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March 21, 2016

STEM apps for kids

We’re not huge on repetitive games apps in this house – you know the kind where the only aim is to progress to level 2000!  For me, I love an app that makes my life easier or more organised and for Anya I like creative or stimulating apps.  Once in a while a new game comes along that does more than being just a repetitive game and that’s when it gets my attention.

We were recently introduced to the new kids game app called Airside Andy which is set in a behind the scenes airport environment – think control tower, airfield, cargo warehouse.  Anya has travelled a fair bit in her 7 years and is always excited by the buzz of an airport.  So the setting itself got her excited to try out the game as well as the fact that she was an ‘official’ beta tester.  

I was drawn to the game because firstly it’s not one of those mindless games where the only aim is getting to the next level.  Instead Airside Andy is all about exploring and discovering as you go along.  You start by creating a free account (that has to be parent approved), you create your avatar from a range of looks and you’re ready to explore the colourful world of Airside Andy.  The graphics of the game are great and really engaging too.

airside andy app

You can move your character seamlessly from the different areas of the airport and as you go around you’re left to discover different parts of the game which include mini games like catching luggage coming off planes or little jobs like collecting litter that earn you coins.  But the fun part is that you only find these games by exploring – there are no instructions or rules so it’s all up to your powers of observation and your curiosity to check things out.  At first the lack of instructions threw me a bit but it didn’t cause Anya any problems.  She was happy to explore and find things as she went along.

Airside Andy is still in it’s early stages so what you get today is only a taste of what’s to come.  Over the coming weeks and months they will be adding a lot more activities to the game including lots of educational STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) elements.  Kids will be able to do things like work towards building airports or manage planes getting off on time.  The app is free to download and includes some in-app purchases.

I’m not a parent who encourages much play on the ipad especially when it’s mindless games. But once in a while a game like Airside Andy comes along that encourages learning through play and that kind of game gets my vote!

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  • Mirka Moore @Kahanka

    Agree Nomita, I also do not encourage my girls to play mindless games on iPad or iPhone. We love Airside Andy, and cannot wait to see all the things to come in the next few weeks. A great review!

  • Honest Mum

    I agree Nomita too, we try and limit iPad play but we’ve discovered some great maths and literacy games on there that are really helping Oliver. This looks really fun x

  • Babes about Town

    Such a fun game, i love the open-ended play aspect. At first I was troubled by a lack of instructions too but I’m astonished by how my boys can play for ages, without any specific aim in mind, just exploring, learning and communicating. Oh yeah, and flying… since they finally figured out how to do that 😉 Great review x

    • ebabee likes

      Thank you. That’s my favourite part too – that play is all left up to kids imagination and curiosity. A hasn’t figured out the flying yet but I’m sure it will happen soon and she won’t want to ever stop playing! 🙂

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