6 easy DIY cake toppers to make today

June 20, 2016

easy DIY Cake toppers

If you’re anything like me and can’t decorate a cake to save your life then keep reading.  I marvel at some of the incredible cakes out there but I can’t even begin to dream of creating anything that looks even vaguely attractive.  Give me a piping tube or an icing gun and you can be sure that I will end up with a cake that looks something like this.  

If you can relate to epic cake fails, I have good news for you.  While we may never be able to create a cake that looks like some exotic animal from a faraway land, there are lots of easy and fail proof ways to decorate a cake yourself.  You could even get a supermarket cake and give it your own touch with some easy DIY cake toppers ideas.  

So here are 6 of my favourite easy DIY cake toppers that anybody can do.  Yes anybody:

easy DIY cake toppers

Have you seen anything as cute as this?  These party animal cake toppers are just adorable and so easy to do on any cake you make or buy.  

DIY balloon cake topper

What celebration is ever complete without balloons?  Instead of just using them as decorations, get mini balloons and top your cake with them.  And if you want to go a step further, make little tassels like in the cake above.  Even the most basic cake will instantly (and easily) be transformed in to a fun and celebratory balloon birthday cake.  

easy diy cake topper ideas

Colourful mini honeycomb balls and shapes make striking cake toppers.  This DIY honeycomb cake topper is so eye-catching that nobody will even notice what the rest of the cake looks like. 

DIY happy birthday cake topper

For a birthday cake, you just can’t go wrong with a simple garland spelling out the words ‘Happy Birthday’. You can make something like this colourful happy birthday cake topper or you can make a garland simply using paper and string and write the words on by hand.  And if it’s not a birthday, just change the words to ‘hooray’ or ‘yay’ or anything that’s right for the occasion.

DIY pom pom cake topper

How playful does this cake look?  Making DIY pom pom cake toppers is another easy and quick way to make your cake look impressive.  I love how they’ve gone a step further and mixed it up with a few extras like striped candles and colourful sweets to make the cake look so fun. 

animal cake topper ideas

If you want to get a little more crafty, why not try making these DIY animal cake toppers?  These over-sized animals look so cute on the cake and even if you make just one or two, your cake will definitely impress.

Try making any of these easy DIY cake toppers and your cake will be the talk of the party.  I just love how simple these ideas are but can still transform any cake in to something special.  I can’t wait to try the tassel balloon one first.  Which one do you like best? 

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