"ramayana by sanjay patel"

Ramayana by Sanjay Patel is possibly one of the most beautiful kids books we’ve got.  While the book is based on Hindu mythology, it’s a simplified version of the story that any child can relate to.  The tale involves a prince, a 10 headed demon, a beautiful goddess like princess and some animals with super powers.  It’s about an adventure involving deceit, wit, friendships and good triumphing over evil.  The story is engaging and the illustrations are stunning.  Full of colour and detail, each page comes to life with pictures that tell the story as beautifully as the words.

"ramayana by sanjay patel""ramayana sanjay patel""ramayana for kids"

Since it’s a long book we’ve been reading it in chunks.  We’ve already been through it twice and I know we’ll be reading it many more times in the coming years.  Anya absolutely loves the book and will often get it out herself to look at the pictures. 

"ramayana by Sanjay patel"

Ramayana by Sanjay Patel is a book that can be appreciated by kids and adults alike.  It really is a must have book in any child’s library (Hindu or not) and also makes a beautiful gift.

{top and bottom photo by Abigail Fahey for ebabee}

"Scandinavian homewares and kids clothes"While browsing La Petite, I recently discovered this sister duo who design homewares, kids stuff and more, all with a minimal touch.  I’m loving that graphic bear print that appears on quite a lot of stuff from baby blankets to wallpaper.  There’s lots of black and white in their collection which has a very Scandinavian feel to it.  The sisters are German but run Lile Sadi from the Netherlands.  Lile Sadi doesn’t have a huge collection, but what they do have is a distinct aesthetic which is simple, stylish, minimal and very appealing to anyone who likes a bit of beauty in their everyday objects.

Hello from India

April 11, 2014

"pink tutu girls"

We are away on holiday in India and we have mostly been eating, spending lots of time together with my family, soaking up the hot, hot, hot sunshine and eating some more. 

"family time ebabee india""family time in India ebabee""Anya family trip India""family time ebabee"Because we are all so spread out – my mum in India, my brother and sister-in-law in the States and us in London – we don’t manage to get together as often as we would like.  But because of this, our meetings feel even more special when they happen.   And with Anya being the only child around, she gets so spoiled – today she indulged in two desserts after lunch thanks to my brother!  I’ve been sharing a few of our photos over on instagram and so thought I would share a few here too. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of lots of family time.

"bunny soft toys bunny plush"

With Easter coming up you can’t move for bunnies.  Even though they’re everywhere I still like a stuffed toy bunny  especially because I love how this one animal can be designed to have so many different looks.  I’ve seen cute bunnies, quirky bunnies, funny bunnies and even some slightly sinister looking ones!  So I rounded up some of my current favourite bunny soft toys and while no two are even slightly alike, they’ve all got lots of charm.  Which one do you like best?

1.  cuddling rabbit…  2.  spotty bunny…  3.  tall long-eared bunnies…  4.  pretty girl bunny…  5.  quirky denim bunny…  6.  cute brown Easter bunny.

"black & white kids room ideas"

I know that black and white kids decor isn’t for everyone but I am a big fan.  So if you are a fan like me then this new Dutch shop is for you.  En Las Nubes does some of the cutest black and white posters, wall stickers and decorations for kiddies as well as some adorable tees.  There are lots of stars, triangles, clouds and raindrops featured on a range of goodies, all in black and white but sometimes with a hint of pink or grey.  I’m especially loving those sweet posters that have happy little thoughts printed on them.

"Spanish kids fashion"

A little while I ago I shared this amazing coat from Pepito by Chus which so many of you told me you loved as much as I did.  Today I wanted to share their new Spring Summer collection which is fresh and beautiful.  I love how all the pieces are simple and mostly in solid colours but then embellished with a bow, a ruffle or an unusual collar.  The cuts are classic and so, so chic.  The whole collection is feminine without being fussy.  These are the kind of girly clothes that every little girl needs – the kind that look so comfy yet so chic and pretty.

"chic clothes for girls"

I’m always drawn to the girls stuff because I have a girl but the boys range is no less beautiful.  Crisp white collarless shirts and cute shorts again with unexpected details like those pink elbow patches on the white shirt – I love that!  There’s actually a range of elbow patches you can choose from but the pink are my favourite.

