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A special delivery…

April 15, 2013

"handmade crochet toys""handmade crochet rattle toy"Last Friday, we received a wonderful surprise in the post, all the way from Buenos Aires.  The super talented Adriana Torres sent us this delightful crochet lion rattle in a bed.  I have long been a fan of Adriana’s handmade creations which include adorable crochet toys, blankets and home wares.  This little lion with his beautiful blanket and bed is super cute and has already charmed my daughter (and me!).  Adriana’s brand is Miga de Pan where you can see more of her work or if you’d like to buy any of her creations, you’ll find a selection at Couverture.  If you haven’t come across Miga de Pan before then I seriously urge you to take a look… you won’t be disappointed.  And of course, a huge thanks to Adriana for this very special delivery.  

mama & baby…

March 14, 2013

"crochet elephant toy"This week’s picks for mama & baby… let mama wear this pretty lemon yellow necklace with wooden beads while baby plays with that yellow nosed crochet elephant rattle.

"crochet stools crochet cradle"

There is something so exquisite and gorgeous about crochet.  It’s a skill I’ve always wanted to learn and often dream of crocheting some lovely things… maybe one day.  I’ve featured crochet toys and other small crochet pieces but today I wanted to share some wonderful crochet furniture I’ve found:

1.  A beautiful crocheted hanging cradle that has been hand braided in Bangladesh.  It looks like such a snug sleeping spot and so great for gently rocking a baby to sleep.

2.  Very unusual crocheted lights in lovely soft colours .  I love the green, grey and yellow shades that project a gentle and subtle light, perfect for a nursery.

3.  A restored wooden stool given a new look with a crochet cover.  So pretty.  There are many seriously attractive stools to choose from in lots of different colours so go have a look at wood & wool stool.

4.  No crochet selection could ever be complete without something from Miga de Pan… an Argentinian mama who makes some of the best crochet goodies I have ever seen.  These sweet raindrop adorned stools are perfect for any kiddy space.

Pretty pastels…

July 24, 2012

"pastel coloured furniture"

I’m sure my heart stopped for a second when I fell upon the exquisite store and goodies of Mimmi Staaf, a designer and upholsterer from Stockholm.  The first thing I saw was a sea of pastels which were at once soft yet striking… lots of furniture in pale blues, purples and pinks that are oh so pleasing to the eye and would be fit for mama or baby.

"elephant stool, origami mobile"

On digging further I found that Mimmi re-styles and restores old furniture which she sells along with other delectable pieces for the home and for kids.  Take this little elephant stool or that origami mobile; both are beautiful pieces with lots of charm and style.   That’s what you can expect to find across Mimmi’s store and I also love that practically all her offerings will appeal to any age.

"crochet baby blankets"

Mimmi also makes some stunning crochet pieces including baby blankets, bedspreads and stool covers.  The way in which she is able to combine colours and bring pieces to life is nothing short of exquisite.  Mimmi’s store is dripping with style and the only bit of bad news is that she doesn’t yet sell online but from what I could decipher (through google translate) I think she might start soon.  In the meantime visit her site Mimmi Staaf or head to Stockholm and visit the store… I know I want to.

mama & baby…

June 14, 2012

"crochet lion toy, crochet stool"

Todays picks for mama & baby… let mama decorate with these gorgeous crochet stools while baby plays with that adorable crochet lion toy.

Happy crochet toys

February 29, 2012

"crochet animal toys"

I had a post all planned for today but when I came across these adorable crochet toys and soft toys, I ditched the planned post in favour of these lovelies.  I’m a bit crochet mad anyway and these happy, bright and colourful toys just brought a big smile to my face as soon as I spotted them.  They’re by a Danish company called Small Stuff and besides the crochet ones, I’m also loving the other soft toys… the spotted baby dinosaurs are just too cute and there are also some super sweet dinosaurs on skates which you’ll find on their site.  These toys would make great gifts for a newborn and I’m sure the mama in question would be pleased too.  You can visit Small Stuff to see more of these toys; their site is currently only in Danish but they’re working on an English version.

"crochet toys"

"crochet lion toy"

"crochet toys for babies"

"crochet baby blanket and rattle"

"crochet elephant toys"

When I saw these crochet toys, I was besotted.  Admittedly I’m a bit of a crochet junkie but these toys and crochet blankets are possibly the most beautiful ones I’ve ever come across.  They’re made in sunny Argentina by a mama who clearly has lots and lots of talent, imagination and creativity.  I’m loving the lion rattle with his gorgeous little crochet bed and blanket.  The elephant toy is lovely too as are the blankets.  In fact it’s all quite stunning!  I’m also loving the colours… mostly soft tones but sometimes complimented with a hint of colour.  I could go on and on but I’ll leave you to discover the rest at Miga de Pan.  There doesn’t seem to be a shop yet but you can email the mama in question if you’d like to buy.  I’m so, so tempted!

P.S. Have you seen these crochet fish bones?

*Via Cirkus

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