Toys to make hospitals a little less scary?

August 1, 2012

"doctor patient wooden toys"

Hospitals are a scary place for anybody but especially for kids.  So Hiraku Imamura, a Japanese designer decided to create toys that kids can play and interact with before they go in for treatment so they know a little bit more of what to expect.  She came up with mini models of hospital machines like CT scanners and x-rays that all work with light and sound and also come with an accompanying picture book.  Kids can pretend play doctor-patient while they get a better idea of how these ‘strange’ machines work.  There are little buttons to press, monitors that light up and even an ultrasound type probe that kids can try out.

"wooden toys doctor patient"

These wooden toys are beautifully designed too using simple shapes and splashes of colour.  But that’s no surprise as the Japanese sense of design and aesthetic is second to none.  I love that each set comes with a parent bear and a baby bear.  The idea of course being to reassure the child that their parents will be with them every step of the way.  The fear of the unknown is probably the worst fear so if kids can be treated knowing a bit about the hows and whys of their treatment, this can only help.   These toys aren’t yet available but you can read more about them at Hikaru Imamura’s site where she explains her creation.

"wooden toys doctor patient play"

*Via Core 77

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