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"H&M baby bedding collection""H&M baby quilts and blankets""H&M baby bedding collection"Who doesn’t have a little soft spot in their heart for H&M?  Even if you don’t, once you see this cuteness I don’t think you’ll be able to resist.  This baby collection of bed linen, towels, toys and more is just the sweetest.  Those elephant cushions are so adorable and so is all that starry bedlinen.  If you haven’t discovered H&M’s home collection for babies yet, check it out because I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

"yellow nursery decor"I love yellow!  It’s such a happy colour, don’t you think?  It’s probably my favourite colour especially for kids and babies.  And since the sun has graced us with it’s presence after months, I thought it was time to do a yellow post.  Here’s what I currently love for a happy, sunny summer:

1. Bird drawing book…  2. Patent leather dolly shoe…  3. Handmade lion soft toy…  4. Lemon tote bag or storage sack…  5. Harper sunsuit with triangle design…  6.  Modern striped citrine rug…  7. Printed rabbit patch baby quilt.

Sunday in colour…

December 3, 2012

"colourful toys and nursery decor"

Once in a while a drop of sunshine falls in to my inbox and brightens my day.  This is definitely one of those times.  When I visited Sunday in Colour I felt like someone had just given me the warmest hug ever.  This is a new US store that has the most colourful European brands on offer and sells quilts, soft toys, nursery decorations and more  Started by a French mama now settled in San Francisco, Sonia is addicted to bold prints and patterns for both boys and girls.  You won’t find separate boys and girls sections in this store but instead it’s lashings of colour and vibrant, eye-catching prints for all.  Apart from the wonderful offerings, I also love the way that Sonia has photographed and presented everything.  This is such a charming little store and one that really makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you visit.  Sunday in Colour only ships to the US at the moment but they plan to start international shipping in the new year.

UPDATE Jan 2013: Sunday in Colour now ships internationally.

Mondays milk…

November 27, 2012

"pretty floral quilts for kids"

I often hear people say that each one of us has a story to tell and I think that’s true.  How we tell our own unique story is entirely up to us and I guess I’m starting to tell my story through this blog by revealing little bits and pieces of my life and also through my picks which tells a lot about me.  Writing is one way of sharing but there are many other ways like sharing through your own creations.  One person who has chosen to do this is Rozalinde Innemee who is the Dutch artist behind Monday’s Milk.  She says her designs are her stories and the production is the telling of the stories.  There is something so instantly believable and beautiful about her creations and I guess that’s the reason why.  There is a part of her in everything she makes and that is what makes her offerings so special.

"pretty bow hair clips"

You can expect to find kids quilts, hair clips, soft toys, fabrics and things for the home.  All have a gentle, pure and simple feel to them with a definite feminine touch.  I adore the quilts which come in the prettiest of fabrics and I love the animal soft toys too.  You won’t find the usual suspects here but instead we’ve got cute rhino’s and an anteater.  And today I spotted the adorable bow hair clips which is what reminded me how of much I loved this store and that I hadn’t yet shared it with you.  But now you know so visit Monday’s Milk and I hope you love the expression of Rozalinde’s story as much as I do.

"european nursery bedding sets"

Hand made in Italy, this kids bedding by Numero 74 is just exquisite.  In the collection there are blankets, quilts and duvet sets for babies and children.   With a strong vintage vibe, the bedding is made in limited editions so you know you’re getting something unique.  But Numero 74 is about more than bedding as they also sell very desirable vintage toys and furniture which I have featured before.

"Italian kids bedding sets"

There is an understated elegance to all the bedding that comes in a range of colours from brights to muted tones.  The fabrics have pretty floral prints or polka dots but there’s also lots in plain colours too.  Started by 2 friends who couldn’t find what they wanted to decorate their kids room, they decided to make or source their own and Numero 74 was born.  I’ve completely fallen for their entire collection especially those quilts pictured at the top.  Visit Numero 74 or for a different range try smallable.com

"mint green toys, clothes and accessories for kids"Spring is here and I can’t see beyond mint green at the moment.  It’s in the shops, it’s in the magazines and it’s on my mind.  It’s such a fresh and vibrant colour and I’m absolutely going crazy for it.  So I went on the hunt for some mint green lovelies for the kids and here’s what I found:

1.  An old wardrobe given a new lease of life by painting it mint green.  Perfect for any kids room, I found this over at style-files.

