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best detangling hair brush for kids - ebabee

Hair brushing time in our home is a battle.  Every single day.  I only have to lift the brush and Anya starts running away screaming!  One would imagine that I was wielding an axe from her reaction!  But seriously, it costs time, it costs tears and it feels like such an unnecessary but yet necessary evil in our daily lives.  The problem started when she was a toddler and so I bought the tangle teezer.  While this helped, it didn’t nearly cure our problem but we stuck with it as I didn’t know of an alternative.  Last year we lost it and have been using a normal brush – this has been an even bigger nightmare.  Late for school, late for appointments, late everywhere simply because of a hair brush!

So a few weeks ago I decided to do a bit of research in to the best detangling hair brush for kids.  I found this Crave Naturals brush which promised to deliver pain free hair brushing for kids.  It’s only available in USA so I had my brother who lives in NYC ship it to me.  It is not the miracle cure that I was hoping for as Anya still runs away at brushing time but it’s while I’m brushing that I have noticed the main difference.  There have not been tears since I used this brush.  It’s only a week but still it’s a really good start and she has even reluctantly conceded that it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it used to!  It’s not the best looking brush in the world and it is plastic and doesn’t feel very solid.  But on wet hair it is very good and on dry hair it’s a huge improvement from anything we ever had before so I thought I would share it with you.  While I continue my search for the ultimate miracle brush, this detangling brush is a great solution for now.  If you know of something else, please do let me know in the comments.

"how to make ribbon plaits"

When Anya started school last year, she immediately loved every minute of it much to mine and Richards joy.  That is everything except PE days.  PE days were a nightmare simply because she hated her PE kit and still does.  She is such a girly girl who only wears dresses and skirts so the idea of wearing a tracksuit is awful for her.  Of course I can’t change her uniform but I also know that I can’t go through another year of tantrums and tears twice a week.  So recently I came up with an idea which I hoped would work.  I bought some pretty satin ribbon in her school colour and told her she could wear ribbon in her hair on PE days.  She is delighted and it’s been working really well.  It’s such a simple thing but the ribbon makes her feel girly and I guess also takes the focus away from the tracksuit.  We’ve been trying out a few styles with this (life-saving!) ribbon and Anya’s favourite has become these ribbon plaits which my mum used to do for me as a kid.  So I thought I would share how we do these:

"how to make ribbon braids easy"

Start by making two ponytails.  I prefer lower ponytails as they fall better once made in to plaits.

"how to easily plait ribbon in to hair"

Cut a piece of ribbon and slide it in to the hair tie making sure to adjust the ribbon so that both sides are of equal length.   The length of the ribbon should be more than double the length of the ponytail.  This is so that you have enough ribbon left over to make a bow later.

"how to braid hair with ribbon"

Separate the ponytail in to three sections as you would do when you plait hair.  The left strand of ribbon should be held with the left section of hair and the right strand of ribbon with the right section of hair.  The middle section of hair has no ribbon.

"how to eaily plait hair with ribbon"

Then plait hair as normal making sure that the ribbon is plaited in too.  Try and keep the both the strands of ribbon on top of the sections of hair – like in the picture above.

"ribbon braids for kids"

Using a hair tie, tie the plait making sure the ribbon is tied in too.

"how to plait your hair with ribbons"

Do the same with the other ponytail and then tie the leftover ribbon in to bows. And you’ve got pretty ribbon plaits.

"how to braid kids hair with ribbon"

This is the easiest and fastest way I could think of doing it as time is always running out in the mornings before school so I wanted something that doesn’t take longer than making regular plaits.  Anya adores her ribbon plaits and now demands it everyday, not just PE days!

Ice-cream soaps

February 12, 2014

"organic bath sopas for babies""organic soap for kids""organic kids bath soap"

I don’t know if bath time is a bit of a struggle in your home but it is here even with just one child.  Anya uses all kinds of delaying tactics from claiming that she’s suddenly really hungry (even though she’s normally just had dinner) to explaining that she just has to read a particular book or play with some toy at that very moment.  Her latest excuse is that she doesn’t like showering so she shouldn’t have to!  All my attempts to reason with her (the sooner you have a shower the sooner you can watch TV type of stuff) have failed.  So now I’m trying to think outside the box. 

