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What is is about polka dots that is so appealing?  I adore them and they are going to be a big part of decorating my new home.  Polka dots on clothes are fab but they’re also so fun as decorations for any room in the house.  You can use a few or lots, big ones or small ones, colourful or monochrome – they just work.  There is no room that can’t benefit with polka dotted decor but I especially love them for a kids room – both for boys and girls.  Decorating with polka dots is an inexpensive way to add a bit of fun and lots of style to a room and polka dots are so easy to decorate with as they go with any kind of decor.  Here are 7 inspiring rooms that show us just how to make polka dots work:

polka dot decorations for a bedroom

Big, black polka dot stickers decorate one side of this adorable room.  The dots are just randomly stuck on to the walls – not in any pattern – making them even more interesting.  And they also make the prints and the big round rug stand out more.

polka dot bedding kids

From big, black polka dots on the wall to bold polka dot bedding.  I love this shared boys room which mixes different graphic shapes and bold colours so well.  The black polka dot bedding really pops against those bright yellow shelves.

decorating with polka dots ideas

If you prefer having a little colour in the room, polka dots are great for doing just that.  Like in this little boy’s nursery above, a few bright dots can add a splash of colour to a room and also these dots really make that cute toy shelf stand out. 

polka dot wall decals for kids room

Big and colourful polka dots work just as well for a bolder statement.  Instead of a headboard this simple washi tape house shape is brought to life with those multi-coloured dots.  I love how the dots have been added to the chair as well to complete the playful look.

black polka dot wallpaper

I love the clutter and chaos of this room – after all kids never keep their rooms looking perfect, do they?  Here, among all the many toys, shapes and wall decorations they’ve gone for one simple wall of small polka dots.  Even though there is so much happening in this room, the dots make a little statement of their own and totally add to the look of this room.  Love it!

gold polka dot wall decals

Gold is a colour so under-used for a kids room, especially a little girls room.  One of the best ways to add a touch of gold is by using gold polka dot wall decals like they’ve done in the room above.  The gold doesn’t take over but instead looks chic and stylish. 

decorating with polka dots

Even the most minimal of rooms can benefit with some polka dots like this minimal nursery.  I love that they’ve used two different sized polka dots to make even more of an impact.  This idea of using different sized dots can be brought to life in so many ways.

The best thing about decorating with polka dots is that there are no rules and no age limits.  You can go as minimal or as full on as you like.  Polka dots work with any decor and they’re such a simple way of adding a little chic, playful style to any room especially a kids room. 

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I am constantly looking for beautiful kids room inspiration and now more so than ever as with our house move I need to decorate Anya’s new room in the next few months.  The one colour scheme I keep coming back to is the sleek and minimal Scandinavian style black and white.  Apart form the stylish looks of a monochrome kids room, black and white is the perfect backdrop to allow a kids room to grow with them.  I don’t want to re-decorate every couple of years so with this colour scheme you can add colourful cushions, posters and toys to get your pops of colour – as much or as little colour as you want.  As the child grows, you only need to replace these decor items and you can give the same room a completely different, more grown up look without too much effort.  Would you go for black and white for a kids room or too stark for you?  Once you see these inspiring black and white kids rooms that I’ve found, you might just change your mind:

black and white decor ideas kids room

Even the smallest touches of colour can really pop in a black and white room like those tiny little toys on the shelf.

black and white childrens room

If not colour, natural tones compliment black and white spaces really well.  Replace the cute wall decor with more grown-up stuff and this could easily become a teenagers room or even I would move in!

black and white ecclectic kids room

If you think black and white is boring, then think again – this room is anything but.  It combines colour and natural tones to create a really playful and fun space.

black and white kids room yellow accents

Just add one bold and bright colour to the mix like this black and white kids room with yellow accents.  With black and white as the main colours of the room, no other colour is off limits so you can always choose your childs favourite colour of the moment.

black and white kids room colour accents

If you can’t do without lots of colour, then this room shows just how much colour you can add to a black and white space. Lots of red, yellow, green and blue all work so well against the monochrome walls and furniture.

These are my current favourite black and white kids rooms that are inspiring me right now.  Use a little bit of colour or lots of it;  either way you can create quite a stunning space.  And each of these rooms would grow with your child just by changing the decorations.  So do you think you would go for black and white?

Image credits: 1. miniwilla | 2. mommo-design | 3. boo & the boy | 4. la de dah kids | 5. art marble

"black white and red kids room decor"

Today, lets take a break from the Christmas gift lists and look at some kids room inspiration.  We are moving house next week (eek!) and the new place needs to be done up from scratch.  It hasn’t been decorated in 40 years!  So my brain is swimming with all kinds of decor ideas which I’ve been collecting on my pinterest boards including ideas for Anya’s new room.  While I can’t seem to move away from the whole black and white colour scheme, I’m liking the idea of adding an extra pop of colour especially for a kids room.  Recently I came across the above room and it really inspired me to think about red as the extra colour.  Have you ever considered red for a kids room?  It’s not a colour I would choose as a main one as too much red can be overbearing for me but if used sparingly with lots of white and some black, it can look quite striking.  And red is a great colour for boy or girl so it would be a great choice for a shared room too.  Here are some of my favourite rooms with pops of red:

"kids room colour scheme ideas""boys room decor ideas""black and white nursery room decor"

As these rooms show, you can add splashes of red in many different ways; one piece of red furniture, red bedding, red toys or even just a bold red poster that stands out will do the trick.  Because red is such a bright and vibrant color, you don’t need a lot of it to make an impact.  In the third picture I love the blue, black and white colour scheme which works so well with the bright red poster – something a bit different for a boys room.  And in the last picture just the smallest red accents look so great.  I am really liking this colour scheme for a kids room and maybe this will be the one for Anya’s room. What do you think? Would you consider red as an accent colour?

