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"scandinavian kids room decor"

Today I discovered Mini Empire, a fabulous little store from Sweden.  Mini Empire is all about the world of animals and deep woods depicted through the wonderful illustrations of Jenny Von Döbeln.  These illustrations adorn cushions, posters, wallpaper and more.  The beauty of all the goodies is that they can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of age or gender and their main aim is to bring a little bit of fantasy and fun in to your home.  I’m loving the owl print especially on the wallpaper.

"black & white posters for kids"

There are a lot of stylish goodies to be had from Mini Empire but some of my absolute favourites are the black and white prints, and in particular the ‘Africa’ poster with the elephant, lion and bird.  I absolutely love the style of illustration as well as the intricate detail of each animal.  This poster would look super cool in a kiddy space or an adult space… in fact I’m seriously tempted.  You can visit Mini Empire to see all their chic offerings and you’ll also find a link to their store on their site.

"mint green toys, clothes and accessories for kids"Spring is here and I can’t see beyond mint green at the moment.  It’s in the shops, it’s in the magazines and it’s on my mind.  It’s such a fresh and vibrant colour and I’m absolutely going crazy for it.  So I went on the hunt for some mint green lovelies for the kids and here’s what I found:

1.  An old wardrobe given a new lease of life by painting it mint green.  Perfect for any kids room, I found this over at style-files.

2.  A cute little summer dress with a high seas print by Winter Water Factory.

3.  I love the idea of having a single wooden letter on display in a nursery and I love this lower case ‘a’ by Old New Again.

4.  Gorgeous little baby ballet shoes by Baby Bloch. You can get these at Bohemia Design.

5.  Beautiful mint green and gold wallpaper adorned with colourful humming birds, perfect for kids or adults too.  It’s called Grove Garden Wallpaper and it’s from Fabrics & Papers.

6.  A sweet little elephant bowl made of stoneware clay and its from A. Speer Ceramic Studio.

7.  I just want to eat these mint green cake pops now! The photo is from Fern Lee photography where you’ll also find instructions on how to make these delicious looking treats.

8.  An adorable little hand made bunny rabbit wearing mint green and polka dots by Timo Handmade.

9.  Last is this lovely, cosy looking quilt with a turtle print on one side and stripes on the other.  This one is by Moo Chic Baby.

If you want to see more in the colour love series, check out these lovely blue goodies and orange ones too.

"birds wallpaper for a nursery"

If you’re a regular here you’ll know how much I love my wallpaper.  I’ve got the stuff pasted on many walls in my home including the bambino’s room where I chose the Pip Early Bird wallpaper.  I recently discovered Julia Rothman and her daydream wallpaper.  Birds floating amongst clouds in the most beautiful colourways is what I saw and it was love.  It would make a fabulous style statement in a nursery or kids space but would also be equally at home in an adult space… just the kind of thing that floats my boat.  I’m very keen on the design but I also love the range of colours that this bird wallpaper comes in; there are muted and soft colours as well as impactful and bright colours.  Julia Rothman is a Brookyn based designer who creates bold and whimsical designs not just to adorn wallpapers but also books, wall prints, totes and more. Check out Julia’s work at her site of head to Hygge & West for this wonderful and floaty birdy wallpaper.

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