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"DIY Christmas advent calendar"

Last year the advent calendar I made for Anya was a huge hit.  She loved opening those boxes so much and since about June of this year she has been regularly asking when she could have another advent calendar.  Of course I was going to make her another one, just not in June!  I think the advent calendar may have been her favourite part of Christmas which is just as much about the build-up as it is about the day.

This year I’ve made it a bit earlier as I wanted to share it with you sooner and I hope you like it.  I was drawn to origami as I chanced across some lovely matt origami paper in a deep green.  So I thought why not make a forest of mini Christmas trees and that’s exactly what happened.  But of course I needed to find a place for the gifts and what better place than under the trees?

"DIY origami advent calendar""DIY Christmas tree advent calendar"

To make this DIY advent calendar you will need:

Origami paper – you can choose any colour but I went for two shades of green
Mini paper cups – they’re called souffle or sauce cups
Gold spray
Mini number stickers (or you could hand write the numbers on)

"DIY Christmas advent calendar 2014"

To start with make the trees.  I followed an origami tree tutorial that I found online.  It was a bit tricky at first but after the 2nd or 3rd tree it was really easy so stick with it.  I didn’t even need to look at the instructions after the 5th or 6th tree.  Follow the tutorial exactly but I added one more step.  I blu-tacked each fold of all the trees as I found that they flared out too much otherwise, and didn’t stand up quite as well as I wanted them to.

"make your own advent calendar"

Next take your mini paper cups – these are the little paper cups that you fill with ketchup and mayo.  They’re called soufflé cups and cost very little for loads of them.  I had them at home as I’ve used them in the past for Anya’s birthday parties to serve ketchup.  They make the perfect little pots to balance the trees on and of course to put your little gifts in.  Spray them gold – best to put them in a disposable cardboard box or similar otherwise they fly around when you spray as they’re so light.

"DIY advent calendar ideas"

Finally take your number stickers (if using) and stick them on.  Fill each pot with your little treat and place the tree on top.  That’s it – done!  You have an easy DIY advent calendar that looks so great.  Do you usually make your own advent calendars or do you buy them?

P.S. Don’t miss our newest DIY advent calendar for 2015. It’s a goodie!

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{All photos by ebabee}

Love from the North Pole

November 5, 2014

"Christmas countdown ideas for kids"

The cold weather has taken a while to come this year (thankfully for me) but come it has.  With the cold weather here and the dark, long evenings it’s now starting to feel like Christmas is really coming.  This past weekend I started planning my advent calendar design for Anya which I shall be sharing here soon.  This caused much excitement in our house because Anya started thinking about Christmas and for her often the countdown is almost more magical than the day itself.  Last years highlight for her was definitely the advent calendar which she couldn’t wait to open each day after she came home from school.  And as she neared the end of the calendar, the anticipation of the magical day caused even more excitement.

"Christmas elf letters for children"

The advent calendar will be very much a part of this years celebrations too and probably for many Christmases to come.  While thinking about other ways to build up the excitement and anticipation of Christmas I came across this new International Elf Service.   This is such a cute idea where your kids will get 24 personalised letters direct form the North Pole!  The set of letters are sent to you before December 1st and then each morning leading up to Christmas your kids will find a letter from Elfie telling them about all the happenings in Santa’s workshop.  Each letter will be personally addressed to your kids (once you supply their names), signed by Elfie and will come complete with ink splodges, marks and smudges.  You can choose to hide the letters somewhere each day making it even more fun for your kids to find or just post it through the letter box each morning.  How magical for a child to wake up each day and read about out what Santa and the elves have been up to. 

International Elf Service is available throughout the UK but International customers are welcome to email them and they will do their best to get the letters sent to you too.

This post is brought to you in partnership with International Elf Service as part of my work with Mothers & Shakers. All content, words and ideas are my own.  Thank you for supporting my work with partners that support this blog.

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