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develop positive body image daughters

Hands up, who has daughters?

Why is it that when we meet a little girl we often comment on her hair, her dress or how she looks?  But when we meet a little boy, we almost never talk about appearance.  Instead, we will maybe ask them what sports they play, what their hobbies are or something along those lines.  For way too long, a woman’s appearance has mattered way too much and it’s ingrained in us.  I mean, how often do we still look in the mirror and criticise what we see?

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kids clothes sale

This is your last chance to buy from the Ebabee shop with (up to) a whopping 70% off.  But everything is at least 50% off!  As many of my regular readers will know, I am closing down the shop.  So now is your last chance to get some gorgeous clothes at huge bargain prices.  

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mother daughter matching looks

A few years ago I bought a beautiful dull gold top.  From the minute I first wore it, Anya insisted she had to have the same.  She was only 3 years old.  Since then, she has often wanted us to wear matching clothes when we go out together.  Her sweet, sweet sentiment of wanting to be like her mama gives me a warm and happy feeling all over.  While I adore this sentiment, I can’t do full on matching mama and daughter style. Can you?  I can do complementary style yes, but matching head to toe, no. So recently, when Pisamonas offered to send us both a pair of shoes,  I thought this was the perfect opportunity for some similar mama and daughter style.  Both Anya and I opted for ballet pumps – she chose the sparkly pink ones while I opted for the black leather ballet pumps. 

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organic cotton dresses girls

Do you know Livly? Livly is a cool Swedish brand of organic cotton clothing for children and babies. What’s really great about them is that they make clothes like Anya is wearing which are comfy, soft and easy to wear, yet they are cool and stylish.  As soon as Livly sent us these clothes, Anya put them on and she didn’t want to take them off.  Since she’s had them, she reaches for either the leggings and tee or the dress every time they’re washed.  So it’s a good thing that these Livly clothes are designed to be washed and worn several times and they still look as good as new.

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kids clothes clearance sale online

I’m sad to tell you that I am closing down the Ebabee shop.  I’m sad because I really believe in these Korean clothes for kids and I love them all.  But for me the shop wasn’t the right fit – I didn’t enjoy the whole retail/selling experience.  And I really believe that you should enjoy what you do otherwise what is the point?  On a more positive note I am so glad I tried it.  It was something that I would have regretted for ever had I not done it.   But now I have no regrets at all – it’s always worth trying something new because until you try you will never know. So if there’s something you’ve been wanting to try – go for it! I promise you even if you find it’s not for you, you will have learned something or more likely learned a lot.  But just imagine if you find it’s exactly what you wanted to do?  How will you ever know that till you try?

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blue jumpsuit for girls

One of the best parts of the changing of the seasons has got to be the new fashions that arrive.  While the weather may not always do what it’s supposed to, at least we know that we will get new fashion to covet, each season.  One of my favourite things to buy Anya each Spring/Summer season is a jumpsuit.  They are so practical and easy to wear, allowing kids to move freely and do what they do. And with so many great jumpsuits for kids out there, it’s hard to resist.  And not just for girls.  There are some seriously cool jumpsuits for boys too – I’ve picked out some of the best below.

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kids shoes with free shipping

Did you know that 1+1 = 3?  OK, even my maths isn’t that bad but wouldn’t it be great if every time we went shopping and bought two things, we got the third free?  A delicious idea but sadly it just doesn’t happen much. That is, until now.  My go to kids shoe shop Pisamonas is offering just this.  Buy any 2 pairs of shoes and get the 3rd one free.  Yes, free! Pisamonas already offer incredible value for money with beautiful, quality kids shoes priced mostly in the £15-£30 range and all the kids shoes come with free shipping and returns.  But now they’ve gone a step further with this very special offer available from 18th Feb to 29th Feb.

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ebabee shop winter sale

It’s that time of the year when it’s all about sale shopping and that’s exactly what’s happening at the ebabee shop. We are on sale and it’s our biggest sale yet with lots of stuff at up to 50% off.  So if you’ve had your eye on something, now is the time to indulge and grab a bargain.

