chicken cheese quesadilla recipe

Since December we have been living with very limited kitchen facilities – a hob, no oven, barely any kitchen space and barely any cooking equipment.  On top of that, the area where the make-shift kitchen was is freezing as it wasn’t heated.  We have now begun renovations on our new home so I can’t wait till be have a brand-spanking new kitchen.  But these last couple of months have been a challenge.  Takeaways aren’t really our thing – I just think they taste nowhere near as good as fresh, home-cooked meals.  So I’ve been trying to think of meals that are very quick to make on a hob but are still fresh and healthy.  Eggs have been a lifesaver and as much as I adore them, I still want variety.  And that’s where these delicious quesadillas have saved the day!

cheese quesadilla recipe

From play date food to after school snacks to a fast but fresh family dinner, quesadillas are quick, easy and so versatile.  You can eat them three days running but with completely different fillings and you feel like you’re having a different meal each day.  The tortilla wraps are handy to keep in the store cupboard and when you don’t have time to cook or just don’t feel like it, you can whip up a meal in minutes.  The filling can be absolutely anything you have lying in the fridge already or anything you fancy.  And these can be made ahead and just heated gently in the oven.

I made these the other day when I had some roast chicken around (which I had bought as without an oven, roasting a chicken is difficult!) so I went for chicken and cheese quesadillas   Here’s what I used:
Flour tortillas

Shredded roast chicken
Grated cheese (I used emmental but have used cheddar and gruyere before)
Finely sliced spring onions
Handfuls of coriander
Finely sliced small green chilli
Salt and pepper to taste
Butter or oil

To make, simply take a tortilla and fill one half of it with your filling and then fold over the other half.  It’s much easier to make these by filling half a tortilla and folding over.  Heat a pan over a medium heat and melt a tiny drop of butter.  Use very little butter to make sure they get crisp – too much and the tortillas will go soggy.  Place the filled tortilla in the pan and cook on each side for 2-3 minutes.  Remove, slice in to wedges and dinner is ready!  It couldn’t be simpler.  (For my kids version, I only put in chicken and cheese as not all kids like coriander and onions and of course no kid likes chillies).   Such an easy dinner that really takes so little effort.

cheesy quesadilla recipe

Some more filling ideas: I always like to use a bit of cheese as it helps keep all the filling together but apart from that, anything goes. Ham, mushrooms, re-fried beans, mozzarella, pesto, peppers, tomatoes, tuna, left over roasts, chorizo, bacon, broccoli, sweetcorn, prawns, guacamole, spinach and so much more.  I’ve spoken savoury fillings as this is meant to be a quick and easy family dinner but for a bit of an indulgence I am planning to try a sweet version soon – maybe chocolate spread or peanut butter and fruit.  Sounds yum!

{all photos by ebabee}

dancewear for girls

Ballet classes for little girls seems like a rite of passage in the UK.  It’s not a ‘thing’ in India and so being Indian and never having done ballet myself, it never even occurred to me to put Anya in ballet classes until she started asking to join when she was around 3 and a half.  I’m glad she did ask though as there is nothing sweeter than watching a bunch of tiny little girls floating around in tutu’s.  She’s since given up ballet due to other activities but while she did it, I loved watching her pirouette and twirl and do all those graceful ballet moves.  Now I’m wishing she hadn’t stopped especially as I’ve just discovered this new range of gorgeous ballet clothes for little girls .

ballet clothes leotard for toddlersballet bodysuit for girlsballet clothes for girlsballet leotard for kidsgirls on tiptoes ballet clothes

Girls on Tiptoes is a new line of mostly ballet bodies, leotards and leggings from Poland.  This dreamy range of  girls dancewear looks so comfy and soft – almost like a second skin.  And the photography is so gorgeous too.  It’s all so girly and pretty without being fussy.  Just looking at the pictures makes me want to get up and start pirouetting!  Even though Anya has stopped ballet, I am not sure I will be able to resist a piece – I’ve got my eye on the dotty all in one leotard which can be worn anytime, not just for ballet or dance (at least that’s what I’m telling myself!).  But either way, I think Anya or any little girl will delight in having some of these gorgeous clothes in their wardrobe.

*Via the lovely Porridge with milk blog.

DIY washi tape calendar

This is one idea I really wish I had thought of.  Especially in the last couple of months as we have been so unsettled.  We moved in to our new place in December but we always knew we were there temporarily till the builders arrived and then we would have to move out again which is what we have done recently.  Because I didn’t have a permanent space for anything, I stuck lots of pieces of paper and notes on the wall to serve as reminders.  But I wish I had created a simple DIY washi tape calendar like this one.

This DIY washi tape calendar is large (you could go even larger) so I love that the whole families appointments, dates, events can be put on the same calendar.  I would give each member of the family a different colour stickie so that there’s no confusion.  And then everything is visible in one quick glance.  Even if you’re not moving around like me, this is still such a great way to keep a track of the months events.  It looks good and would work great on a kitchen wall or in any shared family room.  Or even in a kids room purely to keep track of their activities.  It’s also great for rented accommodation as washi tape leaves no marks.  And at the end of each month, you just remove all the stickies and put in new ones for the following month.  Simple, practical and so useful to keep track of everything in one place.  When we move back to our home permanently I’m definitely making one of these.

