6 creative decor ideas for small kids bedrooms

December 16, 2015

decor ideas for small kids roomsDoing up a kids room, especially one that is small can feel like a bit of a challenge.  Kids have a lot of things – toys, books, games, dress-up gear – the list goes on and on!  Trying to find space for all this stuff plus all the necessary furniture can be tricky in small spaces.  So today I wanted to share some great space saving tips and ideas for small kids bedrooms.  Having a small bedroom doesn’t have to mean untidiness or compromise.  Instead there are lots of fun and stylish ways to maximise the space even in the smallest of rooms.  Here are 6 clever and creative ideas for small kids bedrooms:

storage ideas for small bedrooms

1. Use the under bed space
This high platform bed is such a handy idea especially for a small room.  The huge drawers underneath can store a ton of stuff and they are easily accessible for a child.  The bed not only looks great but it’s also such a practical way of making the most of the bed space. And it looks so tidy – no mess poking out from under the bed.

kids bedroom ideas

shared kids room small space

2. Consider the shape of the room
Decorating a small space is already a challenge but when you have to fit two kids in to that space, it becomes even harder!  One practical and workable kids bedroom idea for a shared narrow room is a bunk bed like in the picture above.  With a little thought and planning, you can make the most of the narrow space by cleverly using of the length of the room like in the picture above  – with the desk for two on one side and the bed on the other.  

If you have a small square room, then a great way to maximise the space is to place both the beds against one wall rather than side by side – like in second the picture above. The room is just 10 x 12 feet so by placing the beds against the wall the middle is clear for play space.  The beds are also custom made to fit the space and they lift up for under mattress storage.  Sometimes customising your furniture is the best thing to do to make the most of your small space.

ideas for small kids bedrooms

3. Don’t dismiss those awkward spaces
Always think about the entire space you have including little nooks and crannies that may seem unusable at first.  Think about what you can put in there?  Instead of dismissing the awkward corner as dead space in the picture above, they have cleverly used it to put in a cosy desk and even a bit of storage.  It’s a great use of the space in this attic room.

decor ideas for small kids bedrooms

4. Make your furniture work for your space
When space is limited, try and pick furniture that serves more than one purpose.  This could be a desk which doubles up as a nightstand simply by placing it next to the bed.  Or consider how you can create storage under a bench or table like in the image above where they’ve simply put some fabric around the table and created a storage space under.

storage ideas for small bedrooms

5. Do away with big furniture where you can
Kids clothes are small and they don’t have nearly as many clothes as we do.  So instead of a big wardrobe that may dominate the small space, an open wardrobe is a great option.  It looks great, adds colour and charm and it’s easy to access.  The picture above is just an example but if I were doing it, I would have the clothes rail a little higher so that you can either place a low chest of drawers or some low shelves underneath the hanging space.  This will create a simple wardrobe that doesn’t take up too much space.

decor ideas for small kids rooms

6. Create a focal point
To stop a small room looking bland and boring, create one standout feature.  This could be a large poster, a feature wall painted in a different colour or wallpaperd or some decorations on the wall.  There are so many ways of doing this and you can be as creative as you like.  I’m loving the example above – a painted corner in bold mustard against the white really makes an eye-catching feature.

So those are some of my ideas for small kids bedrooms to get the most out of the space.  Do you have any tips? Please do share in the comments.

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