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"easy valentines DIY for kids"

I’m beginning to think that 5 is the magical age when kids start becoming very aware and start realising a lot more about the world at large.  I guess it’s also got lots to do with starting school and expanding your horizons.  I know Anya is definitely much more aware of things that go way beyond her immediate world.   Yesterday she came home and asked me loads of questions about Valentines day.  Up till last year she didn’t have a clue.  So this Friday I thought I would do some fun crafts with her that didn’t require too many materials and most importantly ones that she can fully participate in.  Shes a big fan of anything heart shaped so I’ve found 4 ‘sweet heart’ crafts that look really nice but aren’t difficult.  I’m going to let her choose her favourites but I might just nudge her towards making those pretty heart crayons as we have a ton of crayons that could do with a new lease of life.

1. Valentines heart glasses – you can print them out in any colour you like and make as many as you want.  2.  Origami love hearts – cute little hearts to stick messages in or you could use them to decorate.  3. Valentines animal envelopes – from one of my favourite kids craft blogs, these cute envelopes are perfect to give little gifts, treats or notes to any special friends.  4.  DIY heart crayons – they make a nice change from regular crayons or you could give them as little gifts in those animal envelopes.

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