Here are some of our favourite pieces on sale:

Korean fashion UK online
Our knitted vest with the adorable pointy hood has been a bestseller this season so if you like it, now is the time to get a cool 20% off.  For babies, our favourite is the stylish, comfy and minimal cotton twin set which comes in a grey/blue and a dusky pink – both at 30% off at the moment.  For the boys, the quirky goat tee has been the most popular piece and is now just a tenner.  And finally, we don’t think you’ll find an accessory cuter than our raccoon bag!  There’s lots more pieces on sale at up to 50% off so visit the ebabee shop and have a browse. Enjoy!


When it comes to kids shoes, I have a simple rule – no more than one type of shoe per season. Kids feet grow so quickly, there seems little point in splurging out on too many shoes.  So in summer it’s a pair of sandals, a pair of closed shoes and that’s usually it.  In winter it’s a pair of boots that will go with everything and a pair of converse trainers (love them!).  But come the Christmas season we do like to add one little extra indulgence – a pair of sparkly festive shoes.

affordable party shoes for children

This year Pisamonas kindly sent Anya a pair of these sparkly mary janes and she is delighted.  Ever since I discovered Pisamonas – an online children’s shoe shop – they have become my go to place for Anya’s shoes. Once you check it out you’ll know why – great styles and quality for incredible prices and free delivery and returns on every order.  And not just for girls – they have some great boys shoes including stunning boots and much more for boys all at incredible prices. Some stylish occasion wear for now but also a great selection of everyday wear.  So why spend more than you need to especially on kids shoes?

sparkly mary janes for toddlers

These beautiful sparkly mary janes are unbelievably under £20 with free delivery.  I love the chic and subtle glitter paired with the bow – so pretty. They come in a few different colours including a gorgeous burgundy but Anya chose the black (she is my daughter after all!). Even Richard (who doesn’t ever pay attention to Anya’s shoes) commented when we opened these saying ‘wow, they’re nice.’

cheap party shoes for kids

At the prices that Pisamonas offer, I’m thinking of buying at least one more pair for Anya for all the upcoming parties and outings.  I’m really loving the soft pink croc print bluchers – so cool! If you too follow a similar shoe rule to me, you will probably break it once you get to know Pisamonas.  It’s hard not to!

{all photos by ebabee except last collage}


korean fashion online UKI still have to do my Christmas shopping – eek!  Every year I vow to be more organised but yet I never learn and end up leaving everything till the last minute.  Are you the same as me?  The good news for all of us last minute types is that there is still enough time to do some online shopping which is always so much more pleasant than braving the crowds.  I also prefer to support small independent retailers most of whom are online anyway.  I often feature them on my blog  as they always offer something different, something a bit unique and many of which are run by mums like you and me. 

Being a small, independent retailer myself I know what it takes to make your presence felt.  So if you’re in to shopping small and unique too, I thought I would share some top Christmas gift picks from my ebabee store.  We have lots of gorgeous goodies many of which you won’t find elsewhere.  To start with here our some of our favourite looks for girls as pictured at the top:

Look 1:  ruffle neck blouse & wrinkle tutu skirt
Look 2 & 3: Pixie hood knitted vestbloomer shorts & bear knee socks
Look 4: Waist ribbon dress & raccoon knee socks
Look 5 & 6: Frill neck tee & floral skirt, wrinkle tutu skirt

raccoon knee socks UK

For smaller gifts and stocking fillers, our accessories are some of the cutest around!  Not just for girls, our knee high socks are popular with boys too especially the blue bear ones and the fried egg ones.  And for the girls, the raccoon socks and the red bear ones are unbeatable at under a tenner a pair!

Look 1: Bear knee socks in blue
Look 2 & 7: Raccoon knee socks in grey and brown
Look 3: Bear knee socks in wine
Look 4: moustache knee socks
Look 5: Egg fry knee socks
Look 6: Raccoon handbag in grey and orange

{top photos by Syarifah McDonough}

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