Friday chat: The miracle of birth

May 1, 2015

one day youngnewborn baby with mothermother and newborn baby

With royal baby fever hitting new highs in the UK, I can’t seem to get newborns off my mind this week.  Earlier int the week I shared some great tips for photographing newborns in the first few days of their life.  And that reminded me of a beautiful photo series that I had come across last year.  Jenny Lewis, a photographer, had the idea of photographing mothers with their one day old babies.  The series called ‘one day young’ is incredibly heartwarming.

mother and newborn

Jenny Lewis felt that there are far too many negative birth stories floating around, there is fear and mystery surrounding birth especially with first time mums.  We hear all the horror stories about birth but positive birth stories aren’t so easy to come across.  And there are a large number of births which are positive so Jenny wanted to show this happy, beautiful and fulfilling side of giving birth and becoming a mother for the first time.  I love the idea behind this as I myself was told a lot about what could go wrong before giving birth and that did put the fear in to me.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I worried constantly about the birth and about all the things that could go wrong rather than focusing on the beautiful miracle I was about to experience.

mother and babyone day youngone day young

I wanted to share this photo series because I think it sends an important message to women and also it’s just to lovely to see.  And with the royal baby due any day, it’s yet another excuse to celebrate the miracle of birth.  Of course things can and do go wrong while giving birth and this photo series isn’t about taking away from women who have experienced a traumatic birth but instead it’s about knowing that things can go right and birth shouldn’t be feared.  And look at what you get at the end of it – there really can be no better experience in life.  There are lots more photo’s on Jenny’s site so take a look for a guaranteed warm & fuzzy feeling!

How did you feel about giving birth?  Were you worried?  And if you are soon to give birth, hopefully these photo’s will make you feel a bit more at ease.

Have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy your little miracles – nomita x

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  • International Elf Service

    These images are so beautiful and powerful. What a special miracle these little babies are and I’m always filled with such wonder whenever I see one. I’m a hopeless case…

  • HonestMum

    Beautiful and love the positivity, I had a traumatic first birth but my second, a tranquil elective was wonderful, c-sections need better press too, my post ‘Having a Happy C-Section’ gets a lot of views, still today. We women are keen to have our minds put at rest, yes things can be tough and not everything can go as planned or as hoped for, but there are so many positive stories out there and many more that need to be shared. Love this post x

    • ebabee likes

      I agree and sorry to hear about your traumatic first. But yes even C-sections get bad press and sometimes they are absolutely the best and safest option. Will be checking that post out – not sure I’ve seen it before x

      • HonestMum

        Totally agree and although the first was traumatic it ensured Oliver was born safely. I loved my elective, so tranquil and a joy. My post on having a happy c-section has, going on the emails I still receive today, helped a lot of women which means so much to me x

  • thefolia

    A must read for all mums… Back Labor No More by Janie McCoy King. I can’t stress enough how valuable this book was and how every mum should have the opportunity to do the lift–it works every time!

    • ebabee likes

      Thanks for the recommendation – wish I had it a few years ago. I shall definitely share with other mums to be that I meet.

  • Kirsten Toyne

    Beautiful photos. You are right that there is a mixture of experiences out there. My first was very traumatic but my second was pretty straight forward. I guess the dramatic births get talked about because they make a good story I think every womens birth is an intense emotional life changing experience for them wether it goes well or not. For me I was unsure going into my first labour but not afraid. Great post,

    • ebabee likes

      Thank you – mine was not the easiest birth but it could have been worse too so I can’t complain. But I did hear a lot of scare stories before giving birth and that didn’t help me at all. I love that these photos celebrate the beauty of it all – thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Mirka Moore @Kahanka @Fitness4Mamas

    Absolutely adorable photos celebrating child birth. I was very lucky, all went well and both times water births. These make me broody again!

    • ebabee likes

      Thats great! I know, it’s been a bit of a broody week on the blog with this post and the newborn photo one! All in celebration of the royal birth! x

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