A healthy deodorant that works

March 10, 2016

natural deodorants that work

A few weeks ago I shared this app that tells you how toxic or not your cosmetics, toiletries and kids toiletries are simply by typing in the name on the label.  I have been addicted to the app ever since and as a result have decided to switch quite a few of my products including the kids products I use on Anya.

One of the first things I ditched was my deodorant because even the one I was using was considered relatively toxic.  But of course I needed a replacement quickly!  I searched around and I liked the sound of the 100% healthy Lavanila’s pure vanilla deodorant.  Naturally I checked it out on my app and it got a score of 0 which means no nasties whatsoever.

Lavanila’s pure vanilla deodorant has the fresh scent of vanilla and also contains aloe and lemon peel oil and all these scents combine to create a really fresh and natural scent. Nothing too strong over over-powering here.  The deodorant is completely free of aluminium, paraben and propylene glycol (I don’t know exactly what these things are but I know they’re bad!).  It comes as a solid roll-on which glides on easily and smoothly.  But the most important question of all is does it work?   And the answer for me is a big yes.  I will admit that I am not the sweatiest person around (thankfully!) so I just use it once a day and it works really well for me but I do realise it’s still winter.

aluminium free deodorants

Natural deodorants aren’t as strong as the chemically ones for obvious reasons.  So if you need a stronger deodorant just use it more often.  Lavanila also have a mini version of the deodorant making it easy to carry around in your bag.  I’m really happy with it’s effectiveness so far and even if I need to use it more often in Summer, I think it’s a very small price to pay to use something without any toxic stuff in it.  

I always share any great beauty or personal care products I find simply because I like them and think you might too.  Another of my finds which I shared a while ago that also came up completely toxin free was this skin savior which has become a fixture in my beauty cupboard.

Lavanila don’t have a UK site but you can find the deodorant on amazon where I got it.  In the US you can buy direct from Lavanila. If you want to check out the toxins in your beauty and kids personal hygiene products, don’t miss this fab app.  Do you know of any natural deodorants that you can recommend?

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  • Vikie

    I don’t know this one, but you probably could find déodorant with less ingrédient for example by Schmidt’s, and you could find this more easily as me because it’s an american product ^^ and it fonction very well, also with the so hot summer we had have in 2015

  • sonia

    Oh thanks! I am looking for a new one!

  • Sandra

    The Ohm Collection have an excellent all natural deodorant http://www.theohmcollection.com It’s in powder form, so takes a bit of getting used to applying, but truly the most effective natural deodrant that I have tried (and I’ve tried LOADS!) and works wonderfully in the summer as well!

  • Honest Mum

    I must get this and I’m going to download this app, so important to use healthy products and my Mum has always warned me of dangerous deodorants that are carcinogenic. Love the photography here too, thanks for this x

    • ebabee likes

      Thank you. Definitely recommend the app and its free. So many deodorants are supposedly carcinogenic so best to be cautious as there are fab options out there like this one.xx

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