I recently came across these delicious looking ice-cream (popsicle) soaps on a stick and I loved the idea.  They soaps are made of organic goat milk and are especially for kids who dislike taking showers (I feel like they’re talking to me!).  By putting the soap on a stick it looks like a creamy ice-cream, it adds fun and it’s easy for little hands to hold.  These milky organic soaps come in 4 ‘flavours’ – avacado, jojoba, calendula and camellia.  Made by ahhaproject for baby brand Stitch Bear, these fun ice-creamy soaps may just be the ticket to solve those tricky shower times at least for a while.  They’ve only launched very recently so aren’t available here yet but should be soon.

"Ruby and Ginger Nappy Wallet"Nappy wallets and travel change mats.  We need’em but gawd, they can be sleep-inducingly dull.  Not this one, oh no… this one’s gonna make you the envy of the baby changing rooms.  Whip it out of your handbag and watch the other mama’s go green.  These travel changing sets are by Ruby & Ginger, two creative mama’s hot on style without a massive price tag (we love’m already!).  The set includes a nappy wallet, a change mat and a wipes case and all this for £15.  Head on over to Ruby and Gingers to get yourself some sizzlin’ style.  And keep your eyes peeled for the new stuff they keep adding to their delicious range.

Not a nappy bag

June 23, 2011

"bantie bag paradis yellow"Yes mama’s, you read that right.  This is so not a nappy bag but it’s perfect for nipping out in style with a few much needed baby supplies.  I don’t believe you have to buy something labeled as a nappy bag or nappy wallet, any bag that’s got style will do.  This also means you can buy many more bags ‘cos you can always use them after the nappy days are over (and you’ll be happily feeding that handbag addiction too).

This bag with it’s sunny yellow background and the black and white birds is perfect for nipping out for a few hours.  I’d say it’s in between a full on bag and a nappy wallet.  Do we need an in between, I hear you ask.  The short answer is no, but do we want an in between? Hell, yes!  Which woman would say no to owning more bags?!  If she exists, I haven’t met her yet.  This bag’s by Bantie, a Swedish design company with a penchant for creating unusual and cool textiles.  Head to their shop where the Paradis Yellow bag costs €56.

"lale suitcase""lale suitcase"

How super cute are these retro suitcases?  They’re gorgeous and I’m thinking no little girl (or big girl even) should be without.  Use it as storage indoors or better yet take it out filled with whatever stuff you can’t leave home without.  Made by the French Lale, there’s a range of deliciously chic retro prints on offer.  I can’t even begin to choose a favourite, so I’m not going to try.  They come in 2 sizes, small for the smalls in your life and big for the mama’s.  The mini ones measure 21x16cms and the maxi ones measure 39x29cms.  What a stylish hospital bag the big one would make for an expectant mama or even a very covetable retro diaper bag.  My hospital bag time has long passed but I’m seriously tempted for ebabee no.1.  You can get a selection from elias & grace for £40 for the small one and £60 for the big or try smallable.com who deliver internationally.

"whoost diaper changing bag"

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a cool nappy bag (or diaper bag if you’re one of my USA readers) but the ones I’ve seen just don’t cut the mustard.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with them and some are even nice but they’re just so samey (yawn).  Last night, nappy bag boredom was setting in when suddenly I saw it and my eyes nearly popped out of my head!  I speak of this bag by Whoost! Samey, it definitely ain’t.  Quirky, colourful and very unusual, it’s got the wow factor.  Carry this and you’re guaranteed to stand out from the (changing room) crowds.  Whoost! was started by a Belgium mama of 2 and she creates the most deliciously funky bags.  This nappy changing bag can even be customised to your wants and once you’re out of nappy changing jail, you can use it as a handbag or laptop bag.  This funky diaper bag comes in a range of colours, has 2 handles plus a detachable strap and costs €199.95 including shipping.  Check it out at Whoost!

