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"Paper bird mobile for baby"

I am crazy about Japanese design because when it’s good, it’s amazing.  And this paper bird mobile is a stunning example.  For all it’s white simplicity, it radiates dizzying levels of beauty and calmness.  Of course you could add your own little touch by colouring it in but I think I like it just as it is.  Designed by Yoko Noguchi, the birds can be hung up individually or you can hang all 3 together.  I can’t think of a sweeter mobile for a newborn baby.  This paper bird mobile comes from a store called Upon a Fold and costs AUD 26.95 with international shipping from AUD 6.20.  Just so you know, once you visit Upon a Fold, you may not be able to leave.  They sell the cutest, most delicious little paper goodies that are truly irresistible.

If you like your paper mobiles as much as I do, have a look at this swan bird mobile.  It’s hard to believe you can make something so majestic from paper.  Or if you want a decorate it yourself project for your toddler, check out this cute cardboard bird mobile.  It’s even got clouds to keep the birds company!

"Paper bird mobile"

"paper bird mobile to colour in"

"papaer bird mobile by Bomb Design"

I am truly, madly, deeply in love with this paper bird mobile.  A flock of white cardboard birds soaring in the sky being watched over by clouds is what you get.  You then get to put your very own style on it.  You can colour it in, paint it or my favourite idea: get bits of bright wallpaper and drape the birdies in these.  And should you happen to be expecting your second kiddy, it’s the perfect little project for the older one.  They can put their own stamp on their little brother or sisters nursery.  Sweet!  But if it’s your first baby, you get to hog the designing… I am so jealous!  This bird mobile is by Bomb Design and costs €19.50 plus €10 shipping worldwide. But if you happen to be in Germany, shipping is free.   Lucky you!

"swan bird mobile"

"migrating bird mobile"

I’ve realised I’m more than a bit partial to mobiles for babies.  Even more so when they’re as stunning as these bird mobiles.  The two that have caught my eye big time, are the majestic swan and the migrating birds mobile.  There’s just one word to describe them… wow!  How incredibly beautiful they are.  Both are made by Dame Belette, a French lady who’s inspiration is nature and poetry.  Made of paper, coupled with feathers for the swan one and natural wood for the migrating birds, these bird mobiles are definitely poetic, majestic even.  You can get them from a site called Design from Paris and the swan mobile costs €56.40 while the migrating birds mobile costs €59.90 and they ship to Europe, USA, Australia and lots more places.  Not the cheapest but sometimes beauty comes at a price.

If you’d rather make your own bird mobile (well, sort of) then have a look at this creation by Alice Melvin for under a tenner.

Make your own bird mobile

December 20, 2010

"bird mobile for babies"Being snowed in I’ve spent lots of time surfing and discovering lovely new stuff to bring you.  On one of my surfs, I discovered Alice Melvin who makes the most amazing paper stuff.  Amongst the lovelies on offer is this make your own bird mobile.  Just cut out the birds and follow the included instructions.  The 5 birds in bright colours and super stylish prints would look just lovely fluttering above a babies cot.  And if you’ve got a pre-schooler too, get them to help make the mobile.  The Alice Melvin bird mobile costs £6.95 plus £3.60 delivery.  If not for your own, then gift it to an expectant mum and you can be sure you’ll be giving a unique pressie that’ll stand out from the crowd.

"bird mobile and horse mobile for babies"

I’ve always been a fan of baby mobiles but when I started writing this blog I discovered some absolute gems.  Some of my favourites that I’ve written about are the whimsical mouse mobiles, the majestic bird mobiles and the simple style your own bird and clouds mobile.  And today I bring you another to add to this list.  I absolutely love these bird and horse mobiles by Specks & Keepings .  They’re a little shop filled with delicate and beautiful objects.  The kind of objects that make you happy when you look at them… that give you the little pleasures in life.  And these mobiles do just that.  They are hand sewn and made of vintage fabrics and each one is different.  Beautiful and unique, just the type of combo that always gets me excited.  You can have a closer look at Specks & Keepings online store.  They’re based in the US but also ship internationally – just drop them a line with your address. 