"Spanish boys Summer clothing"

Pepito by Chus is a fairly new Spanish label started by a mama of three.  I am a huge fan already and can’t wait to see what she creates for her next collection.

"happy easter holidays"

Next week we leave for India and Nepal so I’m busy thinking about everything I have to take with me especially since we have a wedding to attend.  The one thing I know we can’t leave home without is that bunny or else there will be trouble!  Despite having loads to do before we go, I am really excited as this trip is going to be a family reunion after a long time.  As a family we are spread out across the globe so I’m really looking forward to us all being in the same place at the same time, bunny included!  The India part of the trip is going to be all about eating, meeting friends and spending lots of evenings talking, laughing and shouting (Indians tend to get over-excited and loud!).

And to top it all off we are heading to Kathmandu, Nepal together to attend a close family wedding.  I’m looking forward to the dressing up, the music, the fun and all the joy that a wedding has to offer.  But I also can’t wait to explore Kathmandu as I’ve never been before.  I love visiting a new part of the world and taking in all the sights, sounds and smells it has to offer.  If any of you have been I’d love to hear about your experiences and places to see and especially where to eat.  So please tell all…

Wishing you all a fun-filled Easter break and happy travels if you’re going away.

P.S.  The angry face is because I taped the bunny to the wall and apparently he doesn’t like it.

{photo by ebabee}

"reading corners for kids"

Now that Anya is learning to read, I am thinking about ways to encourage this.  One of the things I want to do soon is create a cosy little reading corner in her room.  A reading corner will probably encourage most kids to read a bit more if it’s a snug little space and if their books are easily accessible.  It doesn’t have to be very big, in fact I think the smaller and cosier, the better.

"kids reading nooks""kida reading nooks"

There are loads of different ways of doing this but one of my favourites is creating a little hideout with a teepee or a tent. The teepee could even be placed in a corner of another room like the living room.  Another easy idea is a simple mattress or some floor cushions placed in one corner of the room surrounded by bookshelves or even book-filled wooden crates on the floor.  I also like the idea of having a statement lamp to add a bit of fun to the space like that adorable miffy lamp.  There are lots of ways to make a reading corner really special and inviting.  The above are four spaces I really liked and found inspiring so hopefully they will inspire you too.

{Image credits: top photo by Mokkasin (a blog you HAVE to check out if you don’t know it); 1.  Vivi & Oli…  2.  Weekday Carnival…  3.  Binti home…  4.  Mini style blog.}

"kids on the moon SS14"

Are you a little wild at heart?  Do you like something a bit out of the ordinary?  Then this ‘Moonsafari’ collection is for you.   You’ll find camouflage prints, warrior stripes, wing like ruffles and bubble skirts in colours that reflect the wilder side of nature.   Kids on the Moons latest Spring Summer 2014 collection is so striking.  I love how they’ve got a real sense of wildness and adventure in the collection but it doesn’t take over the clothes.

"polish childrens clothing"

Dressing up and pretending is one of the great joys of childhood.  In our home this is an everyday thing and I am all for it.  This collection re-inforces that spirit of adventure and fantasy that all kids have.  Some of my favourites include those cool grey bubble shorts and that vest with the camouflage ruffles that is girly with a hint of edginess. 

"striped summer dress girls"

This new Spring Summer collection by Kids on the Moon is special – it’s different without being over the top.  And most importantly it’s very comfy for kids to wear and children can be children in these clothes.  What’s not to love?

Giant colouring fun

April 1, 2014

"giant colouring poster""indoor holiday activities for kids""giant colouring posters kids"

Whenever there are holidays coming up, I try and stock up on a few ‘at home’ activities for Anya specially for those days where I am either too busy to play much or we can’t go out for whatever reason.  Luckily this Easter we are going away so I haven’t needed to plan but if you’re staying home and looking for some indoor entertainment, these new giant colouring posters from Omy could be just the thing.   When they say giant they really do mean giant as the posters are 1.8 metres long!  That means a lot of colouring.  The posters can be put up on a wall or simply laid out on the floor and the colouring can begin.  There are Paris, London and New York city posters as well as a world map poster and you can find a selection at Petit Home.   If you feel like it, you can join in the colouring fun too.  I know I would have to have a go.

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