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"black baby rooms"

Would you ever consider a black baby nursery?  While I’m a big fan of black and white baby nurseries, I’ve never gone for using using black as the dominant colour.  But recently I’ve been coming across a few black nurseries and I’ve found myself really liking them.  There’s something very dramatic about the look.  For a black nursery to work, using  the right amount of black with other shades and tones is important otherwise the room can look too dark and dingy especially if it’s a small room.  It’s probably not a look for everyone but for me, when done well, black can be quite stunning and even calming.  Does it work for you?  Here are some of my favourite black nurseries to help you decide:

"dark walls in a nursery"

The natural wood colours compliment the black beautifully and soften the whole look.  Cute monochrome blankets, toys and decorations work well here because the white in them stands out so well against all the black.  

"how to use dark colours in a nursery"

Using a black wallpaper with hints of colour is a great way of adding a more subtle amount of black to a nursery.  You’ll still achieve the dramatic black look but in a more toned down way.  And here again the natural wood floors and cot add a lightness to the room as do the colourful decorations. (image via Oeuf)

"black walls for a baby nursery"

In this room only one feature wall has been painted black while the rest of the walls and the floors are bright white.  Even with just one wall, the dominating colour is black and almost stands out more because of all the white surrounding it.  Some black furniture and various shades of gray complete the look of this modern black baby nursery. (image via ollie & sebs haus)

"dark wall colours for nursery"

Instead of turning walls black, making the floor entirely black is another way to add a dramatic black look to a nursery.  This room looks light and bright but you still can’t miss the drama of the black floors.  And as all the decor in the room sticks to the monochrome colour scheme, it allows the black to dominate but doesn’t look oppressive.  (image via the designer pad)

"brinjal farrow and ball colour"

While I am normally very much a fan of neutral white walls and like to use objects and paintings to add colour, I went against my instinct and painted my hallway in a dark aubergine.  Despite myself, I love it!  I think it works because of the contrast with the bright white floors.  This got me thinking about rarely seeing kids rooms painted in bold, dark, statement colours and most of the time I can understand why.  Pale, light colours do make a space feel larger and brighter while dark colours can have the opposite effect.  But sometimes it’s fun to break from the norm and do something different.  And if done right, it can really work.  Here are 3 kids rooms that really make dark colours work in the space:

"purple kids room ideas"

Dark purple is not a colour you often come across but it totally works because it’s been complimented with lots of white.  I also love that the wall is a chalkboard wall making it even more fun. (via spearmint baby)

"blue room decor ideas boys"

In this room there’s no respite with white.  Instead it’s dark walls with dark furniture but by using similar tones, the room does come together and creates a moody effect which I like. (via cable & cotton)

"black and white decor ideas"

This room uses the darkest colour of all – black and it’s a jet black.  But I love how the black starts on the floor and goes only halfway up the walls.  An all black room would be oppressive but by doing it this way it really works and gives an unusual look.  Most dark colours paired with white or any pale colour would work well in this way.  (via Kotipalapeli)

Would you try a really dark colour anywhere in your home?  You never know, you may just love it.

{top photo by ebabee, colour is brinjal by Farrow & Ball}

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