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"black baby rooms"

Would you ever consider a black baby nursery?  While I’m a big fan of black and white baby nurseries, I’ve never gone for using using black as the dominant colour.  But recently I’ve been coming across a few black nurseries and I’ve found myself really liking them.  There’s something very dramatic about the look.  For a black nursery to work, using  the right amount of black with other shades and tones is important otherwise the room can look too dark and dingy especially if it’s a small room.  It’s probably not a look for everyone but for me, when done well, black can be quite stunning and even calming.  Does it work for you?  Here are some of my favourite black nurseries to help you decide:

"dark walls in a nursery"

The natural wood colours compliment the black beautifully and soften the whole look.  Cute monochrome blankets, toys and decorations work well here because the white in them stands out so well against all the black.  

"how to use dark colours in a nursery"

Using a black wallpaper with hints of colour is a great way of adding a more subtle amount of black to a nursery.  You’ll still achieve the dramatic black look but in a more toned down way.  And here again the natural wood floors and cot add a lightness to the room as do the colourful decorations. (image via Oeuf)

"black walls for a baby nursery"

In this room only one feature wall has been painted black while the rest of the walls and the floors are bright white.  Even with just one wall, the dominating colour is black and almost stands out more because of all the white surrounding it.  Some black furniture and various shades of gray complete the look of this modern black baby nursery. (image via ollie & sebs haus)

"dark wall colours for nursery"

Instead of turning walls black, making the floor entirely black is another way to add a dramatic black look to a nursery.  This room looks light and bright but you still can’t miss the drama of the black floors.  And as all the decor in the room sticks to the monochrome colour scheme, it allows the black to dominate but doesn’t look oppressive.  (image via the designer pad)

"black and white room ideas for toddlers"

I think if I ever move to another career it would have to be something to do with decorating babies and kids rooms.  I love putting together inspiration and ideas for how to create a beautiful nursery space or a kiddy space.  My favourite style is Scandinavian and right now I’m really partial to black and white rooms especially with a subtle hint of another colour.  For this mood board I’ve added a dash of pink to brighten up the black and white.  Here’s where you’ll find the picks:

1. stars garland | 2. miffy lamp | 3. heart postcard | 4. cloud postcards and panda poster | 5. birch toddler and child bed | 6.  owl cushion | 8.  striped toy storage baskets | 9.  bunny and girl doll | 10.  beauty baby and jealous baby dolls | 11. trees duvet set

"blakc and white nursery decor ideas"At the moment I can’t seem to get enough of Scandinavian style black & white interiors.  It’s such a clean and striking look for any room.  So I’ve put together some things I’m really loving for a Scandi inspired black & white baby nursery.  

1. Hand knit Paris garland…  2. Bear of few words A4 print…  3. Tree adorned crib bedding…  4. Black and birch high chair…  5.  Stripey cloud cushion…  6. Raindrop wall stickers…  7.  Jealous baby soft toy.

"black and white kids room ideas"I remember when I was around 13, there was a girl in my school who only ever wore black.  Occasionally she would wear little hints of white or grey but the dominating colour from head to toe was always black.  I seriously thought she was the coolest kid I’d ever seen!  I’ve always loved black and even several years on this obsession with black has never waned.  When I see a piece of clothing in a shop, it can come in every colour under the sun and I will always be drawn to the black one.  Over the years I’ve taught myself to have more colour in my wardrobe especially for Spring and Summer but in Winter it’s back to black!  Now this black obsession is creeping in to my decorating ideas and I’m thinking of re-doing my daughters room in black and white.  So I’ve been looking around for kids room decorations that are not only black and white but are also simple, unfussy and uncluttered in their design.  These were my top picks:

1.  Heart poster… 2. Polka dot wall stickers… 3. Sheep mobile… 4. Striped blanket… 5. Striped cloud cushion… 6. Tica chair… 7. Mickey Mouse pillow.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  See you next week…

Today I wanted to share a few things and spaces I found and fell for:

"kids room flooring ideas"Beautiful vintage inspired kids room and I’m going crazy for that chequered floor.

"mouse soft toy doll"How cute is this mouse ballerina?

"minimalist kids room"Loving the colours and the simplicity of this kids space.

"sheep soft toy"That sheep soft toy is just adorable and I love the black, white and grey nursery too.

Have a wonderful weekend and try to stay warm!

"black and white kids rooms"

I love pairing black and white.  Be it in fashion or interiors, these 2 just work together like magic.  I don’t think I’d ever be bold enough to decorate a room using only these 2 colours, even though the end result can be quite stunning.  But the thought of using them as a backdrop and adding bright pops of colour really appeals to me.  And that’s why I fell for the kids room pictured above.  The all white room has been complemented with lots of black and then there is an abundance of colour in practically every shade under the sun.  That’s the best bit about a black and white backdrop – absolutely no other colour is out of bounds.

"black and white girls room"

After finding the first room I felt very inspired and continued hunting to see what else was out there.  I soon stumbled upon this wonderful room which again has the same backdrop complemented with lots of colourful bits and pieces.  Both these rooms can be for boy or girl and would be super easy to re-decorate when the time comes.  The only problem with finding beautiful kids spaces like these is that it makes me want to re-decorate my daughters room each and every time…

image credits: 1. Petra Bindel and 2. French by design

When you’re thinking colours for your toddler or kids room, black & white probably don’t even come up.  It’s definitely not the most popular choice of colour scheme for a kiddy room but if done right, it works and how!  Black and white rooms can look super stunning and can really have the wow factor.  It may not be for everyone but I’m a big fan and I’ve rounded up 5 kids rooms that do black & white oh so well:

"black and white kids room"

"black and white kids room decor"

"black and white kids room ideas"

I love them all but if I had to choose a favourite, I think it would be number 2.  I love how the black and white cars with hints of red are placed by the window and I love the bed too.  I also like the idea of having a chalkboard wall as they’ve done in rooms 4 and 5. It’s easy to do and any kid would love it. 

Image credits: 1. French by Design  2. Style files  3. Think decor  4. Onszelf  5. The want monster

"black and white nursery"

Black and white may not be the most obvious choice of colours for a nursery but when I saw this one, I thought it looked fantastic.  Very chic, very minimal but not cold in any way.  I love the abundance of white that has been brought to life with careful touches of black and hints of yellow and natural wood.  This black and white nursery is the creation of Susanna Vento who is an interior designer from Finland.  But it’s not just the colours that are getting me excited, it’s all the furniture and the little details too.  I’m loving the Baltic rocking horse, the hanging storage basket and the garland with the hanging onesies.  I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian style for a reason and this nursery is the perfect example of how they just get it!

P.S. Here are some more nursery decor ideas for you to check out. 

*Via Wall Decor Source

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