"DIY cardboard dolls house"

Today I wanted to share some fun things from around the web that I’m loving starting with these DIY cardboard dolls houses.  How great are they?

Here are 20 surprising parenting tips that you’ll use once you know them.

This is an easy to make and very cool DIY wizard costume for Halloween.

Kids really do know how to embarrass you in public.

These DIY clown cupcake toppers are so quirky and fun.

A great idea for a fun birthday party invite.

Could these be the cutest kids meals ever?

Have a wonderful and fun-filled weekend and I hope that story about the kid who embarrassed his mum makes you laugh out loud like it did me. x

"the best maternity jumpsuits"When I was pregnant, I didn’t come across a single maternity jumpsuit.  I so wish I had.  Jumpsuits are the perfect thing to wear when you’re pregnant because they’re comfy, flattering and stylish.  They’re great for everyday casual and office wear but also for dressing up too.   Some of the more formal ones would be such a great choice for an occasion especially in the later months of pregnancy when comfort matters most.  But even the more casual ones can easily be dressed up with heels and accessories for an evening look.  Versatile and easy to wear, for me the maternity jumpsuit is a pregnancy must have.  I think if I had found a jumpsuit at the time, I would have worn it throughout my pregnancy and beyond! 

I went looking for some of the cutest maternity jumpsuits and selected 7 of the best ones that I could find.  I chose a mix of casual and formal so there’s a jumpsuit for every occasion:

1.  black maternity jumpsuit with elastic waist | 2. nile blue wrap-top maternity jumpsuit | 3. grey cashmere onesie style jumpsuit | 4.  grey lounging maternity legging jumpsuit | 5.  high-waisted black pregnancy jumpsuit | 6.  black wrap jumpsuit with leather belt | 7.  low-waisted black jumpsuit with sheer chest and sleeves

The cutest kids wallpaper

September 17, 2014

"childrens themed wallpaper""childrens themed wallpaper jungle""childrens themed wallpaper town"

If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of wallpaper.  So when I came across this new adorable range designed by Swedish artist Ingela Arrenhius, it was love.  I’m already a big fan of Ingela’s colourful and cute illustrations which are available as kids posters but now you can have a whole wall full of her sweet art.

True to Ingela’s style, these wallpapers are playful with a fun retro vibe.  All the wallpapers (and there are many designs) come in 2 colourways with each one designed to tell a story – from life in a town to life in a jungle and even life in space!  My favourite is the picture frames wallpaper which I’m loving for a vintage inspired kids room.  The beautiful styling is by Mokkasin and the wallpapers are available from Photowall.

"six of the best teddy bear soft toys"

Teddy bears have been around forever.  They are the most iconic soft toy and I don’t think they’ll ever disappear.  Over the years I love how this one animal has taken on so many different looks.  While they’re all still bears, each one has a character and style of it’s own.  From cute to quirky I’ve rounded up six of the best teddy bears around at the moment, many of which are handmade:

1.  dotted teddy bear* | 2.  bow-tie teddy bear | 3.  striped teddy bear | 4.  mini brown teddy bear | 5.  red-faced teddy bear | 6.  dress wearing teddy bear

*discovered via Knuffels a la carte, one of my favourite pinners.

I love wallpaper.  It’s such a great way to brighten up a kids room or any room in your home especially if you want to change the look of the room without too much effort.  But wallpaper doesn’t always have to mean pasting it to a whole wall or the entire room; instead you can be as creative with it as you like.  You can make a feature wall, a focal point to highlight a part of the room or use it to create separate area’s within a room.  There are lots of fun and imaginative ways to use wallpaper in a kids room.  Here are 5 ways that make quite an impact:

"wallpaper for a kids room"

Use different shades of the same wallpaper
This is a big room with lots of different areas and lots of furniture.  In this kids room using the same wallpaper in different shades really helps to bring the room together and make it feel like one space.  Also, by using the wallpaper sparingly it doesn’t take away from the bright, white feel of the room but instead the wallpaper draws your eye to certain areas especially the two panels at the end of the room.

Continue reading “5 creative ways with wallpaper” »

"food faces for kids"

Lately, I’ve seen loads of fun food faces and cute plates of food popping up everywhere.  Of all I’ve seen this mum has to be the best at it.  I mean how adorable are her plates of food?  They’re so creative and so much fun that I’m wishing I was her kid!  Created by Sandra Vandenbroek, you can see tons more on her instagram feed.  Have you ever tried this for your kids?  I’d love to see your pictures on my facebook page.

Have a fun Friday and a happy weekend friends!