"wooden toy puppet set"colourful elephant mobile nurserywooden stars stacking game

Today it’s a colourful start to the week with these beautiful wooden toys and decorations.  For me, the simplest toys are always the best.  They allow a child to use their imagination and what is better than that?  These toys which include stacking stars and wooden puppets are not only beautiful to look at but are just the kind of toys that encourage all kinds of pretend play.  And then there are the sweet decorations including that colourful elephant garland.  These wooden decorations and toys are the creation of New York based designer Laura Rodriguez who wanted to make designs that were playful and simple and that appealed to the whole family.  Laura’s creations called Luez designs are meant to bring a smile to your face and a bit of cheer to any room in your home which is exactly what they do.

Ebabee shop Korean kids clothes

Yay!  The first round of our new Spring 2015 collection is in the shop!  It’s a small selection, hand-picked by me as always, and it’s fresh and fun.  For this round, I’ve mostly gone for whites and soft colours which are all perfect for Spring.  One of my favourite pieces is the simple but oh so quirky bear t-shirt.  And I have to mention this Fox print shirt pictured below – how cool is that?

Franky fox print shirt ebabee

Amongst the new arrivals is a gorgeous peachy-pink tutu skirt.  Last season I had a lot of requests for our Mellow long pink tutu which sold out very quickly.  With Korean kids fashion, all the clothes are made in small quantities so once they’re gone, they’re gone.  I couldn’t get any more of those tutu’s but this new tutu is so pretty and perfect for Spring.  And I love it paired with that bear tee I mentioned.  I will let you discover the new pieces in our Ebabee shop and don’t forget there are some still Winter bargains to be snapped up in the sale.

Once Upon an Alphabet

February 24, 2015

Once Upon an Alphabet Oliver Jeffers

Now that Anya is six, I have been introducing quite a few longer, chapter books to her as I think she is ready to follow more involved stories.  Some have been really good, others not so much.  While we are experimenting with these longer books, we are definitely not ready to give up our picture books anytime soon.  Anya is still young and loves looking at pictures in books especially ones where the pictures tell part of the story or add an element of humour and fun.  Some picture books can be a bit babyish but there are plenty of far more sophisticated ones that are actually aimed at older kids like 6-7 year olds.  Once Upon an Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers is definitely one of them.

once upon an alphabetbooks for six year olds

You wouldn’t expect anyone to be recommending alphabet books for 6 year olds but this is no ordinary alphabet book. Once Upon an Alphabet by Oliver Jeffers is a collection of short stories based around the letters of the alphabet.  The stories are very short and even though they appear simple, they are packed with humour, wit and unexpected twists.  The words used in the book like ‘E for Enigma’ or ‘V for Victor the Vanquished’ are interesting new words and the accompanying illustrations are really fun too. One of my favourite stories is the one about ‘Danger Delilah’.  It’s a book that Anya and I have read together but she has also been picking it up and reading it to herself.  I’m a big fan of Oliver Jeffers and this latest book is no exception.  It’s now on my list for birthday gifts too.

{top two photo’s by ebabee, bottom photo via}

girls brogue shoes

Ever since Anya started walking, we’ve had trouble buying shoes.  Her feet are very narrow which has meant regular high-street shoes have never worked for her.  Instead I have had to seek out European shoes which for some reason are narrower than British shoes (I wonder why).  We all know that getting a good fit with shoes is so important especially for growing feet; I’ve even been told that getting well fitted shoes for a child is as important as looking after their teeth.  Because of this I never compromised on what I bought her even though it often meant spending more than I wanted to.

affordable shoes for kids

Recently I discovered Pisamonas shoes from Spain and I was keen to try them out as they are European shoes that are very affordable too.  They generously sent me this cute pair of brogues that I love not only because you can wear them with anything – skirts, jeans, dresses – but also because they fit really well.  These shoes come in a range of colours but I really like the neutral tones that can be paired with fun socks like these polka dotted ones.  Anya’s also worn these shoes with the brightest pink socks and they look really cool.  I’ve been putting off teaching her to tie her laces which I knew I needed to do sooner rather than later so these shoes have come in really hand for that too!  She is quite happy to practice away on them.

affordable shoes for children

Pisamonas have a big range of affordable kids shoes in lots of styles and colours for babies, boys and girls and have just recently launched in the UK.  As part of their launch, they are offering £10 off your first purchase (of £40 or more) till 28th February 2015 and they ship worldwide.  Apart from the brogues that I chose for Anya, I really like the Avarca Menorcan sandals especially in the palest pink.  Those are definitely on my wish list for the Summer.  You can visit Pisamonas to see more or else check out this cute video which shows a range of their shoes.

