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"handmade wooden circus toy""handmade wooden toys netherlands""wooden coty themed toys"These handmade wooden toys made me smile with their quirky and creative looks.  But when I read about them, I fell even more in love.  The little whimsical people are called ‘Hurbanos’.  Hurbanos are people who love city life for all it’s complexity and diversity.  Each of these wooden characters is unique and come with it’s own ID, much like every city dweller.  In addition to the characters and their wooden cityscapes, I’m also loving that unusual circus balancing toy.  All these toys are handmade in the Netherlands by The Watermelon Cat Company.  Even their company name reflects their quirky creativity!

"harlequin circus themed kids ideas"Circus themed kids things have been around for ages and aren’t going anywhere in a hurry.  While some of them can be cute, it’s the circus inspired harlequin pattern that I love best of all.  It’s such a simple geometric pattern that has loads of style without any of the fuss.  I love that you can play with many different colours on any harlequin adorned object or you can go for a more minimalistic 2 colour look.  I was reminded of how much I love this pattern when I spotted that circus bunny on pinterest so I went looking for a few more things and here’s what I found:

1.  Decorative bunny…  2.  Harlequin cushions…  3.  Porcelain bowl…  4.  Animal shorts   5.  Circus poster

The circus collection…

November 23, 2012

"circus themed kids clothes"

There’s something so magical about the circus.  I remember going as a kid and the anticipation of going was just as exciting as being there.  I can’t wait to take my daughter but if I’m honest, it’s not just her I want to take, I’m dying to go myself.  The kid in me is so excited about visiting a circus after all these years.  And that’s why I fell for this new Circus Collection by Monikako.  I love the way that they’ve brought the fun, the magic and the charm of a circus in to these clothes.  The collection is very quirky without being over the top and and while the colours aren’t the most circus like, they work so well with detailed black illustrations.  My favourite piece has to be the pale green skirt but I’m also loving the clown trousers and the ruffle neck top.  I’m sure every kid out there would delight in dressing up in these clothes.  I loved Monikako’s first collection which had a safari theme and this one I think is just as fantastic.  I can’t wait to see what they do next but they’ve found an ardent fan in me.

*Harlequin wallpaper by Ferm Living.

"circus themed cushions, posters and mugs"

Recently I’ve been really keen to take my daughter to the circus.  Last week I discovered the Insect Circus and it sounded like the perfect opportunity.  I was all set to book tickets when illness struck and we ended up going nowhere.  The Insect Circus has since left town so we’ll have to wait till it’s back.  But while I was thinking about going I remembered a lovely collection of circus themed cushions, mugs, posters and trays for kids that I had seen over at Mimi’s Circus shop.  It’s created by Famille Summerbelle, {who’s city cutout maps you may know}, who are an Anglo-French husband and wife team that design a small collection of things for the home.  This ‘Performers’ collection immediately caught my attention because of the bold and bright colours as well as the cool illustrations.  And after all which kid doesn’t like a bit of circus action in their life?  Apart from the kids stuff there are also some colourful and fun tea towels that would brighten any kitchen.  Head over to Famille Summerbelle to see the whole collection and when you’re there, do check out the cutout city maps if you haven’t seen them before.

"clown soft toys and pillows"

The circus is in town!  This new collection of joyful circus toys and pillows is the creation of super talented mama, Anabel.  In the collection you’ll find a range of clowns, a circus tent, some circus animals and my favourite, the ringmaster pictured on the left.  All the toys can double up as pillows… I’m thinking super sweet sleeping companions for any little kid.  Made from baby alpaca wool, bamboo and cotton they are hand knitted in Bolivia so not only are the goodies very cute, they’re environmentally friendly too.  Anabel goes a step further by employing women artisans in Bolivia who wouldn’t otherwise have had the chance of earning.  These toys are toys with a conscience, making them even more desirable.  In addition to the new circus collection, Anabel makes lovely baby alpaca wool clothes and the most gorgeous crochet and knit necklaces for little girls.  Visit Fournier to see the entire collection.

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