ve been busy collecting all sorts of home decor inspiration over on my pinterest boards.  From kitchens to living rooms to kids rooms because this new place will need everything doing from scratch.  While it’s always fun choosing new furniture, for me it’s even more fun to decorate and customise rooms with your own personal touch.  Especially rooms like bathrooms where lets, face it, bathroom furniture doesn’t exactly excite me.  So I’ve been looking at ways to add some style and character to all our bathrooms to be.  I know the look I want for our bathroom but for Anya’s I’ve been checking out some fun ideas.  A simple white bathroom suite is a given for me as I couldn’t imagine going for any other colour, so I’ve been looking at ideas of how to liven this up.  With that in mind here are six fun and stylish decor ideas that I’m loving for a kids bathroom:

"kids bathroom decor ideas"

I’ve grouped these two bathrooms together because they both use grey but they each still bring very different ideas.  Light or dark, grey is such a great colour for a bathroom as it works so well against white furniture.  Also this kind of colour scheme means that your kids won’t outgrow the space in a hurry, if ever!  In the first bathroom, I love the natural fabrics as well as the playful touches with things like the elephant parade.  All easily removable but great to add a bit of fun to a kids bathroom.  In the second bathroom, the use of one vintage piece amidst the modern white bathroom suite adds bags of character.  This is something I’m even considering for my own bathroom.  And of course the wall lettering is a nice touch too – you could even personalise with your kids names.

"kids bathroom decor ideas"

Another way to add some personality and fun to a bathroom is by adding unexpected things.  In the first bathroom, the addition of that green canopy is such a fun idea.  It feels like the bathtub is under a large green leaf somewhere outdoors.  And that canopy is simply a bed canopy from Ikea costing just £10!  While this bathroom isn’t white, I think this canopy idea would look just as amazing in an all white bathroom.  The next bathroom is given a very playful feel by customising the shower door with wall sticker.  Shower doors are boring so this is another great way to add some fun in to the bath space.  There are so many wall stickers around at the moment so you could practically choose anything.

"kids bathroom decor ideas"

Going for bold, bright colours either with tiles or with paint can brighten up a kids bathroom and make it as fun a space as their bedroom.  Even though this is a look your kids might outgrow, it’s still great for quite a few years when they’re young.  In the first bathroom, the bright red tiles look striking against the simple white bathroom furniture and I love that it’s not done in half measures.  In both these bathrooms, they were going for a bold look and that’s exactly what they’ve got.  The second bathroom is more childish and playful with the different shades of green and yellow and the grass and tree painted effect.  It almost feels like a play space so it might even encourage kids to brush their teeth… okay maybe not!

I’m loving all these kids bathroom ideas but my favourite has to be the grey bathrooms.  The grey looks so great against the white and it’s an ageless look too.  So when we do up Anya’s bathroom it’s going to be a simple white bathroom suite from somewhere affordable like Betta Living and then the fun begins with customising and adding personal touches.  Perhaps even a piece of fun art or some kind of wall hanging.  What’s your favourite look?

Image credits: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

This post is brought to you in partnership with Betta Living.  All content, words and ideas are my own.  Thank you for supporting my work with partners that support this blog.

Something fishy!

October 29, 2014

"Aehem fish sweatshirt Ebabee shop"

A quick shop update today as there some adorable new pieces that have landed on my doorstep.  First up is this fish sweatshirt.  In a dark navy with a mustard fish printed on the front, this sweatshirt is such a cute piece for either boy or girl.  It’s versatile enough to wear with jeans, skirts or even with our very own blue bloomer shorts.

"unisex beige ant leggings ebabee shop"

These leggings have got to be the cutest I’ve seen with those three little ants crawling over them!  In a dark beige, these ant leggings will go with anything.  Visit the shop for a more detailed view and to see the little ants up close.

"black and white girls leggings ebabee shop"

Last but not least are these bold graphic chain printed leggings.  On a white background, the black print really stands out and is so eye-catching.  If you’re in to mixing patterns like me, wear a bold printed top with these.  I love these with our feather print tunics.

