3 unusual ways to display your flowers

April 19, 2016

unusual ways to display flowers

I am more than a little obsessed with fresh flowers as they always brighten my day, no matter what.  I like to think of them as my happy makers.  At this time of year, fresh flowers are in abundance so I love to treat myself to a bunch as often as I can.  Many times it’s just a few daffodils or a single stem, other times it’s a full bouquet.  When I get my flowers, I’m always thinking about different ways to display them.  Just sticking them in a vase is fine sometimes but other times I like to play around with different displays.  Here are 3 of my current favourite slightly more unusual ways to display flowers:

unique ways to display flowers at home

Who says one bouquet of flowers has to go in one vase?  Grab any bottles, glasses, jars or cups you have and spread out that bouquet.  This way, even with just one bunch of flowers you can have a few flowers in every room.  Or spreading the flowers out in different containers also makes a really pretty and easy centrepiece.  I’ve used this idea for my own dinner parties and also used a mini version of the same idea for Anya’s parties.

unusual ways to display flowers

Have you ever thought about using the hundreds of toys hanging around your home?  Colourful wooden toys especially, make a fun holder for flowers.  It’s a sweet way to add some fun to a kids party table or just a playful touch to your home.  We have this big red wooden bus and I simply place the flowers in small-ish bottles or water glasses and place them inside the bus.  Another unusual table decoration ready for any gathering.

unusual ways to display flowers

The last of my more unusual ways to display flowers is placing the flowers in a storage bag. I trim the stems, then split one bunch in to a few vases/bottle/glasses and then place them all in a storage bag.  This makes the bouquet look even more abundant than it is but also I liked just having the flowers placed casually on the floor. The last bunch I did this with added such a big burst of sunshine to my home even on the greyest of days.

So those are a few of my favourite ways to display flowers.  The one I do most often is the top one – placing a few stems in each vase or bottle because with just a handful of stems I can have flowers in every room including my bathroom.  How do you like to display your flowers?  I’d love to hear  in the comments. 

P.S. All my blooms are from Bloom & Wild, one of my favourite letterbox flower delivery places. This post is not sponsored, just something I enjoy doing with my flowers and thought I would share. 

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