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We are hoping to move house soon (fingers crossed it all goes through).  So I’ve been busy collecting all sorts of home decor inspiration over on my pinterest boards.  From kitchens to living rooms to kids rooms because this new place will need everything doing from scratch.  While it’s always fun choosing new furniture, for me it’s even more fun to decorate and customise rooms with your own personal touch.  Especially rooms like bathrooms where lets, face it, bathroom furniture doesn’t exactly excite me.  So I’ve been looking at ways to add some style and character to all our bathrooms to be.  I know the look I want for our bathroom but for Anya’s I’ve been checking out some fun ideas.  A simple white bathroom suite is a given for me as I couldn’t imagine going for any other colour, so I’ve been looking at ideas of how to liven this up.  With that in mind here are six fun and stylish decor ideas that I’m loving for a kids bathroom:

"kids bathroom decor ideas"

I’ve grouped these two bathrooms together because they both use grey but they each still bring very different ideas.  Light or dark, grey is such a great colour for a bathroom as it works so well against white furniture.  Also this kind of colour scheme means that your kids won’t outgrow the space in a hurry, if ever!  In the first bathroom, I love the natural fabrics as well as the playful touches with things like the elephant parade.  All easily removable but great to add a bit of fun to a kids bathroom.  In the second bathroom, the use of one vintage piece amidst the modern white bathroom suite adds bags of character.  This is something I’m even considering for my own bathroom.  And of course the wall lettering is a nice touch too – you could even personalise with your kids names.

"kids bathroom decor ideas"

Another way to add some personality and fun to a bathroom is by adding unexpected things.  In the first bathroom, the addition of that green canopy is such a fun idea.  It feels like the bathtub is under a large green leaf somewhere outdoors.  And that canopy is simply a bed canopy from Ikea costing just £10!  While this bathroom isn’t white, I think this canopy idea would look just as amazing in an all white bathroom.  The next bathroom is given a very playful feel by customising the shower door with wall sticker.  Shower doors are boring so this is another great way to add some fun in to the bath space.  There are so many wall stickers around at the moment so you could practically choose anything.

"kids bathroom decor ideas"

Going for bold, bright colours either with tiles or with paint can brighten up a kids bathroom and make it as fun a space as their bedroom.  Even though this is a look your kids might outgrow, it’s still great for quite a few years when they’re young.  In the first bathroom, the bright red tiles look striking against the simple white bathroom furniture and I love that it’s not done in half measures.  In both these bathrooms, they were going for a bold look and that’s exactly what they’ve got.  The second bathroom is more childish and playful with the different shades of green and yellow and the grass and tree painted effect.  It almost feels like a play space so it might even encourage kids to brush their teeth… okay maybe not!

I’m loving all these kids bathroom ideas but my favourite has to be the grey bathrooms.  The grey looks so great against the white and it’s an ageless look too.  So when we do up Anya’s bathroom it’s going to be a simple white bathroom suite from somewhere affordable like Betta Living and then the fun begins with customising and adding personal touches.  Perhaps even a piece of fun art or some kind of wall hanging.  What’s your favourite look?

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