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May 25, 2016

adjustable wall shelves

As your kids move beyond the baby stage, life starts zooming by even quicker than before.  I mean it feels like one minute they’re learning their ABC’s and the next they’re reading to you!  That phrase – ‘they grow up too quick’ – that only parents understand, has never meant more to me than now.  Knowing this, I’ve realised when decorating your kids room, you have to keep in mind that they grow so quickly.  Keeping this reality at the back of your mind will save you money, angst and the headache of re-decorating every year or two.  A while ago I shared some ideas on how to design a room your kids won’t outgrow and today I wanted to share this great shelving system that has so, so many possibilities.  As far as changeable, practical and adjustable wall shelves go, I don’t think I’ve seen better.

As we’re moving on to the decorating stage of our renovations, one of my biggest temptations at the moment are these string shelves and once you see them you’ll know exactly why.  They aren’t the cheapest but knowing that they will grow with our family for years and years makes them a great choice.  Even beyond that, these same shelves can be adapted for different needs.  From babyhood to teenage years to way beyond, string shelves can turn from baby change tables in to book shelves in to desks and kitchen storage.

adjustable wall shelves white

A massive wall of shelves like this is great for a playroom or for a shared kids room.  Once they’re done with needing all this storage, well the possibilities are endless. 

childrens bedroom shelves

Sometimes, just a few shelves to house those little toys is enough.  And later you can add to the shelves and turn them in to a cool desk space (see desk ideas below).

adjustable metal shelves

String shelves aren’t just for modern interiors.  They come in different shades of wood, white, black even pink and more so they look good with any style of decor like in the vintage inspired room above. You can mix and match shelves with side panels in the different colours.

kids desk ideas with shelves

How cool and practical is this kids desk space?  With storage made using these adjustable wall shelves, you can chop and change the shelves anytime to create more storage space by adding more shelves. 

adjustable metal shelves for home office

Here’s another modern and minimal desk space. This ones great for older kids or even a home office for yourself. 

storage ideas for childrens rooms

String shelves aren’t just shelves. You can also get wall hung drawers so you can have some closed and some open storage.  The drawers come in handy for people like me who can’t be tidy all the time! 

So as you can see there’s lots and lots of ways these shelves can be used for a kids room.  But their uses go way beyond kids.  Think living room, kitchen, bathroom or any room.  Once you’re done with the shelves in one room, just move them to wherever they’re needed next.  Here are a few examples of the shelves in different rooms:

open storage for kitchen ideas

string shelving system ideas

string shelf system for bathroom

I’ve come to the conclusion that I need these string adjustable wall shelves in my life.  There are just so many possibilities with these shelves.  Since I can add to them as my needs change, I don’t have to spend too much to start with.  The only question is where do I put them?  I want some for practically every room.

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  • Honest Mum

    I want these. I’m on the site but not sure they sell to the UK-unless my computer is acting up. So simple and stylish! Love x

    • ebabee likes

      Me too – I am lusting for them. You can just google them and loads of shops in the UK sell them. They also have a list of stockists on their own site. xx

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