"classic literature books for 10 year olds"

Once the school term starts, so do the birthday parties.  Come September, I am on the hunt for gifts and this year I am trying hard to be organised.  That means finding a few nice gifts and ordering them now so I don’t have a huge panic the day before each birthday party that ends in me paying crazy shipping prices for next day delivery.  One of my favourtie gifts for kids is books.  While on the hunt for some new books, I came across these timeless classics with the most beautifully illustrated covers and I thought they would make beautiful gifts.

Anya and her friends are a bit young for these books but Anya has older cousins and sometimes gets invited to her friends older sibling’s parties.  So I end up looking for gifts for a range of ages and I thought I would share them here in case you do too.  These classic books are a great way to introduce 8-12 years olds (depending on the book) to literature and are the kind of books that are kept forever.  Over the years there have been many different covers for these books, but when I saw these ones illustrated by Anna Bond, I loved them.  There are four classics in this range and each cover is illustrated in the prettiest colours with beautiful drawings that make you want to pick up the book and get reading.  All the books also come with matching bookmarks. Wouldn’t they look lovely on a shelf or on a table?  And besides, what can be nicer than giving a child a timeless gift that will last forever?

These classics will be available from October but can be pre-ordered now.  And dare I say it, but I will – I am also thinking of these as lovely Xmas gifts.

With the arrival of each season, I am always very excited to see the new collections on offer.  One of my favourite lines to check out is Pepito by Chus.  This Spanish brand of kids clothes never disappoints.  It is always effortlessly chic and striking while the clothes are still very practical and comfortable for children to wear.  This season, here are some of pieces that really stand out for me:

"kids winter coats girls"

I don’t think I’ve ever lusted after an item of kids clothing like I am over this girls Winter coat.  Chic and comfy in a colour that can be worn with anything, this coat is a stand-out piece.  I just wish came in adult sizes too.

"bloomer shorts for girls"

I’ve often wondered about bloomer style shorts for older girls – while I like the idea I’ve never seen it done quite as beautifully as these.  The style of the bloomers is playful and childish but the fabrics and colours are more grown up so the combo makes it not only appropriate for older girls but a really fun fashion piece that can be worn with or without tights.

"stylish European dresses for girls"

All the dresses have stylish cuts and interesting details like ruffle cuffs, peter pan collars or unexpected gathers.  As in the pictures, they look fab worn with just a pair of simple wellie boots.  And even with all the style on offer, the cuts are still relaxed to allow plenty of comfort and movement.  Beautiful stuff!

"Spanish girls clothes"

Last but not least are the blouses.  As with the whole collection, there is a classic yet contemporary feel to the blouses.  Those large bows and ruffle collars on many of them are really cute and girly without being fussy.  I love that these blouses can be mixed and matched so easily and worn with anything from jeans to skirts. 

I’m most in love with the girls fashion probably because I want it all for Anya.  But Pepito by Chus also offer boys clothes in a smaller range as well as the most adorable baby clothes.  Check it out because I promise you will fall in love with these chic clothes.

I’ve linked up to Style Me Sunday

"animal winter hats for kids"

This has got to be the cutest animal Winter hat collection ever!  Each year as the weather starts turning cooler, I look forward to buying Anya a new Winter hat.  The Winter hat is not only an essential accessory but also such a fun one too.   From babies to kids, they all look so cute in fun hats like these. 

"animal knit hats kids"

This selection of Winter hats is for boys, girls and babies so nobody gets left out.   I’m really loving the whole collection and finding it hard to choose a favourite.  But if I had to choose one I think it would be the pink hat with the pom pom ears although the fluffy white bear one is so adorable too.  What’s your favourite?

"excuses kids use to delay bedtime"

I love bedtime with Anya.  We snuggle up together and read a story often surrounded by a menagerie of stuffed animals.  After lots of kisses and cuddles we say goodnight, I turn the light off and leave.  That’s the good bit.  Then comes the painful part – getting her to actually go to sleep!  I’ve found that as she’s getting older, she is coming up with more and more imaginative excuses not to sleep. Of course we get the usual ‘I’m thirsty’, ‘I’m hungry’, ‘I need the toilet’ type excuses but recently her imagination seems to have gone in to over-drive and here are some of her latest reasons not to sleep:

“I don’t like sleeping, it’s too hard”

“I’ve forgotten how to close my eyes”

“I think my heart is sick, it’s beating too fast”

“My eyelashes are hurting” (what?!)

Anya: “I can’t sleep”
Me: “Count sheep then” (I explain how to count sheep)
Silence.  I’m feeling smug because at least for today I’ve cracked it.  But two minutes later, this:
Anya: “I’m scared”
Me: “Why”
Anya: “I think I saw a sheep in my bedroom”

And the latest one from last night:
“I have chicken pox”

What are some of the excuses your kids use? I’d love to hear them in the comments.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone x

*I’ve linked up to Honest Mum’s brilliant blog posts.

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