Image credits: 1. Mollymeg | 2. spearmint baby | 3. mini style | 4. boo and the boy

"blakc and white nursery decor ideas"At the moment I can’t seem to get enough of Scandinavian style black & white interiors.  It’s such a clean and striking look for any room.  So I’ve put together some things I’m really loving for a Scandi inspired black & white baby nursery.  

1. Hand knit Paris garland…  2. Bear of few words A4 print…  3. Tree adorned crib bedding…  4. Black and birch high chair…  5.  Stripey cloud cushion…  6. Raindrop wall stickers…  7.  Jealous baby soft toy.

"black and white kids room ideas"I remember when I was around 13, there was a girl in my school who only ever wore black.  Occasionally she would wear little hints of white or grey but the dominating colour from head to toe was always black.  I seriously thought she was the coolest kid I’d ever seen!  I’ve always loved black and even several years on this obsession with black has never waned.  When I see a piece of clothing in a shop, it can come in every colour under the sun and I will always be drawn to the black one.  Over the years I’ve taught myself to have more colour in my wardrobe especially for Spring and Summer but in Winter it’s back to black!  Now this black obsession is creeping in to my decorating ideas and I’m thinking of re-doing my daughters room in black and white.  So I’ve been looking around for kids room decorations that are not only black and white but are also simple, unfussy and uncluttered in their design.  These were my top picks:

1.  Heart poster… 2. Polka dot wall stickers… 3. Sheep mobile… 4. Striped blanket… 5. Striped cloud cushion… 6. Tica chair… 7. Mickey Mouse pillow.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  See you next week…

"black and white wallpaper"If you read my post on Ferm Livings latest collection, you will know that I am obsessing over the whole black and white Scandinavian interiors look.  I so badly want to create my own version of this look in my living room but can’t for practical reasons.  My only hope is moving house but it seems a bit excessive to move just because I want to re-decorate the living room!  So while I wait I’ve been dreaming of how I would decorate, and this black and white wallpaper by Fine Little Day is one of my favourites.  In my next home I know I’ve got to have this somewhere.  The same print also comes as a baby blanket and a cushion cover both of which I love too.  I went looking around the web to see rooms where this blanket, wallpaper or cushion has been used and these were some of my favourite black and white rooms:

"black and white nursery""black and white kids room""black and white scandinavian decor"Isn’t this wallpaper so striking?  It just brings all these rooms to life.  I love the nursery at the top which is nearly all white but has that stunning feature wall.  I also love the last picture where this wallpaper has been used to frame a door.  And the 2 pictures in the middle show the blanket and cushion which are so chic.  Have a happy weekend!

Image credits: 1. My second hand life… 2. Babiekins mag… 3. Miluccia… 4. Design sponge

"black and white kids rooms"

I love pairing black and white.  Be it in fashion or interiors, these 2 just work together like magic.  I don’t think I’d ever be bold enough to decorate a room using only these 2 colours, even though the end result can be quite stunning.  But the thought of using them as a backdrop and adding bright pops of colour really appeals to me.  And that’s why I fell for the kids room pictured above.  The all white room has been complemented with lots of black and then there is an abundance of colour in practically every shade under the sun.  That’s the best bit about a black and white backdrop – absolutely no other colour is out of bounds.

"black and white girls room"

After finding the first room I felt very inspired and continued hunting to see what else was out there.  I soon stumbled upon this wonderful room which again has the same backdrop complemented with lots of colourful bits and pieces.  Both these rooms can be for boy or girl and would be super easy to re-decorate when the time comes.  The only problem with finding beautiful kids spaces like these is that it makes me want to re-decorate my daughters room each and every time…

image credits: 1. Petra Bindel and 2. French by design

"black & white wallpaper kids"

I’m a complete wallpaper addict.  Nearly every room in my home has wallpaper and I’m always looking for more for those rooms that don’t have any.  So when I saw this hip wallpaper by Dutch Onszelf, I couldn’t wait to feature it.  If you’re looking for a cool nursery or kiddy room then you can’t go wrong with this stuff.  In addition to the wallpaper, Onszelf also make large wall stickers that are so unlike any other wall stickers I’ve seen.  I’m loving the bambi range which would look super cool and trendy when stuck on one of their complimentary wallpapers.

"trendy wallpaper for kids"

I’m especially lusting after their black & white range but if colour is more your thing, they have some bright ones too.  The turquoise and red animal silhouettes one pictured above is one of my favourites as is the deer silhouette one in bright reds and yellows.  But there are lots more to choose from.

"gold wallpaper"

Last, but not least are these gold wallpapers that are just divine.  They’d work in an adult space or a kiddy space which makes them extra special for me.  The pure gold one is something I’ve had my eye on for a while… it’s so rich and beautiful.  To check out all these wallpapers and to find stockists head to Onszelf… and if your Dutch isn’t quite up to speed, you may need a little help from google translate.

When you’re thinking colours for your toddler or kids room, black & white probably don’t even come up.  It’s definitely not the most popular choice of colour scheme for a kiddy room but if done right, it works and how!  Black and white rooms can look super stunning and can really have the wow factor.  It may not be for everyone but I’m a big fan and I’ve rounded up 5 kids rooms that do black & white oh so well:

"black and white kids room"

"black and white kids room decor"

"black and white kids room ideas"

I love them all but if I had to choose a favourite, I think it would be number 2.  I love how the black and white cars with hints of red are placed by the window and I love the bed too.  I also like the idea of having a chalkboard wall as they’ve done in rooms 4 and 5. It’s easy to do and any kid would love it. 

Image credits: 1. French by Design  2. Style files  3. Think decor  4. Onszelf  5. The want monster

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