These pieces, like many of the pieces in our shop are ideal for mixing and matching probably with what you already have in your wardrobe.  I love kids wearing clashing colours, mixed patterns, bold prints and generally breaking all the rules.  Because that’s when fashion gets fun!

"best halloween party decorations"

Are you having a Halloween party?  They seem to be getting more and more popular in the UK and while I’ve never had one, we’ve been invited to one every year for the last four years.  Next year I am determined to throw my own party as I’m feeling so inspired by all the DIY Halloween party decorations out there.  If you’re having a party or even if you just want to decorate your home for the kids, here are nine of the best DIY Halloween party decorations that are easy to put together in a short time and once done, your home will look pretty spooky but in a fun way.  No blood and gore here as that just creeps me out!  Most of these decorations are easy enough for the kids to get involved in so they will make fun half-term crafts too.  Happy Halloween!

1. Black bat stickers | 2. Witch hat cupcake toppers | 3. Hanging spider balloons | 4. Halloween paper plates | 5. Balloon ghosts on a stick | 6. Halloween puppets | 7. Free printable Boo glasses | 8. Free printable cobweb paper | 9. Crepe paper ghost garland

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Polar bear themed decor

October 27, 2014

"bear themed decor kids room"

Polar bears as we all know are one of the most dangerous creatures on earth but they look completely the opposite.  They look so soft and furry, cuddly and cute that it seems impossible that they could harm.  Dangerous or not, they do make adorable decor for a kids room.  They lend themselves to all kinds of kids stuff from bedding to cushions and so much more.  And besides their cute looks, I love the whole black and white colour scheme which is both modern and stylish.  So today I’ve picked out some of the best polar bear themed decor for a kids rooms.  How fun is that bookshelf?

1.  Bear head wall art | 2.  bear print baby blanket | 3. polar bear plate | 4. bear soft toy cushion | 5. polar bear cushion | 6. the last polar bear poster | 7.  bear duvet set | 8. polar bear bookshelf


I’ve never been a fan of face painting until I had a go myself.  I love it now – it’s such a satisfying thing to do. Who would have ever thought!  Have you tried it?  But I’m still not in to the versions where the whole face is painted or designs with lots of glitter and swirls – you know the kind I mean.  Keeping it simple with one or two colours is my favourite way. 

So with Halloween coming up I’ve been asking Anya what she would like to go as.  Her latest obsession is pandas possibly because she has recently been given a panda soft toy.  So this week the choice was panda and I quite liked that it was something other than witches, ghouls and ghosts.  With Halloween costumes again, the simpler the better for me and I prefer the homemade kind rather than shop bought.  So armed with my face painting set,  I thought I’d have a quick trial run at transforming her in to a panda.  She was really happy with the look and may go as that to her Halloween party on Friday.  It’s far from perfect but that’s what I like about it and I think it’s pretty panda-ish don’t you?  Although Richard’s first comment as he walked through the door was ‘who’s that? Alice Cooper?!’

Have a great weekend full of silly fun!

P.S. Have you seen our all new shop?  It’s full of adorable clothes for girls and boys that you won’t find anywhere else in the UK.

"knitted baby booties""knitted yellow baby booties"Cute doesn’t even begin to describe these adorable knitted wellie booties for babies – I’m dying of cute overload here!  These baby booties are a tribute to the cool Aigle wellington boots for kids.  We are big fans of Aigle boots here and Anya even has a pair.  The design of using bold colours with simple stripes is classy and stylish.  And then this – a mini hand-knitted version for babies.  Too cute.  These baby booties would make such a fun and unusual gift for a new mum and would keep those little toes nice and toasty in the coming Winter months.  I’m totally in love with the yellow ones for baby boy or girl.

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*via pinterest

Focus on feathers!

