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"DIY wooden necklace ideas"

I’ve long been a fan of Merrilee Liddiard who writes the creative kids craft blog called MerMag.  She has now published a book full of the most fun crafts to make with your kids.  The thought behind the book is that we can make toys and fun things for our kids just like our grandparents did.  Everything doesn’t have to be bought but instead it’s all about engaging with your kids to create playful things where the making part is just as important as the playing.  Being the stylish mum that she is, Merrilee goes a step further with her book.  While it’s all about kids crafts it’s beautifully presented with thought given to the clothes the kids wear, the interiors and every detail so that it’s a book you can happily display on your coffee table. 

"paper plate crafts for kids""best craft book for kids 2014""DIY kids party pinata"

The book is called “Playful: Fun projects to make with + for kids” and has a big range of crafts including toy making, paper crafts, making dressing up stuff and lots more.  Some of my favourite crafts include those cute wooden necklaces (pictured at the top) and those giant animal cutouts.  That tiger pinata looks really fun for a party too.  There are many crafty mums out there but the reason I especially love Merrilee’s creations is because everything is do-able by non-crafty mums like me and it’s very easy to genuinely involve kids and let them do a lot of it.  Also, you never need ridiculous amounts of materials or complex tools.  And besides all her crafts look so beautiful don’t you think?

The rain doesn’t seem to want to leave us alone here in London.  My loud and repeated chanting of ‘rain, rain go away’ hasn’t done the trick.  My 4 year old daughter is luckily a big fan of board games so we do spend time playing these on rainy days.  But once you’ve played Snakes & Ladders 14 times in a row, it’s either time to scream or move on.  The other rainy day activity that is always greeted with squeals of delight is crafting and DIY.  So I went looking for a few fun and most importantly easy crafts and here’s what I liked: "colourful paper beads kids DIY"

These DIY paper beads are easy to make and look so pretty too.  The ones pictured are made of origami paper but you can use any paper you like.  So really all you need is paper and a bit of glue.  Once made, these can be threaded to make bracelets, necklaces or even a garland for your kids room. "DIY kids face mask on a stick"These over-sized face masks on a stick are so cute!  Very easy to make and your child can get as creative as they like with the faces.  Make hats or crowns, glue on straws for the hair or use glitter to add a bit of sparkle… the possibilities are endless. "DIY edible finger paints"I love these DIY {edible} finger paints because not only can you make as many colours as you like, but this is one DIY that will entertain even babies.  Since the paints are edible, babies and get as creative (and messy!) as they like without you needing to worry.

"Alice Melvin cut out menagerie"I’m a big fan of Alice Melvin and her paper goods.  A while ago, I brought you her fantastic Cut Out and Make Bird Mobile.  Today I chanced upon the Cut Out and Make Menagerie and just had to share.  You’ve got the whole lot in this menagerie from the birds and bees to the big beasts.  There’s a total of 12 animals all made out of heavy paper, to cut out and make but the one that stole my heart was the elephant… it’s so pretty in all it’s Indian glory!  And once made, there’ll be hours of fun playing zoo.  To get Alice Melvin’s Cut Out and Make Menagerie visit the Tate Gallery Shop where it costs £7.50 plus £3.60 delivery.

"make your own paper city"Made by Joel is a blog I love.  Joel’s a daddy with creativity running through every pore of his being.  He creates all manner of craft projects for his kids and then he shares them on his blog.  Thank you Joel.  Today I wanted to share his make your own paper city.  It’s a cool city with lots of little people, all hand drawn by Joel.  All you have to do is print out the template for your kids and then let them have fun cutting out the people and colouring in the city if they like.  And they could even add a dog, a tree or anything they like to their city.  Perfect for the grey, dull, rainy days that January often brings.

P.S. Also checkout the paper city vehicles and helicopter that Joels added to the collection.

Made by Joel

August 9, 2010

"nursery wall art"Today I wanted to talk to you about a daddy called Joel.  He’s an artist and father of twins.  The man is seriously creative and makes the most amazing craft projects with his little ones which he then shares on his blog.  Checkout his vintage wood figures.  You can do exactly the same with coloured wooden blocks which I’m sure are aplenty in most toddler households.  I also love the blackfish cafe colouring sheets which are printable so you can colour away at home. 

"black and white nursery art"

"colourful nursery art"There are loads of cool craft projects on his blog which are easily do-able by any of us.  But in addition to being a craft master, Joel is also an artist and I’m smitten with his drawings that are pictured here.  So vivid and striking, perfect for any kids space. 

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