For another cool baby changing idea, checkout baby spare wear. It’s a simple idea but sometimes, the simple ones are the best.

"biodegradeable g nappies"

It’s GIVEAWAY time… read on to find out more.

g Nappies are getting me all excited.   They’re so darn cute!  I don’t often find vast amounts of joy when confronted with a nappy (quite the opposite) but today I’ve discovered these beauties. And I’ve got a pair of medium nappy pants (13-28lbs) in orange with a pack of 32 biodegradable refills to give away to one lucky reader, thanks to the lovely mamas at Husha-byebaby. All you have to do is leave a comment below (say hi or whatever you like but keep it clean!) before midnight on Sunday 6th Feb and I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday 7th Feb.

More about these nappies: Scoring (sky) high in the style stakes, g Nappies don’t stop there.  No, they’re big achievers in the ‘love your planet’ stakes too.  New to Blighty, g Nappies offer the best of both worlds, disposable and cloth nappy worlds, that is.  They’re a cool nappy pant which can be used with 100% biodegradable and flushable gRefills or you can opt for gCloths.  Better yet, use a combo of the two, giving you disposable when you’re out and about and washable when you can erm… wash!  To add to their long list of creds, they come in the most uber delicious colours with just the letter ‘g’ on them.  No fuss, no frills, just simple, bold, cool style.

The clever g Nappies cost from £14.95 for a nappy pant and £22.95 for 6 gCloth inserts or £9.95 for 40 gRefills and go from 6lbs to 36lbs (but one of you is gonna get it for free!).  There are a range of combo-packs which are cheaper.  Whichever way you look at it, they’re gonna come in cheaper than disposables, look SO much cooler and they’re ever so planet friendly.  It’s too late for me as ebabee no.1 is nearly at the end of the nappy road, but if ever there is an ebabee no.2… To read more about g Nappies, just click here.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning one of these lovelies.

P.S. There’s a rumour going round that a certain eco-loving mama called Ms Julia Roberts is a fan.

ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED.  The winner has been announced on our facebook page.  Thanks to all who entered.

"Skip hop bubble bath hooks"

Ooh… the joy in spotting everyday products injected with lashings of style.  And today it’s all about bathroom hooks.  Boring? Yes, but not these ones.  Bright and colourful, translucent suction hooks to hang toys, wash cloths, sponges and more.  These Bubble bathroom hooks are made by Skip Hop who manage to add fun, style and brightness to so much everyday stuff.  And I salute them for that.  After all, I belong to the ‘practical should be stylish too’ school of thought.  The Bubble bathroom hooks come as a set of 4, cost a tenner and delivery’s free.

"spare travel outfit for baby"

I’ve been digging deep in to the corners of the internet and boy did this pay off.  I’ve unearthed Monsieur Minouchet, a Belgian shop packed to the rafters with cool kiddy stuff.  From all their lovely offerings, today I’m bringing you Baby Spare Wear.  Baby Spare Wear is Californian born and bred and it does exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s a spare outfit for your baby when you’re on the go, whether just popping out or flying  abroad. Each set contains 2 tees and a pair of trousers all packed in a chic travel case with a spare pocket for a nappy and wipes.  And the outfit itself… sleek, simple style.  Colours on offer include a grey/blue combo, grey/plummy pink combo and grey/green combo, each with a different animal logo.  No more hunting around for a spare outfit, just grab your pre-packed baby spare wear and go!  The baby spare wear lot say ‘… it looks smart on babies and even smarter on mums’.  How right they are.

Baby Spare Wear is currently on sale over at Monsieur Minochet and is reduced by a chunky 50%.  A set costs €16.50 instead of the usual €33 and delivery to the UK is from €8.  Because of this hefty price reduction, it’s selling out fast, so if you want one be nimble, be quick. Good luck!  And as for Monsieur Minochet… I can’t wait to return and bring you more cool from there.

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