October 22, 2014

Skirts are one of my favourite pieces of clothing for little girls, especially in Winter.  I love how you can create so many different looks with one simple skirt by mixing and matching with different tights, leggings and tops.  Add a pair of boots or a pair of Mary Janes to change the look yet again.  One of my favourite skirts in my new shop is this feather print skirt.  From the deep rusty red colour to the bold black feathers and the flared style, I think this skirt is such a great piece that can be worn in so many ways through the Winter.  So here are a few ways I would mix and match with different tops and tights or socks:

"feather print skirt ebabee shop"LOOK 1
Glitter animal sweatshirt | Feather print skirt | knee high socks | black leather boots

Pleated panel jumper | Feather print skirt | Striped footless tights | Gold ankle boots

"stylish girls winter clothes"LOOK 3
Bright yellow cardigan | Feather print flared skirt | Glittery grey tights | Slip-on shoes with face detail

Striped tee | Feather print skirt | Star print tights | Floral print boots

I love a bit of mixing patterns and prints so I’ve gone for some of those looks.  I also love wearing unexpected colours together – like the rusty red tights with the purple boots. My favourite look is probably the first one with the animal sweatshirt.  What’s your favourite look?

P.S. My shop is one week old today!  I still can’t believe I’m writing the words ‘my shop.  I’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response from you guys so thank you so much.  And thank you to all of you have have bought – hope you love the clothes as much as I do – nomita x

I often share ideas with you on how to decorate kids rooms with wall stickers, wallpaper, rugs and so much more.  While these things are all great to help you create the look you want, there is also a lot that you can do with just a simple tin of paint.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It’s quick, easy and budget friendly but yet the possibilities of getting creative with paint are endless.  Here are five ways to have fun with paint in a kids room:

"pastel baby nursery decor ideas"

This is such a simple idea but so effective to create a cosy little corner.  Rather than just paint straight lines, I love that they have painted a house shape which really makes it feel like a separate space within the room. I especially like this idea to easily create a small reading nook in an older child’s room. 

"ideas for creating two tone walls"

Two-tone walls seem to be all the rage at the moment.  I’ve seen them mostly done where there is a straight line separating the top from the bottom, but this triangle effect is so much more fun.  It also allows you to use shades like that peach colour which probably would be too much if you painted a whole wall in it.  But the colour just at the bottom allows the furniture and shelves to stand out.

"colourful ideas to decorate a kids room"

This isn’t a kids room but this idea to paint rough shapes on the wall is so great for a kids room, a nursery or a playroom.  It’s a brilliant way to add pops of colour to a room without needing to restrict yourself to just one or two colours.  You can use paint shapes like these to highlight shelves and other wall displays and you can even paint colourful frames around posters instead of hanging them in real frames.

"pastel colour block walls"

Using big blocks of colour to mark out different areas in a room is another way to get creative with paint.  With this look, as long as the rest of the walls are white, you can choose any two colours bright, pastel or neutral.  This idea is so great for a shared room to clearly mark out spaces and each child gets to choose their favourite colour too. 

"red statement feature walls"

This is what I call a feature wall! I’ve often seen rooms where one wall is painted in a different colour but this space takes that idea a lot further by painting not only the wall but everything on it including the radiator and also using a very bright colour.  I love that there are no half measures here – this wall makes a statement and it looks striking.  A great way to liven up any kids space and with this effect, I think the bolder the colour the better.

Would you try any of these? What’s your favourite look?

Image credits: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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"handmade dolls for kids""handmade polka dot doll""handmade unicorn dolls for kids"

A quick start to this Monday morning, I wanted to share these handmade dolls.  How adorable are they?  All these dolls are made by hand by Sophia Smeekens who has been making dolls ever since she was a kid.  I love the quirky faces and the pointy heads on those stripey dolls which are my favourite.  And the sleepy eyes?  Too sweet! Handmade dolls always get my vote and these ones are so different than any I’ve seen before.  You can find a selection at the lovely Pearls and Swines boutique.

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