cute back to school stationery and more

August 29, 2022

cute back to school stationery

One of the best parts of going back to school is getting new stationery supplies.  It’s the perfect excuse to buy cute back to school stationery plus other bits like bags, lunch boxes and more.

I’ve picked out some super cute back to school supplies that are both practical and stylish.  Many of these supplies come in different colours to the one pictured, so don’t be put off by the colour.  Once you click through you’ll see the different versions.

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cute back to school stationery

1. unisex school backpack – I picked out the blue one as I loved the colour for either boy or girl.  But it does come in other colours like mustard, khaki and more.  You can see the other colours here.

2. 5 rolling ball gel pens – how gorgeous are the colours of these pens? The come as a set of 5 and are all black ink.  They also include 5 refills so you won’t run out of ink anytime soon.

3. big capacity pencil case – this pencil case comes in lots of lovely colours and can hold a lot of stationery.  It’s really budget friendly too – no wonder it has over 20k great reviews.

4. unlined large notebook – a simple and cute notebook which pictures a cat sitting on a stool on the cover.  It’s unlined so it’s ideal for art and drawing.

5. pastel striped sticky notes – who says sticky notes have to always be yellow and boring?  These are so fun with their pale pastel stripes which also serve as lines to write on.

6. expanding A4 folder – the subtle yet cute smiley face on the cover is so fun.  I also love the two tone look where the cover is one colour and the inside is another. There are lots of different colour combos so pick your favourite.

7. pastel highlighters – highlighters are a firm favourite in this house so we couldn’t resist these pastel ones.  I also love the slim pen size as it makes it easier to fit more in your pencil case.

8. reusable cutlery set – this reusable cutlery set includes a spoon, knife and fork and comes in a range of different colours. It’s perfect for school lunches and it’s far more eco-friendly than disposable cutlery.

9. hot and cold drink bottle – I love the simplicity of the design and the white colour. But there are plenty of other colour choices. Its a handy bottle as it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold and is BPA free.

10. HB pencils – I love the pale apricot colour of these pencils which also come in other grogeous pastel shades. There’s a beautiful pale mint shade which is stunning too. This pack includes 12 pencils so will last a while.

11. stainless steel food flask – in the winter months it’s so nice to send your kids to school with a hot meal instead of a cold sandwhich.  This flask is ideal for that as it stays hot for 6 hours and it comes with a handy spoon. Once again there are lots of colour choices.

12. pastel rulers – forget boring clear rulers and get these pretty pastel ones instead!  They come in a pack of five so you get one of each colour – perfect if you have a few school going kids.

13. wheat straw gel ink pens – I love the flecked pattern on these pens and the pastel colours – yes I know I have a bit of a pastel theme going on here!  They come in a pack of 12 so hopefully will last the entire school year.

14. re-usable sandwich bag – sandwich bags are always handy for school and not just for sandwiches. These ones come in lovely colours, are of course re-usable, sealable and BPA free.

15. slim water bottle – if your kids are anything like mine, they stuff their school bags to the max! We found this slim water bottle super handy as it’s easier to fit in and still holds 500ml.  It’s another thing in this list which comes in so many colours.

16. pastel erasers – I know, yet another pastel product but who can resist? I love the retro look of these erasers and they’re so much more eye-catching than boring white ones!

17. pastel A4 notebooks – you can never have enough notebooks and these are perfect for school as they’re the ‘official’ school style and are lined.  They come in a pack of 10 so will be enough for all the subjects.

18. kids school backpack – I loved the look of this backpack and the dusty pink colour (other colours available too) but I also wanted to include it as it’s more budget friendly than the first backpack I shared. So if budget is a concern, this is the one to go for.

19. bento lunch box – lunch boxes with separate compartments come in so handy for school lunches and I can’t find a prettier or more budget friendly one than this. But if pinks not for you, check out the pale grey or white one both of which are equally pretty!

Which of these cute back to school stationery finds are your favourite? I don’t think I can resist those rolling ball gel pens for myself!

Please note this post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive a small commission on any sales made.  Buying through the links does NOT result in any extra cost to you.

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