*Via Smaller blog

"merry go round kids mobile"I’m a sucker for mobiles and not just for babies.  I would have them hanging all over my home if the husband let me!  But since he doesn’t, I’m left to admire from afar and these black and white silhouette mobiles are definitely ones to be admired.  I chanced upon them and and fell completely in love.  These mobiles are so simple yet so stunning, so eye-catching.

"bird baby mobile"

Designed by Helene, an American lady with Japanese ancestry, you can see the Japanese influences coming through in the simplicity of design.  I love the silhouette style and I can just picture the animals and birds dancing and moving as they hang above a baby cot or in a play space.  There are quite a few on offer and they all come in black or ivory.  My favourite is the merry go round mobile pictured at the top… I love the animal shapes and the choice of animals featured.  To see these and the rest, head to Helen’s online store called Ige Design.

A boat mobile so lovely!

January 19, 2012

"fabric boat mobile for babies"

I love mobiles.  I’m almost tempted to have another baby just so I can buy more mobiles (almost!).  When I discovered this new one from the fabulous little boutique called Petits Parisiens I couldn’t wait to share.  I love the boutique and everything in it and this boat mobile is their latest gorgeous addition.  The little boats are made of bright printed fabrics that come in 2 colour schemes – one for the boys and one for the girls.  But I think either can work for boy or girl.  To check out this boat mobile and all the other goodies on offer, head to Petits Parisiens.  If you’re as mobile mad as me, don’t miss these whimiscal mice mobiles and these seriously stunning bird mobiles.

"Lush Designs hanging bird decorations"

When I laid eyes on these beautiful and elegant creatures, my heart fluttered faster than a caffeine fueled butterfly.  Their graceful form, delicate wings and oh so pretty colours make for decorations that are almost poetic.  These hanging bird decorations are by London based Lush Designs, a place that excels in quirky and creative homewares. 

Back to these bird decorations though, they’re made of hand printed birch-ply with card used for the delicate wings.  Available in 18 colours, they have endless uses… hang from walls, light shades, windows, make a mobile, a garland, or whatever else you like.  I love these for any space but especially for a nursery space.  Head to Lush Designs to check them out.  They cost a tenner a piece and delivery is free.

"di calsse japanese paper mobile"

"Di classe Japanese paper mobile"

Japanese design is ridiculously cool and I’m a gargantuan fan.  Today I bring you a finer than fine example of Japanese design.  When I spotted these paper mobiles by Di Classe, I nearly pee’d my pants!  Cool doesn’t even begin to describe the awsomeness that this is.  Three different mobiles made out of jet black paper that would look amazing in a cool white nursery.  Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of paper cutting but given a modern twist, what a unique design statement these would make.  On offer are a birdcage complete with a little birdy, a frame and a rose wreath.  Hang all 3 together and watch your bambino get mesmerised… after all newborns do see black and white first.  Head to Bouf where these mobiles cost £12 plus delivery at £2.  You’ll have to be patient as they come all the way from Japan but it’s so worth the wait.

A twin baby nursery

August 19, 2014

"boy girl shared nursery ideas twins"

I recently came across  a new nursery furniture range from Spain and I loved the modern lines and colourful accents.  The range consists of cribs like the ones pictured above, chests of draws in a range of sizes, striped teepees and more.  The nursery furniture has a contemporary vibe with unexpected little details like the angled legs and of course the cool colour accents.  I chose my two favourite colours to share but there are many more including a beautiful wood and white one.  This furniture is the the creation of one of my favourite Barcelona based shops for kids – if you are ever in Barcelona, do check out Nobodinoz but otherwise they are online too. 

Rather than just show you the furniture, I thought it would be fun to create a baby nursery mood board and for a change I decided to go for a shared baby boy and girl nursery space – maybe for boy and girl twins.  Here’s where you’ll find all the stuff:

1.  mountain tops wallpaper | 2. pink, white and yellow pom poms  | 3.  fruit posters | 4.  bird mobile | 5. grey baby rabbit lamp | 6. brown bambi lamp | 7.  coloured wooden chests of drawers | 8. colourful flag garlands (these exact colours are no longer available but you can get similar)| 9.  wooden baby cribs with coloured base | 10. high chair with changeable inner seat | 11. baby quilts and bed set | 12. toy storage baskets | 13. floral print star cushion | 14.  fox and koala soft toy

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