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The fruitiest cards!

April 16, 2015

unusual greeting cardsIn the UK, sending greeting cards is a big deal.  People give a lot of cards for birthdays, new homes, thank you’s, new jobs, in sympathy, new baby – everything and anything.  In fact you can get a card for practically any occasion.   This whole card culture was new to me as in India we tend to use the phone much more than send cards.  But having lived here for 15 years I’ve got used to it and I love finding fun and unusual cards.  Often for family birthdays, I’ve been known to spend longer searching for the card than for the present.  So now, when I come across a card I like, I buy it even if I don’t know who the recipient is yet.  I always find a use for it and my latest finds are these absolutely adorable fruit and veg cards.  How cute are they?  I love them for both kids and adults and especially love the apple, carrot and cherry ones.  I can’t wait to get some of these unusual and very fun cards and start sending them to friends and family. 

"customizable baby birth annoucements""customisable baby birth annoucements""letterpress baby birth annoucements"

In India, we have a tradition of giving out something sweet to family and friends when a baby is born.  Traditionally, typical Indian sweets were handed out but these days anything sweet is fine.  When Anya was born I gave out small boxes of these chocolates and so many people were surprised and delighted since this isn’t something that happens in the UK.  I love this ‘sweet’ Indian tradition but equally I like the American one of sending a birth announcement which is becoming popular here too.  A new baby is such a special occasion that it should be marked in some way and sending cards that you can touch and hold is so much nicer than emails or texts.  It’s even better if you can find a moment to add a personal hand-written note on each card.

If you’re lucky enough to have design skills or a designer friend you could have a birth announcement card made especially for you.  If not, these letterpress cards by Ink + Wit are beautiful.  Simple, elegant and classy, all the cards can be customised too.  In addition to the paper cards, Tara the designer, also creates wooden cards (1st picture) which become an instant keepsake. 

Does your country have a special tradition to celebrate a birth?  I’d love to hear in the comments…

mama & baby…

June 27, 2013

"cat soft toy doll"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama write on these pretty pastel postcards while baby plays with that polka dotted cat soft toy.

"baby memory book"I’ve never been a fan of baby journals because all the ones I’ve come across tend to be far too cutesy for my taste.  But I do like the idea of recording memories especially from a baby’s first year.  When Anya was born I couldn’t find a journal I liked, so I decided to create a large photo book where I recorded each month of her first year in photos and at the back I wrote about all the things I never wanted to forget.  My photo book was by Apple and it was beautifully printed with all my photo’s and written memories.  As much as I love my photo journal, I wish I had known about this baby journal by Pleased to Meet which I discovered a few days ago.  It’s so sweet but not cutesy with it’s simple illustrations and bold, bright colours.

"baby memory book"Pleased to Meet are the creation of a German couple who make other delightful journals like the Book of Friends which is lovely for slightly older babies and a wedding journal called ‘We did it’.  They also have some really fun and chic limited edition prints with my favourite being the cat one even though I’m no cat lover!  Then you’ve got other stationery including cards, pretty boxes and more.  I found this lovely brand at Mokkasin which is a Swedish store I love and they have a selection of these goodies to buy.

"wedding journal memory book"Even though I’ve been married 10 years I’m still so very tempted by this beautiful wedding journal.  Sigh!

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