2.  A cute little summer dress with a high seas print by Winter Water Factory.

3.  I love the idea of having a single wooden letter on display in a nursery and I love this lower case ‘a’ by Old New Again.

4.  Gorgeous little baby ballet shoes by Baby Bloch. You can get these at Bohemia Design.

5.  Beautiful mint green and gold wallpaper adorned with colourful humming birds, perfect for kids or adults too.  It’s called Grove Garden Wallpaper and it’s from Fabrics & Papers.

6.  A sweet little elephant bowl made of stoneware clay and its from A. Speer Ceramic Studio.

7.  I just want to eat these mint green cake pops now! The photo is from Fern Lee photography where you’ll also find instructions on how to make these delicious looking treats.

8.  An adorable little hand made bunny rabbit wearing mint green and polka dots by Timo Handmade.

9.  Last is this lovely, cosy looking quilt with a turtle print on one side and stripes on the other.  This one is by Moo Chic Baby.

If you want to see more in the colour love series, check out these lovely blue goodies and orange ones too.

"cool baby blankets"

Cutesy, frilly baby stuff just doesn’t cut it for me so when I read words like ‘adult-friendly baby items’ my interest is immediately peaked.   That’s what I read about Superfly Lullabies and I had to check out their stuff.  I found some very cool baby blankets, pillows and bibs.  All the goodies are made from bold and bright fabrics sourced from hot design hubs like Japan, Scandinavia and USA and are then handcrafted in to funky and fun blankets, bibs and more.  I’m loving the modern Matryoshka blanket which also doubles up as a baby playmat as do all the blankets.  The bold red and white polka dotted print is another of my favourites.  Superfly Lullabies was started by Julie, a mama who believes baby stuff should be refined and stylish, not fussy and frilly… just my kind of mama.  To check out her collection visit Superfly Lullabies where you’ll find her shop too.

"christmas gifts for newborn babies"

My next Christmas 2011 gift list is here and today it’s all about gifts for newborns and little babies.  While newborns don’t need much more than milk and their mama’s, it’s always so nice to spoil and indulge them and Christmas is the best excuse.  There are some wonderful goodies out there for babies, so I searched the web and found you some of the absolutely best little toys, gifts and clothes for the newest arrivals in your life.  Here’s the lovely list (almost making me want a newborn again!):

1.  Beautiful liberty print bib and booties gift set by the gorgeous French label Eponime.

2.  Soft and so cuddly is this floppy little sheep by Les Petites Emplettes.  From Smallable.com

3.  Cute little body with a simple bunny drawing by WoWo.

4.  A quirky royal blue elephant musical toy by the colourful Clemence G boutique.

5.  A book full of bold black and white images – perfect eye candy for little babies.  Called Mesmerised it’s by Katey Love.

6.  Soft and beautiful are these gorgeous cotton quilts by Ketiketa.  From Smallable.com

7.  Gorgeous ruby red booties by the stylish Album Di Famiglia. From Little Fashion Gallery

8.  Soft and pretty cloth blocks for decoration or to play with by Mimilou. From Orfeo Design.

9.  Gorgeous little hanging musical toy for the pram, car seat or cot.  Made by one of my favourite stores – Esthex.

10.  What an adorable little vest sweater with a mustache on it.  Love it.  This is one you’ll have to knit yourself but you’ll find the pattern here.  Lucky for me, my mother in law is a fab knitter so I’m definitely getting one of these.*

For lots more gift ideas for kids, check out our other gift guides: Paper gifts, soft toyskids books and wooden toys.

* Via Mimi’s blog

"baby quilts with birds"

Officially, we may be past the season of quilts.  But in truth, we always need some warmth to hand as the British weather is famous for it’s non-compliance!  And besides, these baby quilts are just too delicious to pass up on.  Handmade by Got me in Stitches, these quilts are uber-modern with their bold solid colours and large un-fussy graphics.  Many are embellished with a bird or two while all are embellished with heaps of style.  And when you’re done using it as a kiddy quilt, they’re more than stunning enough to become wall hangings to brighten up any space.  To get your hands on these quilts, head to Got Me in Stitches Etsy shop where they cost from $105 plus $15 for shipping.

P.S. We’re running a giveaway. There’s vouchers to be won. Check out and like our Facebook page for all the details.

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