P.S. Anya insisted on jumping in a big puddle right before we took photos that is why the tips of her shoes are wet!

I’ve linked up to Mummy’s Got Style Fashion Friday.

{all photos by ebabee}

best detangling hair brush for kids - ebabee

Hair brushing time in our home is a battle.  Every single day.  I only have to lift the brush and Anya starts running away screaming!  One would imagine that I was wielding an axe from her reaction!  But seriously, it costs time, it costs tears and it feels like such an unnecessary but yet necessary evil in our daily lives.  The problem started when she was a toddler and so I bought the tangle teezer.  While this helped, it didn’t nearly cure our problem but we stuck with it as I didn’t know of an alternative.  Last year we lost it and have been using a normal brush – this has been an even bigger nightmare.  Late for school, late for appointments, late everywhere simply because of a hair brush!

So a few weeks ago I decided to do a bit of research in to the best detangling hair brush for kids.  I found this Crave Naturals brush which promised to deliver pain free hair brushing for kids.  It’s only available in USA so I had my brother who lives in NYC ship it to me.  It is not the miracle cure that I was hoping for as Anya still runs away at brushing time but it’s while I’m brushing that I have noticed the main difference.  There have not been tears since I used this brush.  It’s only a week but still it’s a really good start and she has even reluctantly conceded that it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it used to!  It’s not the best looking brush in the world and it is plastic and doesn’t feel very solid.  But on wet hair it is very good and on dry hair it’s a huge improvement from anything we ever had before so I thought I would share it with you.  While I continue my search for the ultimate miracle brush, this detangling brush is a great solution for now.  If you know of something else, please do let me know in the comments.

5 best shared kids rooms

When it comes to shared kids rooms, bunk beds are the easiest option especially when space is limited.  But I’m not a fan of most bunk beds.  Apart from the safety thing, with a few exceptions, I’m just not crazy about how they look.  Instead I think two beds look so much nicer and often look cosier.  With a little imagination and thought, you can fit them in, even in small bedrooms.   I went looking for some shared room inspiration and here are my favourite finds:

shared kids room small space

This small shared kids room sounds like it was a real labour of love.  The room is only 10 x 12 feet so the mum didn’t want the beds taking up the whole room.  Instead she wanted them against one wall which left playing space even in this small room.  As the beds needed to be shorter then regular singles, they made them and even built in storage – the top panels of the beds can be lifted and the bottom panel acts like a storage box. 

brother and sister shared room ideas

This eclectic shared kids room is bursting with fun and personality.  By using mismatched beds, each child’s area is effortlessly separated without looking like you have two separate areas.  The quirky decor across the room brings it all together and it looks so great too.  This kind of decor is so perfect for a brother and sister shared space too.

shared kids room ideas

This is another small shared kids room.  By placing a large rug in the room, the whole room is brought together in a cheerful and cosy way.  The beds are the same but by using different colours each kid has their own side.  In small space like this one, a single bedside table is another way of making the best use of the space.

boys shared room ideas

This is a room shared by brothers.  While it looks more spacious than some of the other rooms, the space is still maximised by putting the beds at right angles to each other.  This gives a big playing space in the middle, perfect for two little boys.  I like the simple decor as well ensuring that the room grows with the boys and you don’t have to redecorate every couple of years.

 shared room ideas boys

This has got to be one of the most fun shared kids rooms I came across.  This room is shared by brothers but it could equally be a unisex shared room or even a room for sisters.  Apart from the cheerful black and white decor with pops of yellow, the idea of using shelves as a headboard is great.  There’s no need for bedside tables and you get a lot more storage space.

bunny kids winter coat - ebabee

Isn’t this just the cutest kids Winter coat that you ever saw?  Soft and warm, Anya adores wearing it – which kid wouldn’t?  Those stunning long bunny ears are so much fun.  This coat is a conversation starter so much so that when I have to get somewhere in a hurry, I can’t let Anya wear it because people stop us in the street, in shops, in restaurants to admire the coat and to find out everything about it.  They especially love to feel the ears and I’ve even had adults asking if they can get in their size – which they can! 

cute girls winter coat - ebabeebunny coat for girls ebabeeanimal themed winter coat kids - ebabee

This beautiful bunny coat is made by Molly, who is a mum that makes a whole range of stunning animal themed coats including a fox, lion and dinosaur coat.  When Molly generously offered to send Anya a coat, for me it had to be the bunny one – those ears!  I also fell for the soft champagne colour which perfectly compliments the pink cuffs and ears.  There is a equally beautiful boy version of this coat where the ears and the cuffs are a pale blue instead of pink.  Not only does this coat look so darn cute but it’s very warm so it has been the perfect Winter coat for Anya.  But for when it gets warmer, Molly offers a lighter linen version of the same coat.  Molly’s shop is called Little Goodall and it’s definitely worth a visit for some serious cuteness!

{Anya’s outfit: Luxe bunny coat, fur lined orange boots and knit skirt with attached leggings}

{all photos by ebabee}

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