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"January 2015 free printable calendar"

This year I’ve decided to be more organised with work and managing home life.  In the past, I’ve always relied on writing things down on scraps of paper that I can of course never find when I need.  Or I’ve always got 4-5 notebooks on the go, each of which has a specific subject at the start of the year but come mid-year I’ve got random notes in all and end up looking through each one to find what I want.  Such a waste of time.  So this year, I’ve started the year with a weekly planner – one sheet for each week with lots of notes for the whole week.  That plus a whole year planner with key dates highlighted so I always know what is happening at a glance. 

"printable 2015 calendar for kids"

"free-printable 2015 calendar"

While looking for planners and calendars I came across some gorgeous free printable ones so I thought I would share them here.  They are so pretty that they may inspire you to use them, even if you don’t normally.  Or at the very least, they’ll make lovely wall decorations even if you never write on them.  I’ve picked a selection – some that are better for kids and others more for adults.  I’ll be printing one for Anya too as she has learned about days and dates in school so it’s a great way for her to get more familiar with the whole idea.  And besides, she’s told me she wants to countdown to Christmas (in January!!!). 

"printable 2015 calendars""printable calendars 2015"

Many of the calendars are released monthly so you’ll have to visit the site each month to print the latest one. I quite like that as you never know what’s coming next.   The top one is probably my favourite (it’s so cute) but not the most practical to write on, however I still love it just to pin it up in a kids room and I can’t wait to see the new ones each month.  A couple are in French but of course not hard to understand.  Here’s where you’ll be able to print all these gorgeous free 2015 calendars:

1. January bear calendar | 2. Animals monthly calendar | 3. Hand drawn font calendar | 4. colourful and cute calendar | 5. February dots calendar | 6. January dotty bird calendar

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